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  1. After a REALLY long day at work and bordering on exhaustion as I drive home, I arrive to find a black bubble envelope in the mail box. I am new to the forums and have no idea what treasure I hold in my hand. When I open it I am even more perplexed. Who is Geo_Bandit and why am I getting a coin in the mail? My search opened this thread and I discover I am one of the luckiest people in the geo-world (yes, that's redundant, I'm tired). In my hand I hold #81. I am so unbelievably thrilled to have been roped into this posse and I will do my best to go out and spread the smiles that Geo_Bandit has put on my face. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don't know why I am blessed to have gotten this coin but I will treasure it not only for the unique art work, and the specialness of the coin but, also for the smiles you gave me at the end of a long and tiring day, AND the reminder that there are truly nice people in the world. Geo_Bandit....you rock!!!!!!
  2. I've about given up looking for a package. What a shame. I can't tell you how excited I was to join this mission. Ah well, maybe I'll try again sometime.
  3. I have a University of Maryland terrapin TB - "Fear the Turtle" (TB1F2D4). I sent it on a "good will" mission to meet other mascots. I reminded everyone that it is a "GOOD will" tour and that that pictures of my terrapin in compromising positions or being beaten up by another mascot would not go over very well. So far he is happily spreading good will.
  4. The mission I sent was received. I have not received anything - including np word from the sender. Wondering if the sender is planning to follow up.
  5. I'm guessing that one of the missing coins is yours? Just a guess, mind you. No, I found the cache by looking through your activated coins. But I feel for you since a cache with that many coin icons that have only been discovered all year is pretty suspicious. When I started asking for my coin to be removed I also emailed a recent visitor who had "discovered" my coin to ask if the actual coin was there or if it was a proxy. I was initially worried that the cache owner was holding the real coins and put proxies in the cache to be discovered. I couldn't figure out why it was being discovered so often and not moved. I was assured that the actual coins were there, so that was a relief, at least. And to all who have written to say that coins get lost, coins are stolen, it is part of the game, part of the risk in sending them out... I do know all that. I have lost other coins and accepted it as part of the game. It was just the way this whole cache was set up that really irritated me. That and the lack of response from the owner. Also, after calming down some I changed my mind about requesting my coins to "come home". I will leave them out there traveling as planned. Though I may not send any others out, but that remains to be seen. Thanks to all for your input, I feel better.
  6. WOW - I can't believe the package got from Baltimore to the UK in 4 days. I was visiting family in MD when I sent it. If I had mailed it from SC you might have seen it by Christmas!! Hope the river comparison and focus were on target. I enjoyed learning about Chester. It looks beautiful. Thanks for this great introduction to missions. I have already join another one - birthday related - but have to wait til October for that one. I really enjoyed the whole process - from learning about other places and thinking what someone I have never met might like, seeing what people sent, reading about why they sent what they did. I am looking forward to the conclusion - the arrival of a package at my front door (no rush whoever is working on it, promise) and hope that whoever has my name has had fun learning about my little town which, as our T-shirts say is a "Quaint little drinking village with a fishing problem." Thanks for all the fun.
  7. Well, since you insist and since you are down in the trenches too.... email to follow. Thank you - sincerely!
  8. The part you seem to miss is that these coins were not yours to "collect". I can't speak for others but my coin should NEVER have been "grabbed", as you so eloquently log any time you pick up a coin, and held onto for 3 months before this cache was activated. Reading the coin pages is painful. One of the coins was sent out by five children. The coin had only made one stop before being placed in your cache. You took my coin out of its initial cache - it never even made it out in the wild. How can you justify that? I did not send that coin out for you to "collect" it.
  9. I sent a link to this thread to both the cache owner and the president of the local geocaching org. I actually feel bad for the president - he really had no ability to change anything (except retrieve the coins as he said he would) and he actually lost a coin or two also. However I would love to see a response from the cache owner. I'm not holding my breath, however.
  10. I'm guessing that one of the missing coins is yours? Just a guess, mind you.
  11. oh, and Team FIREBOY, For 12 years I was an ER nurse working nights. It was during that time that I adopted the sobriquet "Sleepyrn". With four children and working nights I was ALWAYS sleepy!
  12. Jodi, that is very sweet. There is no need to send me a coin. The offer alone brought a smile to my face and for that I thank you. I emailed the president and said "Please tell me that you picked up the coins from the cache as you said you would." His response was "I wish I could...."
  13. I am SO majorly annoyed and have nothing to do with my frustration but to rant here. I had a coin being held hostage, in a cache in Virginia, along with about 24 other coins. Some of these coins had been collected MONTHS before the cache even became active. Two months ago I pleaded with the cache owner to get my coin out of there - no response. Not only did he not do as I asked, he never responded to me at all. I asked recent visitors to the cache if they might go back and retrieve my coin - one said he would try. I asked the president of the local geocaching organization to intervene. He talked with the cache owner and that led nowhere. The president said he would go over to the cache in a "day or two" and remove my coin. That was about two weeks ago. Now, the most recent visitor to the cache reports that ALL the coins are gone. It is a members only, puzzle cache in a very remote location. The cache was still there just the coins gone. This was not a muggling, this was an intentional coin heist!! It was so unbelievable of the cache owner to put that many coins in one cache. It made a perfect opportunity for some nefarious coin thief to get a great haul with just one cache. I am so angry and so frustrated and I have absolutely no recourse. This was my third coin loss in about six months (though this is the only one due to the stupidity and selfishness of the cache owner). I am done with sending coins out and have started to ask people holding my coins while waiting to put them in the next cache to please mail them back to me. Thanks for listening to me rant. I know there are no answers but maybe someone reading this will think twice about creating a coin jackpot like the one from which my coin was stolen.
  14. I'm excited! I think there will be no problem with my little town but you could also look for Myrtle Beach or Horry County. Sorry I took so long but someone in the United Kingdom has a package on the way. I hope you enjoy!
  15. Packed up and ready to go. If only I had a day off soon to get to the post office. It will get there, I promise.
  16. I haven't done so much studying since nursing school. But I'm getting there. I like the idea of connecting the other persons town with mine. I look into that some more. I also want to add a "trinket" from my own VERY tourist town. We'll see what I can come up with. Wont be long, I promise.
  17. I'm excited! I think there will be no problem with my little town but you could also look for Myrtle Beach or Horry County.
  18. I love both pinwheels and want to be added to the list for each. Email to follow.
  19. One of my coins is stuck in a cache in VA that has over 60 coins. Mine has been there since December of 07 but the cache didn't get listed until Mar 08. It has been "discovered" several times but never moved. I thought the cache owner was "holding" the coins and putting proxies in the container for discovery but a recent visitor to the cache confirms the real coins are there. Can't imagine why they are being discovered and not moved. No response from the owner on my request to let my coin go. I will be driving through that particular city next month and I am sorely tempted to find the cache and let ALL the coins out of their prison.
  20. I wanna play, I wanna play. 1) Participating - email sent 5/25/08 2) Name Received 3) Mission Sent 4) Birthday Arrived
  21. I have never done a "mission" and have no idea what is involved. I like the idea, however, of learning about different places. If no one minds me asking bunches of questions about what I'm supposed to be doing I would like to join in. 1. email sent - May 24th 2. name received - 3. mission sent - 4. mission arrived -
  22. Coming from the same area I can understand completely what the OP is saying. I do ignore the listings (for the most part). My concern (disappointment) is that because of these caches thrown hither, thither, and yon other caches that might provide a more satisfying hunt can not be placed because of the the 500ft distance between cache limit.
  23. I just received some wooden "coins" I purchased on ebay. On one side is a picture of my home state, a hiker walking along the state, and the quote "where you are the search engine". The other side has a color design that I chose from forty choices, my geocache name, and the year. They are the size of a poker chip and very nicely made. ( I am not the seller, I swear - I just think they are a very cool, cheap way to say "thanks for a really cool cache!) The designs are full color. I really am pleased.
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