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  1. I'm a newbie to Geocaching that came to the "game/sport", not sure which it is, by way of my sons' Cub Scout Pack doing a Geocaching activity. I downloaded the app and out of curiosity to see what's around realized there was one next to my office at work. I was intrigued so on lunch hour I walked to where the phone said it should be. I looked and looked for almost my whole hour and got skunked. I logged the dnf and went back to work. It bugged me that I couldn't find it and went online to learn more about geocaching and this one in particular. I started seeing there were hints on some of the caches. I looked at the hint on this dnf and after work went back and found the cache. That silly rush of the search and find hooked me. That night I took my 1 son to his soccer practice and my other son went looking for nearby caches. My son found his first and was hooked and we found our first TB. I didn't even know what it was but read the verbage on the tb and realized this must be something that gets moved around from cache to cache. That further hooked me. Fast forward a little over a month and I'm in deep. I'm closing in on 100 found and look daily for new caches. I've solved a couple puzzles a couple multis etc and really want to get into it. Right now I use a combination of the phone app, premium version that I bought after about a week, and my Gamin Forerunner 305 that I had from previous running/mountainbiking. It's not always the most accurate but it's what I can afford for now. I have my sights set on a Garmin 62s-stc one day. I hear you guys on your frustration with us new guys but give us a chance to learn. There's a lot to this geocaching stuff that comes from ojt and making mistakes. I try to be considerate of others and use the golden rule when finding, rehiding, trackables, swag etc. I'm not sure if I would have bought the app if it wasn't free so I'm torn on that issue. I see the point of everyone getting it b/c it's free and not learning more about the game but I also know many people will probably become hooked like I did and see it as a good thing. I like the videos on the home page and the 101 section and I'll be honest I haven't explored it as much as I should and will fix that this weekend...lol. I think we should try to be as helpful as possible to new cachers to help grow the sport the right way with people who do it the right way b/c that's the only way they know. I've had an experienced cacher reach out to me and it was very helpful and I did appreciate it. Don't discount the impact you can have in a positive way through a quick message with a tip or hint or welcome. Thank you guys for this awesome game I really dig it and will be playing going forward.

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