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  1. Hi dani_carriere, I am sorry that you are experiencing an issue. We are working to identify the cause. Have you accessed the geocaching.com website (on your iPhone) from other websites recently? Can you try deleting your cookies and website data for geocaching.com on your phone and then login again?
  2. Hello again! The issue has been resolved and the message center notification emails should be sent correctly again. I am once again sorry to those of you who rely on these notifications. We will be looking at why this issue went unreported by our monitoring systems.
  3. Hi everyone. There is an issue with the email notifications for message center. We are currently working to identify the issue and resolve it as quickly as possible. I am very sorry for the inconvenience that this is causing.
  4. Hello! Sorry for the lack of updates lately. With the American holiday on July 4th we have been running with a limited team this last week so the focus has been on maintenance and cleanup tasks so we are in a good place when everyone returns to the office. Some of the changes that have been deployed for the Dashboard in the last week are: Added a secondary sort parameter for recent activity so the logs will be ordered consistently. Because Geocaches and Trackables do not share the same IDs it is possible in some situations that trackable logs will be grouped together above the geocache logs that occur on the same day. We are still iterating on this as we add all of the necessary data to the new system. Fixed a bug that was causing duplicate API requests when switching between 'Your' and 'Community' feeds Fixed a rendering bug for trackables that are discovered Removed 'You' when looking at your own activity Updated the messaging that is displayed when you have no activity in the last 30 days Added more information about the status of a geocache (disabled, archived, etc) and added new badges (solved coordinates, owned, etc) to the Recently Viewed section. Fixed the rendering bug that showed Will Attend logs with the Archive icon Updated the Trackable log icons in the activity feed Have a wonderful weekend!
  5. Some of our icons got swapped. We are looking into it. Thanks!
  6. Great news for those of you who have friends that dip dozens of trackables in every geocache that they log. Trackable visit logs will no longer be displayed when viewing your community activity (dropped and discovered are still displayed). Your own TB visits will be available when viewing just your activity. We may take another look at TB visit logs once we are able to collapse your friends logs together.
  7. Despite the dramatic description of the situation this is actually both easily explained and (not quite as) easily fixed. Last week (and since launch) we were ordering the logs based on the date the log was created. When you post a log we tag it with a very precise UTC based date + time. This makes sorting logs by the date very easy because the time precision nearly guarantees a unique key for everything. Now however, we are using the date the log was "found" (regardless of when the log was created). I won't go into all of the minor details because it is something that we are still trying to unwind here, but the log date often does not have a time associated with it, only the date. That means that your logs are all listed on the same date. Without a secondary sort parameter they are all tied for "most recent" so which log gets returned first is dependent on how the hamsters are feeling at the moment. In order to resolve the issue we'll simply add a secondary sort parameter that will act as a tie breaker in the case that the dates do not have enough precision to properly identify the order of the logs. Thanks for letting us know that the hamsters were being mischievous again
  8. I believe I have reproduced the issue that you are seeing, but my setting is sticky. If I change my selection, click on a log then use the back button I will see the original selection - not the selection I changed to (the same as you described). If I hit refresh then my "new" selection will show up correctly which suggests that the server correctly stored my new setting. Based on my understanding of browsers the original request(s) to load the Dashboard is cached so that when you go "back" it is grabbing the cached settings as they were when you originally loaded the page (this is done early in the page life cycle so that multiple components on the page can reuse). By refreshing your page you are requesting the settings fresh which is why it shows up correctly.
  9. Hi! Are you still seeing this issue or did it happen only once? The settings are certainly sticky so it would be unexpected for your settings to change, but if that is continuing to happen then we can investigate further to find the cause. Thanks!
  10. That is a very good point. I'll make a note to see what we can do to increase the contrast/visibility of the dates.
  11. Are all of these items currently active? I'm only seeing activity, for myself and friends, for the past 7 days. Regarding #3 - Thank you for changing that. You should only see the last 7 days of logs for you and your friends (Community). If you are looking at only your logs you should see 30 days.
  12. Hi everyone! I have a very exciting announcement to share with you. As of this morning we have migrated the Recent Activity feed to a new API. We began work on this shortly after the Dashboard was launched and there have been a lot of moving pieces to wrangle to get to this point. With the outage of the Recent Activity feed yesterday we moved up our release date to mitigate further issues with the old system. With the timeline moved up there are a few small issues that we are working out so bear with us as we get the system settled in. In addition to performance improvements we have made several additional changes that you will hopefully enjoy. 1) You can now see all of your logs for the last 30 days! 2) When viewing your community logs you will see the last 7 days. We launched with 30 days, but we were seeing requests returning with upwards of 4,000 logs which seemed excessive. 7 days will be our starting point as we work on collapsing friend's logs. 3) Logs are now being ordered by the date of the log instead of the date that you created the log. One caveat: Part of this project included making our trackable data available where it wasn't before. To do this we started processing information about all trackable activity 2 weeks ago. That means that we do not currently have trackable data in this system further back than 2 weeks ago, but we will be tracking everything going forward. In another 2 weeks your 30 day feed will include all of your activity. We will be continuing to monitor performance of the new system and gathering feedback as we make improvements. Thanks!
  13. We are planning on adding the cache status to Recently Viewed and remove the 'You' on your own Activty in the next iterations. We will continue to review what data is most relevant in each section, but we do not currently have plans to remove the metadata in the Recently Viewed or combine it into a single line. We have discussed adding the ability to select which friends you see in your feed, but that is not likely to happen for some time. We are however continuing to work towards condensing your friends logs into a single line to reduce the noise when your friend has an epic day. Please continue to send us your feedback as we roll-out new iterations so we can make on-going improvements.
  14. The settings are sticky so you should see the sections remain collapsed. Can you provide more details about the issue that you seeing when you try to collapse the "Recently Viewed" section? Ah, it appears that I was bit by the wacky functionality of IE. When I initially tested in IE by collapsing the section, navigating to a different page, and then navigating back to the dashboard, the Recently viewed section was expanded again. However, I just tried it in Chrome and things work exactly as you'd expect. Also, once I closed and reopened IE, it's now recognizing the sticky collapsed section. It seems like IE just doesn't recognize the stickiness during a session, but will recognize it during the next session. I shouldn't be surprised that IE doesn't play nice. Thanks for the follow-up! I am happy to hear that it is working as expected in Chrome. We saw IE working during testing, but we'll make a note to circle back and see if we can further tame the crazy that is IE
  15. The settings are sticky so you should see the sections remain collapsed. Can you provide more details about the issue that you seeing when you try to collapse the "Recently Viewed" section?
  16. We have developers looking into this issue and will hopefully have a resolution soon.
  17. Out of curiosity, and understanding that you may not be willing to give too much detail about the underlying infrastructure... Do you know what's causing the performance issues? The old dashboard never seemed to have any trouble retrieving the recent logs, even if there was a pretty significant number of them. The new page seems to struggle to retrieve and display just a couple of dozen. Is it using more expensive database queries now? Is it using some new technology that just isn't quite as efficient? Is it just the display phase that's slow to load? It is a fair question and one that we are very aware of. Most of the existing website was/is full stack and included everything from the CSS down to the database access. Queries were written that were tied to specific pages or components within a page. Fast forward 5-10 years and we are left with a very large code base with business logic scattered throughout the entire stack which makes maintenance and updates very difficult. As an internal initiative we are working on removing business logic from the website and moving it into APIs that different systems (including the website) can consume. This allows us to consolidate logic into a single place - pretty standard. This process has been happening behind the scenes over the course of the last couple of years on various subsystems. Through performance tuning and data caching we can meet or exceed existing performance and increase code maintainability. Now, on the Dashboard, instead of calling a single highly specialized query we are calling several APIs to piece together the data for the Recent Logs. We are cognizant of performance and work to optimize everything, but the Recent Logs needs to pull from too many data sources to piece together the full list. Every call to an individual data source is fast, but the cumulative time for all the calls combined becomes painfully noticeable in some cases. There may come a time when we want to show more information in that section, but the current system cannot possibly support anything else. It is for this reason that we are already in the process of creating a new subsystem that is highly optimized for this data, but is part of the new centralized infrastructure. The developers are making great progress on getting the new system in place with the goal that we will swap out the current system with the new one and significantly increase performance. I know that for some people the performance has been problematic and perhaps made the Recent Logs section unusable. I sincerely apologize for that poor experience and hope that you will give the new system a try when it is available.
  18. Hi SEMY! We believe that it is important that geocache hiders maintain their caches so I appreciate that you are looking for ways to be more informed about the current state of your own caches. We are currently working on the new Dashboard and are hoping to include more information on the page for cache hiders. This would likely include a quick view that shows that you have caches that require your attention. After you have resolved the issue the caches would be removed (or the module might go away entirely if empty). We don't have a timeline on this functionality yet, but we are planning to work on it during the summer.
  19. Thank you for bringing this up! We are planning on adding something similar this summer.
  20. Where do I see my current number of finds? This was removed from the Dashboard because it is available on every page in the header at the top right of the page. Where do I see how many more caches until I get the next FP? Along the left hand side of the Dashboard, under the Lists section, you will see the number of Favorite points that you have remaining. Next to that is a question mark - hover over that question mark and you will see the number of geocaches until your next favorite point and the total number of favorite points earned.
  21. Summarizing a particularly active player's recent logs is something that we have discussed because seeing every log from a friend on a power trail is not useful. Full disclosure: we do not yet have a technical solution to accomplish this so I can't give any timeline, but we are making big changes behind the scenes and we are hopeful that the system will be able to support summaries in the future.
  22. I understand that some people do not want to see their friend's logs in the Recent Logs feed, but why remove your friends? What I do not understand is that 1) we have repeatedly clarified that we are updating the Recent Logs to show only your logs (with the option of seeing your friends), and 2) you are not being forced to use the new page. The friends functionality on the website has historically provided very little value to the game, but we are hoping to change that. We are not looking to make Geocaching into the next social network, but we know that many people find geocaching more enjoyable when with 1 or more additional people. With that in mind we will be working to make it easier to connect with other people, plan and share experiences, and interact with the community (if you choose). Where do I find the option of seeing my friends so I can uncheck the box that says I wish to see them? Repeatedly clarifying that you're updating isn't the same as updating. You asked why folks are removing their friends. It is because they don't want to wait for some updating that might happen in the dim distant ... it appears to them ... future. Is there a date when this is scheduled to happen? Our developers are updating the Dashboard right now to include the ability to toggle off your friends activity and update the layout when viewing only your Recent Logs. We don't have a firm date, but I expect that it will be ready sometime in the next 1-2 weeks. Until then you are more than welcome to use the existing page to view only your activity, but check back soon for more updates.
  23. FYI the D/T rating that you are referring to has not changed in 4-5 years. Except for creating a new page for unpublished caches (which has more changes planned) we did not make changes to any of the pages that are being linked to from the Dashboard. Those pages were all linked from the old Dashboard. The only change is that the links were consolidated and in a couple of cases a duplicate link was removed.
  24. On the profile, when I click the Stats tab I now see: Two instances of the Finds for each day of the year calendar, one above the other. Two instances of the D/T grid, one above the other. The "Cache types I've found" and "Distance to Finds" tables have a horizontal scroll bar, even though the whole table (apparently) fits within the pane. Thanks for letting us know about the duplicate charts. The page loading lifecycle to render the page changed slightly on the new profile when we enabled bookamrkable tabs which is causing those controls to get loaded twice. We're working to remove the duplicates.
  25. Profile updates Update the behavior of the tabs on the Profile to reduce the scrolling that is required when switching between tabs or paging in the gallery Add the ability to deep link directly to a specific tab on the Profile This is a small update to the profile to make it easier to navigate between tabs without needing to repeatedly scroll back down every time. In order to avoid scrolling we are including a url fragment that will anchor at the top of the profile section (below the avatar). This allows the profile information to still be visible (which is important when sharing the url) while also displaying the same amount of content in the tabs as the old profile page. In some cases you will see the screen "flicker" when navigating between tabs when the window jumps down to the profile section. We are looking into alternate solutions, but wanted to make something available.
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