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  1. Hello everyone! Thank you for your feedback so far. We have several issues that we are working on so I wanted to give you an update so you know the issues are not being ignored. There are more issues that are being tracked, but here is a list of the major issues we are working on. Opening message center from another page is not respecting the GC code Line breaks in messages Email notifications are not being received in some cases Messages that you forward to yourself say "HiddenGnome, you have a new message from HiddenGnome" - we are reusing the existing email template which is a bit confusing Time stamps on recent messages on displaying incorrectly
  2. We are working on an update for IE11 and Edge at this moment and hope to have a fix soon.
  3. That is a great question! The option to forward messages that you write overrides the email preferences and will send all messages that you write. Notifications for messages you receive will continue to be delivered based on the email preferences that you have selected.
  4. I am glad to hear that your first impressions of the new message center has been positive. Hopefully you will continue to feel the same as time goes on. Regarding the email notifications for your TBs I unfortunately do not have any kind of timeline on when we might have an update to resolve the issue that you are having. My suggestion as a workaround would be to add a filter in your inbox that will place your TB notifications into a folder to reduce the clutter. Thank you for the report Hans! I will add a ticket to make sure this functionality is fixed quickly. Thank you to each of you who has reported issues while viewing the Message Center in IE11. I can confirm that I am seeing a similar issue and will be following up on this to make sure that we are providing a consistent experience across all of our browsers.
  5. Hello - thank you for reporting this issue. We are currently working on an update to the message center to address this issue and several other problems that have been haunting the message center as well as some new functionality. The update should be available very soon.
  6. Thank you to everyone who has reported an issue. This is not going unnoticed. Unfortunately, the sporadic-ness of the issue is making it difficult to track down, but we'll continue to investigate until we find the common thread between the missing messages.
  7. Hello hzoi, It looks like your Message Center settings are not set to receive a notification for every message. Instead of "Send me a notification every time I receive a message", you have selected "Only send me a notification after 30 minutes of inactivity in a conversation". This is a not particularly clear way of saying - only receive a notification if there has been no activity from either person in the last 30 minutes which functions as a sliding window that is reset each time a new message in the conversation is sent. Based on the timestamp of the messages that you provided they would not be within the 30 minute sliding window. Were the messages that you received in response to your own message? Were the messages from the same person or two separate people? Thanks!
  8. You are correct that it is incorrect There is a bug that is pointing the request for the TB log images to the endpoint that handles the geocache log images. We are currently testing an update to fix this issue.
  9. What you are asking for is to order the activity based on the create date instead of the log date in order to see the activity when it is added instead of when it was reported to have taken place. Sorting by create date was how the activity feeds were launched and as I recall there was a lot of push back. I can completely understand why you would want to see the activity based on create date, but there is a good argument for using the log date as well. At this point you are probably thinking "just make is configurable so we can decide", which is a wonderful idea. Other websites like Facebook allow you to configure your experience with an unending number of options and filters which might set an expectation when interacting with similar features on other websites. Unfortunately, that kind of customization is not simple to develop and even Facebook started with a very barebones version of what we see today. I would love to add more customization and filters and I could tell you that we'll get to it soon, but based on our development backlog it is not going to happen this year (including the ability to choose which friends to display).
  10. I'll check with the team about the photos in Your logs. I want to say that is intended to be displayed, but I can't recall the exact requirements for that view at the moment. The rendering of smileys and Markdown is not currently supported in the dashboard rendering. It got a little tricky with the collapsed vs expanded views and how to handle smileys or Markdown that are at the character limit in the collapsed view and then changing the view when expanding the text. We are tracking feedback on the log text to gauge how it is being used and whether the extra rendering is missed. I understand that you would like to see Owner Logs as a standalone feature. However, my team is currently focused on continuing to make improvements to the Dashboard so we took the opportunity to add in a nice bonus for cache owners. Hopefully we can expand on the functionality, but until then please enjoy this nice new feature on the Dashboard that wouldn't have existed otherwise.
  11. In a normal, mobile-responsive layout with a main column and a sidebar you might include the sidebar in the flyout (hamburger) style menu with the main column as the focus of the mobile responsive view. However, when we started building the Dashboard our mobile responsive menu already included the site navigation so we did not have a place to put the sidebar content. We also did not have control over the contents of the menu so we had to decide how to display the sidebar and the main column content. We made the decision to make the sidebar content available in order to provide access to the other gameplay specific pages (My logs, My trackables, etc), but that meant that the main activity content is not displayed when in the mobile responsive view. This is not an ideal experience when viewing the dashboard on a mobile device if you want to see the activity. We are hoping that future changes to the site header will provide more flexibility so we can revisit how/what is displayed on the dashboard when viewing the site in a mobile responsive view.
  12. Thanks for the in-depth write-up! We'll take a closer look to see what is going on with the issues that you brought up, but I can confirm that the wrapping of log text in IE11 is definitely not working correctly. We are not capping the number of logs to a specific number. "Your" logs will display the last 30 days, "Community" and "Owner" includes the last 7 days.
  13. Thanks for the report Sherminator! We just pushed an update that resolved that bug and added additional translations for the new content.
  14. One of our goals was to highlight the Mega and Giga events that take place around the world. If you do not have a Mega/Giga in your area then we will find the next closest one.
  15. Hi @noncentric - thank you for the report. Previously the owner name was missing so we were working on adding it back in. Now the event owner name is being included, but our styling went a little sideways so it is being pushed down to a separate line and hidden in some cases. We've created a ticket and will be resolving it soon.
  16. Greetings! A new build has been released for the event widget to resolve some of the issues that have been reported, particularly with not showing events that are nearby. There were a few things going on, but mainly we were previously capping the number of events that were being returned so for some of you who are in areas with lots of events you were not seeing all of your events - in certain cases this affected nearby events more than others. We are hiding archived events unless you logged a 'will attend' or 'attended'. "RSVP" has been updated to "Will Attend" We fixed an issue that was limiting the ability to display your friends who are attending (or attended) an event Unrelated to event widget - Trackable Discovered logs are now being rendered properly again
  17. Thanks for the feedback Phil! - We are currently showing the 3 closest events to your home coordinates. There are some issues that we are looking into regarding the sort order and will have updates soon. - We will be updating the text of that button to "will attend" so it is more widely understood. Updates and ongoing conversations related to the events widget can be found here:
  18. Thank you to everyone who is using the new events calendar and providing feedback. There are a lot of great features and ideas that we are documenting and prioritizing to add/update in a follow-up iteration. We are looking into some of the sorting issues and will be giving Megas and Gigas additional priority when viewing the upcoming events on a specific day. Multiple people have requested that the distance should be configurable and I think there is a valid use case to consider so we will be looking into this, but I cannot commit to a timeline on that change yet. As you might know there was a pretty major astronomical event yesterday so if we are slower to respond it isn't because we aren't listening!
  19. If that message is showing up then neither you nor your friends have logged anything so it is technically correct to say "you". I will make a note to check on the copy for that message since we will be in there making updates already.
  20. You make a great point! I focused in on the wrong piece of information and had not yet had a chance to look closer, but you are correct that the Community feed only shows the last 7 days. However, the confusion comes from the fact that in this scenario we are showing a message that says "You haven't logged anything in the last 30 days." I will make sure that gets updated to "7 days" when viewing the community version of the feed so it is aligned with the functionality.
  21. Thank you for the report @Windstorm+! I will make a note to check into that issue.
  22. It has been awhile since we had any meaningful updates to dashboard and we have been pretty quiet about what we are working on. This has been more of a factor of vacation schedules and house keeping efforts to shore up ancillary systems, but we are working on some new updates that I believe the community is going to like. We have some changes coming to the activity feeds to update the layout and provide more information with the logs (including a link directly to the geocache!), a new feature that will help discover and track upcoming events in your area and a way to view the activity on geocaches that you own.
  23. We are currently dealing with some performance issues that occur when tracking the TB visit logs because people will log hundreds and in come cases 1000+ TB visits everytime they log a geocache (and in many cases they are logging multiple geocaches at a time). This large spike has an impact that can ripple through the system so it was decided that we would stop tracking the TB visits in our activity system until we can deal with the issue of hundreds of TB logs on every geocache.
  24. The system that is tracking the activity that is displayed on the dashboard was initially tracking TB visits, but we decided to remove TB visits from the dashboard. TB visits that had already been collected will continue to show up in your dashboard for a short time longer because they were grandfathered in, but no new TB visits are included. The TB visits will continue to be available on "your logs" page. There is a short delay between posting a log and when it shows up on the dashboard. As the amount of data coming into the website goes up we need to look at ways to improve performance without requiring increasingly larger and more expensive servers. One common approach to this is what we call eventually consistent data. The data is now being ingested by one system, processed and stored by another system and eventually read back out by another system all together. This denormalized mechanism allows us to more easily scale the systems when and where we need additional resources without devoting time and money to the parts of the system that are running smoothly. When the system is under heavy load, as it especially is during the summer months, you might see a slightly longer delay because there are a lot of requests in the pipeline. However, this delay is typically quite short.
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