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  1. Hi again! Everyone's profile bios should now be restored. I am very sorry for the inconvenience that this release caused and thank you for your patience. Here is what we know: The Profile page was not rolled back so anyone that uploaded an image will still see it on the website. The "Edit" button is showing up on the Profile page for all users, but will take you to your own account settings page. This will be fixed soon so it only shows on your own profile page. The Account settings page was rolled back to stop additional people from updating their profile and losing their bio. Everyone's profiles have now been restored using a back-up from last night. The issue was caused when the mapping to the database got mixed up between reading the profile bio and then saving it back to the database. The database mapping is being fixed in preparation for re-releasing the account settings page with the cover image upload.
  2. The website has been rolled back and we have identified the issue that resulted in the content going missing. We are working to restore the content for all accounts that were affected.
  3. We are rolling back the site now and will investigate the cause and how to restore the missing content.
  4. When a user on your activity feed has found 5+ caches the activity is condensed into a single item. Clicking on the link for the condensed activity will take you to a list of all of the user's finds at /seek/nearest.aspx?u={username}. Is it possible that the user you are clicking on has non-alphanumeric characters in their username?
  5. With a change that was made to our icons recently there are still a few that are being updated. The edit icon is being fixed and should be back soon.
  6. In the top, right corner of your Recent Activity feed is a dropdown. From your earlier screenshot it looks like you have currently selected "Yours". If you expand that dropdown you will also see "Community" and "Your Hides". If you select Your Hides you will see all of the activity that occurs on your geocaches including uploaded photos and FPs. The FP will be displayed as an icon of a heart in a green circle next to the log type icon.
  7. It looks like both of the NM logs were posted today. It can take up to 24 hours before actions on a geocache (including a NM log) are factored in which is why those geocaches are not showing up as needing attention at the moment. Thank you for being so responsive to NM logs on your geocaches! Regarding the FP, where are you expecting to see that displayed?
  8. I accept that criticism and acknowledge that I jumped in before I had my coffee this morning (as I tried to express in my follow-up to TheBruce0). Everyone who is part of the geocaching community (which includes lackeys) is passionate about the game and about how they would want to interact with the game. On top of that everyone who works at HQ is passionate about the work that we are doing to support the passions of the community and we take pride in the work that we do. I don't think that it should be necessary to "put your armor on" every time a lackey wants to interact with the community. I have been doing this long enough to know that you have to have a thick skin when you interact with a community as passionate as ours. Sometimes the feedback is valid, sometimes not; at the end of the day I would hope that we can be respectful to each other in order to find some common ground. I understand that people feel strongly about what HQ has or hasn't done in the past and I agree that we have likely come across as flippant in the past with releasing features and walking away. My team is working to change that by being in the forums more, talking with the community to understand what people want and then finding a way to make it so. It is an evolving process and we won't always get it right, but I am trying to be more transparent about our processes and decisions. Hopefully the community will help us understand what can be different and we'll do better the next time
  9. We have approached the Dashboard as a place to get a quick view into your version of geocaching. That could be your recently activity, the health of your caches, or events in your area. Ideally each of these "summaries" would also have a more detailed page that allows you to get more information and dig deeper. There is certainly a valid argument for presenting information on the Dashboard related to disabled caches that should be investigated further.
  10. I don't think the email should be ignored because something about the recent activity has been flagged as unusual, but it would be great if the system had the ability to factor in an outside set of criteria if a CO thinks there was a mistake. We are not at the point of having a system that "learns" or adapts itself so it would still have to follow a set defined rules, but there is always areas where we can improve. And just to be clear, while I agree that additional mechanisms would be great it likely will not be anything that happens immediately. On an unrelated note - I just realized that your username is your IRL name spelled backwards
  11. Thank you for the clarification and I appreciate that you come from a perspective of a fellow developer. Sometimes it is hard to parse the well intentioned, critical comments (which I whole heartedly welcome!) from the trolls (that is not pointed at your comments, just in general) so if I came off a little strong I apologize. I think it is safe to say that we all want what is best for geocaching even though what that is differs sometimes I understand that there are some misconceptions about the health score and how it is calculated and perhaps more so how it is being used. I am not going to go into the details of the algorithm (I haven't had enough coffee yet to properly explain it), but the health score has always been intended as a tool and not a replacement for a human decision maker. We have been making improvements to the score and working to reduce the false positives, but we know that it isn't fool proof. And how could it be when someone could mistakenly post a DNF instead of a Found It. Any human looking at that log would realize that that message says "TFTC" and understand what the player intended. We do not use sentiment or keyword analysis in the algorithm (not to say we didn't think about it) so we rely on humans to understand what another human probably meant. The system will continue to improve, but humans make up a very important part of that system.
  12. Sorry, what I should have said is that we do not show caches only because they have been disabled. If the cache was experiencing issues before it was disabled then that might cause it to get flagged. However, disabling an otherwise healthy cache would not cause it to be displayed in the owner maintenance widget.
  13. The health score is calculated on a daily basis. Actions that you take today will be factored into the score the following day. There are factors that limit our ability to re-calculate the heath score in real time, but we are looking at a couple of options that will help to make the owner maintenance tool more responsive and reflect your actions with less of a delay.
  14. As the team lead overseeing the Dashboard I take offense at your flippant attitude towards the people that are trying to improve the website and experience for players. We have had 1-2 people working on updates for the Dashboard at a time while also trying to fix bugs and make other improvements across the site. I won't say that releases are perfect, but we also try very hard to respond to issues and fix them quickly - sometimes with releases going out multiple times a day to get the changes to you immediately. The intention is never to use the community as a stand-in for a QA department, but the truth of the matter is that there are a lot of users with many different situations and expectations and we can't test them all - otherwise it would take 6+ months to release the smallest of features. So yes there might be issues when something is rolled out, but I would kindly ask that you cut the team some slack, let us know if something isn't working the way you would expect, and help us to improve it. Thank you! In the case of the owner maintenance tool we do not display disabled caches. The intention of the tool is to let owners know that something might be wrong that they might not have been aware of. An owner is likely aware that their cache is disabled. That isn't to say that the intention of the tool can't change, but that is the current goal.
  15. In the message center, when you have selected to forward messages to yourself you will receive a copy of your message in email. Currently that email is reusing the existing notification template that is used when another player sends you a message. We will be updating the templates to be separate to reduce the confusion in this situation.
  16. Hello @TriciaG - The nearby events calendar only displays 3 months worth of events. The events in the current month and then the events 1 month previous and next.
  17. We are currently using the same email template for notifications from other users and messages that you forward to yourself. This is understandably confusing and we are going to update the email template for forwarded messages to be unique.
  18. Hello again - the icons should now be restored to the website. Thank you for your patience as we work behind the scenes to improve a few of our systems.
  19. We are in the process of consolidating some of our website assets (icons, images, css, etc). The icons are being moved over right now and should be available again soon.
  20. If you are trying to "message this owner" from a cache page please try removing the "gcCode" parameter from the URL. This should allow you to still message the owner, but the "regarding GCXXX" will not be pre-populated. We are looking into fixing this issue to avoid the need for a workaround. We are aware of several issues that remain in the updated version of the message center and are working to fix them. In this case the existing message center was "broke" so we are fixing it and despite a few issues the message center is more stable then it was before.
  21. Hi @arisoft - Are you still experiencing this issue? There was a lot of database maintenance occurring yesterday that might have impacted the performance of the message center. However, if you are still getting the same error than perhaps something more is happening. Thanks!
  22. Hello @iloe - I am sorry that you are having such a problem accessing your messages. We will take a closer look at the problem. As a workaround have you tried accessing your messages from the Geocaching app?
  23. Hello bevcarr2 - Can you try removing gcCode=GCXXX from your URL after you click on "Message this Owner"? This is a temporary workaround to allow you to message the cache owner until an update can be applied. By removing gcCode from your url you will be able to create a message to the cache owner, but there will be no text auto-populated in the message box - normally you should expect to see "Regarding GCXXX" in the message box.
  24. Good news! We have identified the issue that was causing email notifications to go missing and have deployed a partial fix. There is still a possibility that notifications will not come through if you are receiving notifications every 30 minutes and you receive a message (sent from the website) that includes both text and images. We hope to have that scenario fixed soon as well.
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