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  1. Hi @kpub66 - I am sorry that you have been unable to access your statistics page. I was able to isolate the issue and have added a ticket to our queue to find a fix.
  2. Hello @BaseOverApex - I am sorry for the inconvenience that this caused and I appreciate you raising the issue. A bug was introduced this week that was stopping some people from completing their transactions through PayPal. However, a fix was deployed on Thursday that resolved the issue. If the behavior persists please try restarting your browser and a hard page refresh. I will be watching this thread in case you have any further issues.
  3. tl;dr - there is no delayed notification. Settings: Cacher A - Always receive a notification Cacher B - Receive a notification only after 30 minutes of inactivity in a conversation Cacher A sends the first message: (minute 0) Cacher A sends Message 1 to Cacher B - Cacher B receives a notification about Message 1 (minute 1) Cacher A sends Message 2 to Cacher B - no notification is sent (minute 2) Cacher B sends Message 3 to Cacher A - Cacher A receives a notification about Message 3 (minute 3) Cacher B sends Message 4 to Cacher A - Cacher A receives a notification about Message 4 (minute 35) Cacher A sends Message 5 to Cacher B - Cacher B receives a notification about Message 5 Cacher B sends the first message (minute 0) Cacher B sends Message 1 to Cacher A - Cacher A receives a notification about Message 1 (minute 1) Cacher B sends Message 2 to Cacher A - Cacher A receives a notification about Message 2 (minute 2) Cacher A sends Message 3 to Cacher B - no notification is sent (minute 3) Cacher A sends Message 4 to Cacher B - no notification is sent (minute 35) Cacher B sends Message 5 to Cacher A - Cacher A receives a notification about Message 5 (minute 65) Cacher A sends Message 6 to Cacher B - Cacher B receives a notification about Message 6 Does that help to clarify when the system will send Message Center notifications?
  4. barefootjeff's explanation describes the distinction between the notification settings on the email preferences page and within the MC very well. If you have one of the settings selected on the Email Preferences page you should receive a notification. We are aware that there have been issues with players not receiving notifications consistently and we will have a team looking at the MC notifications soon. For now I would recommend using the notification for every message as the "notification after 30 minutes of inactivity" setting has been particularly problematic at times. On a side note: it is probably not particularly clear so I wanted to clarify the intention of the "send me a notification after 30 minutes of inactivity" option. When this is selected you should receive a notification immediately if neither participant has sent a message in the last 30 minutes. The idea (for what it is worth) was that if you had received a message the conversation was "active" and did not require ongoing notifications to reduce "spamming" users. For example, User A sends User B a message. User B receives a notification immediately. User A sends a second message 1 minute later. User B does not receive a notification. A third message is sent to User B 35 minutes later. User B receives a notification immediately.
  5. Thank you @AngelAppoloin. We are looking into the issue and will hopefully have a resolution soon. Until a resolution is ready using Chrome should allow you to interact with the recaptcha control in order to download your loc file.
  6. Hi BG2015 - would you mind taking a screenshot and including it below? Thank you!
  7. Message Center was originally built with the idea of one day supporting 2+ people in a conversation. However, anytime we evaluate the use cases that we are aiming to support in MC and the added complexity of the UI and scenarios that come with multi-person conversations we have tabled the discussion. The underlying system has basic support for the concept and we haven't ruled it out in the future, but for now it is unlikely that we will add the ability to allow more than 2 people in a single conversation.
  8. Hello @Mrs.Hoagie - I am sorry that this issue has not been resolved for you. I am one of the engineers that helped to build the email service so I am hopeful that we can identify what is happening to your emails. I took a look at the settings on your account and can see that you have different instant notifications setup to be sent to both your primary and secondary email addresses. You mentioned that you would like to have your instant notifications sent to your secondary email address so I want to confirm that this is setup correctly? https://www.geocaching.com/notify/default.aspx I took a deeper look into the email system to get a better picture of what is happening on your account. Our system logs are showing that FTF (publish) notifications have been sent to your current secondary email address consistently for the last 3 months, including 10 emails as recently as April 30th. Can you confirm if you received these emails? If you have not seen these emails would you mind checking your spam folder? We have seen instances before where email service providers may flag the geocaching emails as spam and restrict the delivery of the emails.
  9. It is possible to add an individual geocache to either an existing list or to a newly created list from the map by clicking on a map pin and then "Add to list". Is this similar to what you are looking for?
  10. The Copy List update was added about 1 month ago to allow player's to copy another player's list. In that situation it only made sense to display the Copy button on the detail page. I agree with you that copying your own list could make sense from the list hub. At this point all of the logic for copying a list was included in the detail page so it was relatively easy to allow players to copy their own list from the detail page. There are additional considerations to allow copying a list on the list hub which we were not able to accommodate in this iteration. When you copy a list all of the geocaches on the list and the comments for the lists are added to a new list of the same name and you are redirected to the detail page of your new list. Notifications are disabled and the status is set to private by default. If you refresh your list hub you should see the new list at the top.
  11. The Copy List feature is only available on the detail page because we wanted to allow players the ability to copy lists from other players as well as your own.
  12. Hello everyone! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas and feedback. We are in the process of reviewing the ideas in order to continue adding incremental updates to the Lists functionality.
  13. We keep track of the feedback that comes in from various sources related to the health score. As you might imagine there are a lot of scenarios that come up and we are trying to balance them all. I can tell you that we do not make changes based on individual reports, but when we see trends we will try to identify changes that result in a net positive result (i.e making a change in one place shouldn't make it worse in another).
  14. Hi JuRoot - when you change the activity type, follow a link, and then use the back button the dashboard is persisting the correct activity type. However, using the back button loads up the activity feed that was selected when you previously loaded the page instead of the activity that you switched to. Refreshing the dashboard will display the correct activity type.
  15. That is certainly a problem and I have opened a ticket. We'll have that updated soon. Thank you!
  16. It is possible that there are multiple issues here, but we have confirmed that several email service providers are deferring our emails including gmx.net. This is causing delays in the delivery of the emails to your inbox. We will be contacting these providers in an effort to resolve any issues, but it will take time to allow the backlog of emails to clear out.
  17. Hi baer2006 - Would you mind sending me the GC code for this geocache? If there are other examples of unusual behavior with notifications please include the GC code and the type of notification that was affected i.e. "didn't receive a CO notification for GCXXX". Thanks!
  18. Hi @EveRan2013 - I am sorry that you are having an issue with your profile page. Is the issue that you are unable to change the "About" section of your profile? I see that your profile has a lot of custom HTML for the banners - are you adding an additional piece of HTML for the new banner alongside the existing HTML? Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing "when I edit they're gone"? Thanks!
  19. When we have experimented with a larger radius we begin to experience performance issues especially in dense areas as the number of events that are being rendered in the widget can exceed 500. We do not have plans at this time to increase the radius on the dashboard. We had a lot of conversations about adding the option to change the coordinates that the event widget uses. However, when we began looking into the changes that were required for changing the location we found that the complexity that would be required went up significantly. The goal of the widget is to provide a quick summary of nearby events. We have discussed the option of building out a new Events page that would expand on the functionality of the event widget with more features and customization options. There is no timeline for this functionality, but we recognize that there is room for improvement around the discoverability of events on the website.
  20. Thank you for the feedback! I will add a ticket to have that updated.
  21. We are currently treating it as 20km*1.6 = 32 miles - which is then passed to a different system. The 32 miles is then correctly calculated as 51.2 km which is why you are seeing events that are further than expected. Obviously, it should be 20km/1.6 = 12.5 miles. Update: This has been fixed
  22. Oops! It looks like we got our math mixed up converting from kilometers to miles. We are fixing this and will have an updated shortly.
  23. Thank you for your feedback. Unlike the old version, the new profile page only shows the links that are relevant. For instance, if you are looking at your own page it does not make sense to display the email and message center links. If you look at the profile page for another player who is not premium you will see all of the links that you are missing.
  24. The bug that caused the profile text to disappear when a cover photo was uploaded has been fixed. The cover photo setting is available once again for anyone who would like to add/update their photo. As a bonus you will get to keep your profile text as well. Please let us know if you come across any issues. We have completed the fix to hide the "edit photo" link when viewing someone else's profile and will deploy that change first thing tomorrow morning. Thanks!
  25. First, is your profile text correct now? Second, yes this was caused because the update was reading from a database field that had been deprecated long ago, but was writing to the current database field. For most people the result was an empty profile (because they had no content in the old database field), but for anyone who had previously entered text before we migrated to the new database field their old profile text was resurrected. And in a few cases where the profile text was the same in both the old and new fields there was no perceivable impact.
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