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  1. I live near Derby Downs. I don't have any caches of my own hidden, but I'd be happy to help maintain yours. shoot me an email and let me know =) Ruthfilled
  2. I own and run a coffeehouse near Akron, OH. Its the dream job for me...I heard that dreams come true, not free. I wouldn't trade it for the world, though =)
  3. Hello and welcome The best tip I can offer you is to think like a cache, and ignore your GPS when you're in the woods. It will turn you in circles and drive you nutsoid. Welcome to the party, and enjoy!
  4. I think the virtual cache idea demonstrates that great problems very often have simple solutions. The best part is that with a virtual cache, many of the "hazards" of caching (such as damage to people and critters and habitats) can be avoided. And sometimes virtuals can be a refreshing change from searching rotted out logs, amongst a sea of logs. They can be very clever when a creative mind is at work (just check out the clues to the ones on the Vegas strip) Its a beautiful suggestion, dwmurphy! =) I hope the Licking Parks people are open to these alternatives that can safely bring traffic to their area.
  5. Hey, Sounds like something different to do...and I'm always up for that. I have to work on Sundays..but I'm free on Saturdays. =)Let me know..
  6. Hi! Right now I live in Columbus...Bexley area...but the Akron area will always be home to me =) And hey Cuyahoga Falls! I was up there last week...its like Cheers for me there...NORM!!! lol.. I'm always on the lookout for fellow cachers in my area, and when the weather gets warm, I hope to do some caching around my old stomping grounds...if anyone has any recommendations...let me know! =)
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