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  1. Hello all,

    My son is just getting into scouting.So me being "Mr Dad", one of my jobs this year,is to plan an activity for our pack. I had an idea about teaching the scouts about GPS along with compass and map reading.I have a mapping and compass background from the Search and Rescue team I was on for several years. I have found a few resources ,but none for obtaining the GPS unit itself. Does anyone know where we could lease, rent ,or borrow 8 to 12 GPS units? Alot of people I know have them,but they are all differn't makes and models, and I don't really want to ask to borrow from them.I am looking for an organization that does just this. Any help or ideas would be GREATLY Appreciated.


    (apologies for any bad spelling,we just got back from an all night scouting event, aka 24 hrs of no sleep! )

  2. Thank You, I just found this on the site :


    "Currently, Geocaching uses the WGS84 datum for all caches. Many maps still use NAD27, which can cause confusion if your GPS unit is set to NAD27. Always check your GPS to ensure that WGS84 is the datum before entering a cache coordinate into your unit."

  3. Ok,

    Major Newbee here,but what is the DATUM I should be using for my Area? 44.39.48n 123.07.64w(Albany Oregon,nearSalem).I know what they are for,but don't know which one to use. I have tried to research this,and have found three possible answers: WGS84,NAD27,orNAD83(which may all be wrong).As I change them,I get slightly differnt readings,by a few hundred meters.If any one has a link to a page that explains these,that would be great.Thanks in Advance.

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