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  1. Just wondering, I have a explorist 300 and it takes so long to track sats that I hardly have time to cache. Any idea why?
  2. You must have done exactly what he told you because you are still here able to write about it. Of course I did, I can understand why he was freaked out, the place has had some bad things happen there.
  3. I had a guy pull a shotgun on me once. Thats why Im afraid to hunt caches in the woods at night. He thought I was a drug dealer.
  4. Yeah, some people just want the swag and never take the time to enjoy the beauty of nature around them.
  5. If you are so upset about this incident, and are willing to pay some money to catch the bandit, here's an idea. Go to a local hunting store and buy one of those motion sensing cameras to see who it is. Just an idea.
  6. I recentlly bought a palm off ebay for paperless caching but I noticed my GPS has no USB connector. Are there any options I can do for paperless caching with no USB Connector?
  7. When your caching partner loses his cool and becomes frustrated and yells at you like my dad does, even though you are more experienced, what do you do? Well, I would always want to be or do this to him, but you need to do something more subtle to get him back. What is your way of cooling down your hot headed partner?
  8. I don't really hold any hate towards magellin service wide. Its the units I get frustrated with. One minute it says I am 15 feet from the cache, the next minute its 150 feet.
  9. I have a explorist 300 and I am wondering how it stacks up to other gps units out there. I am also wondering if there are any special features or effects I should know about. Could someone help me?
  10. I have a cache container that I would like to make waterproof. How can I do that?
  11. What is your greatest swag item you have found. Just wondering because of the cache the eye of horus.(don't have waypoint, sorry.)
  12. Well, I don't think they need to be banned, but they should put special rules for them. Like if you see any posinous spiders, kill them if you want to place a cache there.
  13. I checked on the cache and the owners profile is very strange, like he planned for this to happened. I hate people who go out and do this. Next time it could be a state.
  14. I think the rules should be changes to disallow these types of caches unless explicit permission is obtained from the establishments (which I doubt they would). I agree though, seems like the guidelines should already disallow these types of caches. That is stupid!
  15. I want 10 million US dollars, in small bills, tax free. I'll probably get my wish before you get yours. Please keep this on topic. Your "Just say what you want here." comment kinda made it wide open. When you asked for a pony, you made the mistake of saying if it had to be alive or not True.
  16. I want 10 million US dollars, in small bills, tax free. I'll probably get my wish before you get yours. Please keep this on topic.
  17. I am thinking about putting like something considered sacred and then 6.
  18. The virtual cache is grandfathered as most know and I want to bring it back. I would like to petition for it. Just say what you want here.
  19. This is a post for all sig ideas. Enjoy!
  20. I hear that some cachers switch between cacher and muggle, and will steal caches. Like pirates and privateers u know.
  21. from the guidelines Oh, yeah. my teacher who is also a cacher, is on this with me.
  22. It is only at the front part of the school, and It is my school and the people loved the idea.
  23. I recently asked the officials at my school if they minded if I placed a cache there. They said I could but is that against geocaching rules?
  24. Funny it works for me This may be crude, but here goes (also, I found that the count is 24 as a few from Arkansas ans one from Oklahoma were included in the PQ. Job 712-A by MMACH 5 and 2Xtreme (GCK2VT) barnacle bills shipwrite shop by Loco Lupine & caveman2040 (GCYDB8) Orange Crush by Snidely Whiplash (GCPHJ0) Heaven by Dawgies (GCJ0AN) A Walk in the Park by TeamFannin (GCJ5BG) I tried this one and got my @ss kicked Rapunzel by HackAttack & 9Key (GCBA34) Little Rocky SCUBA Cache by Andiron120 (GCK2RY) Palestine's First Multi Micro! by 831 Mafia (GCYKNA) The Family Plan by dmw66/agw65 (GCTQMQ) Nacogdoches' first night cache- Now Even Better!!! by docstheman - I did have a bit of help (GCNRMM) Livingston Island by ShortyPen adopted by Red Eye Rebels (GCF271) Sometimes a Cache by kayak05 (GCJJGB) oliver river crossin by bigjerm72958 (GCV61J) Beyond Here, Lay Dragons by shortypen (GCH52C) Doggie Paddle Island by silver_cacher (GCMRN1) Micro Sandbar by Doc Gilbo and Chance Encounter (GCND70) Bring Your Machete by ArmadilloJakyl and AceHand (GCPEDZ) Psuedo Short-cut by Doc Gilbo (GCNETM) Gilligan's Island by Doc Gilbo (GCNETD) The Home Stretch by Doc Gilbo (GCNERZ) Quantum Leap by Snoogans (GCHRVB) The Abscacher Code by Abscacher (GCJV3M) AbsCache #23 The Pipe Revisited by abscacher (GCJ246) San Antonio's Lighthouse by DespicableD2 (GCJ8BV) Oliver Point Beach by shortypen (GCGRN2) I see your from my area.
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