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  1. I had been to another large forum for years, but never a post was deleted from me because of a criticism! Whats up? Isn't criticism tolerated if something has been done badly? I am considering no longer paying an annual fee to Groundspeak.
  2. When can we expect to get the old list back? Nobody wants the new one.
  3. Thanks for little change (finds and hides), but is not the old good one. Cant see the Location where Cache is hiden (example: Austria, Carinthia) and cant see the last found from other user Come on, we all need back the OLD Style. We pay for geocaching and dont need bad updates!!!
  4. We dont like this bad update, please bring back the old one. This is not funny
  5. I dont like the new "Geocaches Found" and "Geocaches Owned" Format :( I will the old one back...
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