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  1. So I wonder how many coins were actually put up for sale. Who guessed a sellout in under 2 minutes? This is no way to run a business. Consumers have rights! If I put something in my shopping cart, it should be there at least long enough to complete the purchase process! Okay, I hate pre-ordering coins but if it guaranteed an end to fiasco's like what happenned today, I'm all for it. I am really disappointed Coins & Pins. This is not about the coins. I get that there are only so many to be had. But if I have something in my cart, it's mine, you're just waiting for my money. This is a software issue and it's gonna cost you in future sales and loyal customers.
  2. Went over to Castle & Pins and ordered me some kewl knights. Came back and still nothin at Coins & Pins! Maybe you guys should talk to Castle Man...
  3. I have never seen this many people on line in this forum! Look at all the names ....
  4. My son wanted me to ask if there is any significance in the fact that the Vitruvian man is labeled as simply a "coin" while the other two are clearly named "geocoin"?
  5. It would be my pleasure. The unique shape of your coin demanded a more creative design. Here's another unique wrap designed for a unique coin. We haven't forgotten about this! We've been busy getting ready for the MWGB. Hopefully we'll get a chance to meet you there and we can give you a coin and your coinpayment too. I can't wait!! Urgh! Sorry but events have conspired against me and I won't be attending MWGB this year. Maybe you could hold one of those event specials for me?
  6. It would be my pleasure. The unique shape of your coin demanded a more creative design. Here's another unique wrap designed for a unique coin.
  7. Antique gold still available! Just ordered a couple.
  8. Since these are already at the mint, can you post some pictures of the sample coins? It is really beautiful artwork, but IMHO, I find actual pictures of a new coin to be most persuasive in closing a sale.
  9. Well, we will have to see how much weight I can add to this coin first . Maybe 3.5' of 1" chain ? Will need to talk BooBoo out of the Easter coin, that would look nice wire wrapped. No I do not mean to keep it either it is hers, but I am sure she would be happy to display it with the others . Dennis, I would be happy to do this for you...
  10. This I totally agree with. Frankly, after reading this thread I was torn! We (this forum, and I include myself) can't just celebrate that Okay. Reality check here. I was almost going to flame out here.
  11. Where's mine? Need me to send you another one? Maybe so.... With the wide variance I've seen with the US Postal service on delivery times (2 days to get a coin from Calif. to NC vs 4 weeks to get a coin from Oregon or 3 weeks to get one from Florida) -- how long does everyone here typically wait before resending a package? I'm am very sorry Scott, my post was not clear. I got your GeoTag on Monday and thanks! I was referring to your pictures. My GeoTag isn't in any of your pictures, but I got your note, thanking me for sending it, so I thought maybe you lost it or somethin'... BTW, nice pictures!
  12. Where's mine? Need me to send you another one?
  13. Here's what I got so far, but this is just artwork. It would be really nifty to see this as a poster with the actual coin images. Enjoy everyone!
  14. Drat! Missed the boat on this one. email sent...
  15. Here is your "backlit" picture.
  16. The numbers you have listed are correct! RD has already verified that these numbers are correct. Now then, what they actually represent is a whole different thing...
  17. Hi Dianne! If DaMenance's info doesn't pan out, I might have the info you require. I did some e-Business with her a while back so I should have that data somewhere in my PayPal history. I'll did it out if you need it. Been reading the logs for your recent event. Looks like it was a lot of fun! Alan
  18. How could I resist! Lovely coin. Email sent.
  19. Presumably, the Atwell Family has a complete collection of the 1st GeoTag run. I know it's a long shot, but is there any chance we could get a picture of said collection? Perhaps even with GC names? I think it would be really kewl. Imagine this poster size... I would be willing to donate time to such an enterprise... Has anyone else managed to collect every GeoTag? TSD? BTW, still have some of mine left to trade...
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