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  1. What is going on here? I got a notice for this coin yesterday When Pigs Fly? Whose coin do I buy now?
  2. To catch up, this has been an outstanding week: Geocoinclub Sputnik coin - a very interesting design from Paula Two sets of Paula's Lady Luck in gold and BN - blondes, brunettes and redheads - Buntastic! and Boobalicious!! need I say more Arthur and Trillian's personal satin gold XLE - frankly, one of the prettiest coins I've ever seen! Check out my wire-wrap gallery for a picture - Thanks Mike! and for a second time: wi_robin's personal set in three metals - I didn't want to send my first set back, these are some beautiful coins, but the Caching Place made it quick and painless - thanks folks!
  3. Durn! missed it! Email sent to Whitebear....
  4. 1. Participating: yes, email sent 2. Received name: 3. Mission completed: 4. Santa arrived:
  5. 1. Participating: Yes 2. Received mission: Yes 3. Mission Completed: 11/10/07 4. Package Received:
  6. A set of Atwell butterflies in BN Gorgeous!
  7. Just wanted to confirm that we are still on for the trade.
  8. Almost missed this, thinking central time was only an hour difference, good thing I checked though! got me a gold and BN set! Now then I gots to see if Paula will trade me one of dem black haired beauties...
  9. 1. Participating: Yes! 2. Received Name: Yes! 3. Mission Completed: Not yet 4. Package Recieved: No
  10. I was very surprised to find #51 in my mailbox yesterday. Very kewl... Thanks CCC!
  11. Very nice design! I'll be watching for this one!
  12. Great info Diane, Thanks. I really liked the safe-t-mailer you use or I guess used to use! Does anybody know if someone manufactures a Tyvek #6 envelope? Or even a Tyvek #000 size mailer? I've been using recycled padded mailers and slipping them into a 6"x9" poly mailer, but I see now that this isn't saving me any money on postage.
  13. If it's not going to be in California because of GW6 then why not Las Vegas? It is almost as easy to get to as Chicago and the weather is nicer.
  14. Hi Paula! Very kewl coins, as usual, a must have! Perhaps, I can do something for you and Jim? i.e., And here is my latest... It's in the mail tomorrow Mauison! I'll look for you in chat...
  15. Got my coins! Thanks Jenn! Didn't think I'd ever get the red-ringed forum coin...
  16. Had great fun at Northern California event. Always great to finally match a face to the geohandles of local cachers. Traded coins, discovered coins, and met many great people. Just sorry I couldn't get around to meeting everyone. I don't really like bingo, so while everyone was playing, I wire-wrapped one of these hard to find babies!! Thanks for the great picture of Droo in the background there. Many thanks to geodiamond and Team LegGoes for sharing tables with me and of course to our hosts, Marky & Joni, Lee and everyone else who helped.
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