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  1. My apologies for the late post - I did finally receive my package. Thanks Keewee! Seems that whomever you had proxie send it from the US wrote the wrong street name down - Arrowhead instead of Arrowwood - With the same return address, I guess it sat in some dead letter bin for weeks until some bright postal worker said to try arrowwood. Anyway, here's a pic and thanks again! :P



  2. It's my auction. I apologize, I misread the GC event number on the coin as being a tracking number. I shall alter or remove the auction.


    Ha ha, where's that stone throwing smily when you need it :P

    How about this one >> thhide.gif



    LOL - justice forum style!

  3. I use money orders and they get anywhere in the US in 3 days or less. (providing the selling company or person accepts money orders) So far I've had good luck. :(

    You have to pay $$$ for a money order. I don't think anybody has stated the obvious that paying someone thru PayPal is totally FREE! At the very least, if you pay with a personal check, you still have to pay for postage. And if you pay with a credit card, you don't even have to have a PayPal account!


    I also really like how PayPal handles international payments by automatically figuring out exchange rates.


    Then there's always the buyer's guarantee policy. On those rare occasions, payPal has never failed to recover my funds.


  4. For those who have not received their missions, please email me at the address listed in post #1. I would like to send a group email to figure out the status of your missions. I don't believe anybody intended their missions to take this long to arrive, however, things do occur in our lives ~ silly life... always getting in the way of our coins!


    Thanks for the patience and understanding, and I will get to the issue.




    email sent! :anibad:

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