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  1. Very nice pictures posted here, but seriously, I know how much time this can consume :anibad: does anyone here work for living? :) lol


    One of these days, I'll try rigging up a setup like yours, but for now I settle for adequate, which means what can I do in as little time as possible. I use a Nikon 4300 in closeup mode. It was inexpensive and because at the time, it was one of the few digital cameras that could actually autofocus as close as 2 inches. I prefer natural indirect sunlight. I step outside, hold the coin up and snap a few pics, then pop the datacard, slip it into Mac and suck the pics into iPhoto. Voila!







  2. Was the time/date of the sale announced somewhere and I missed it? :anibad:


    Can someone provide the link to the sales page?


    The time was announced in a newsletter from Hogwild. It amazes me that those people who receive the newsletter run here to announce it instead of taking the gift offered to them. I see it in this thread and the others as well.


    This is true, but the newsletter I received on Monday, March 24, showed the sale date as tomorrow, March 24. So I thought I'd already missed out! Good thing I checked the website.

  3. Today I received a set of the jAYmILLS personal coin and an extra polished gold. These will get wirewrapped. Something like this:






    Are your "wrappings" as beautiful on the backside as the front :) ?


    Sometimes they get messy, sometimes not. Check out the backside for this one and others here.


    Thanks for the interest.


  4. Please add me to your trade list. I don't have a personal to trade yet, but check out my list.


    Very fine coin :ph34r:

    Hi Steph -

    Though I still don't have a personal, you know, I have other skills to offer.

    Did you see my wirewrapped treefrog?




    For fun, I also wirewrapped a tatanka.




    Raiders is a really sweet coin! :anibad:


    Alan aka 0R0B0RUS

  5. Saturday:


    A pair of bottle openers - the Jan 2008 geocoin offering from the Geocoin Club - it works very well! And I like the inclusion of a ROT13 decoder


    And today:


    2 Viking Runestone Geocoins in AG by Mousekakat - very nice!


    Alan aka 0R0B0RUS

  6. :unsure: Ulp! $13.49 for the quadrant! However, he non-working sextant is under $10 and is also a sweet coin! And how can you resist the kewl sextant pin?! :unsure: Omigosh, I bought em all! :D
  7. First off, I'm really happy to see so many great designs being unveiled here in the forums as of late. This is most certainly one of 'em, and will look excellent in any antique finish chosen. I agree with 007BigD in expressing the hope that maybe one side could be altered, if only slightly, so as to not wholly repeat that excellent weave-working. It's a unique look that deserves to be "featured". But regardless of your ultimate choice in design, you've got a winner here.


    Totally agree with the Yime here.

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