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  1. As someone who has had a personal GeoTag made I can testify that they are awesome. Sure they have a generic/common back - but the front is entirely my own design (with minor assistance form a couple of others).


    I love my GeoTag (see my Avatar) and have gifted many to people, as well as setting many of them free to travel. I have them traveling on most continents.


    They are a great product!!! I could not be happier! :laughing::grin::)


    This goes for me too! :grin:

  2. Many people are taking to wearing their personal coins as a custom wire-wrapped pendant. Here are some examples:


    (images omitted for brevity's sake)



    Wow, now those are pretty darn cool! Since there's a FAQ or an expert for pretty much everything else pertaining to caching, does anyone know how to go about making one of those? B)


    :D I cannot tell a lie. That would be me. Check out my gallery link.


  3. So who's got access to a private jet? I would love to fly to Hawaii for the weekend to attend this CITO event. Unfortunately, I couldn't possibly persuade any of my living relatives over there to go.


    Oh geez, I'm pathetic. LOL :sad:

  4. I thought I was mostly a BN kinda guy, but recently, I've been liking the gold finishes. I bet this would look great in an antique silver or polished nickel as well.

    I got the samples in the mail today! The gold looks much better! Those pictures don't do the coin justice. In the BN you can't read the words and everything looks extremely dark. I plan on minting it in gold but was wondering if there was interest in silver...


    YES! :D YES! :laughing:

  5. Paula, I think this is a great idea! Along with the traditional animals, consider some others; who wouldn't want to ride on the back of a huge dog or cat? Or how about a gorilla? LOL You could go really wild!



  6. Catching up again for today and the past long time:


    Two variants of Sepp & Barta's Astrospace coin


    Geocoin & Pin Club March Madness pkg w/Oakcoins St.Patrick's Day Oakleaf


    Four Musketeers Set - Blue, Red & Green


    TikiStomp Event coin


    Dorkfish Version 1 BN LE


    Benchmark Geocoin Club - Cape Hatteras Lighthouse


    Little Mermaids BN


    Sieze the Day Set (3) - now all I need is the MOGA variant


    Cat Lovers Set (3)


    FootTrax personal


    Highland Geofairy - Red Glitter


    Pirate Sword Set



  7. I love these little micros! ;) Just for clarification, is the LE geo-quahog 2008 made of the standard base metal (I'm guessing brass) with an antique silver finish? Just so there is no confusion with the D22 2007 Quahog which was substantially larger in size, minted in .925 sterling silver and previously sold by Dorkfish.


  8. Is this really a "geocoin" anymore? Don't get me wrong, I love it and I want one. At $20 a pop, I doubt that many of of these will be found in a cache (though a hellavu FTF prize!). Much like these other functional geocaching tools that are becoming available (quadrant and planisphere come to mind) are we seeing a new category of traveler emerge? :laughing:

  9. it's 600 miles from my home :D

    but trying to get this very nice coin.


    LOL! I have traveled that far for an event. :D If anyone is interested in this coin, I can set some aside for people since I doubt we will sell out at the event.


    Wish I could go! B) But I would gladly buy a coin to support the event. Please add me to your list!


    Thanks B)


    BTW, Are you coming out to GW6?

  10. Well apparently there were no lesson learned from the 2007 Compass coin fiasco. Had the basket filled with two sets and two each of the singles (mandated 10 coins) and the sucker came up with 46 sets.... dumped me out..went back tried 5 each of the singles..too late...negative numbers.


    Ya know....some coins are just not worth this ........can you learn the word pre-sale? geeez



    If you read the above post from Hogwild, you'll see they will be doing a 2 day presale. geeez.


    All well and good when a website works....


    order 2 and and it reports 46 and dumps you?.....


    The new presale has no LE's..........


    Nice for you and I see I am not alone on the order mishaps...full carts suddenly turning up empty...


    How many times have we been here, done that. These cart programs suck under pressure! I just try to get

    the item I really want in the cart as quick as possible and then go right to checkout. I am already logged in as a member so all my shipping info is already there and then zip to PayPal. I got lucky and got my set this time. But believe me, this has not always been the case. And that's why I also really like the pre-sale thing. You even get a shot at purchasing different coin finishes. If I didn't have my compleatist compulsion under control, I would also be buying swords in the presale...

  11. Paula, I can't go to MOGA B) That polished gold with the red looks outstanding! I agree that antique silver is my favorite too :anibad: I was very pleased with my AS purple egg. B) I am sure the copper eggs are just as kewl! B)

    B) What can I do for you? ;)

  12. I logged in at 4:59pm. I was lucky and got in right when the sword set was moved to the new items page. Clicked buy and went right to checkout. The time stamp on my receipt is 20:00. As soon as I got thru PayPal, I went back to the store and the sets were all sold out.


    And then I finally read the info on the page - wow :anibad: we also get a bonus sword!!


    Very kewl and very smooth. I think the pre-order thing is a great idea. Swords for everyone! ;)

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