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  1. Wow! If by chance there be coin left, please, I would like one. :rolleyes:


    I am sorry but I have none left. I had to fill a late order with 2 of the 3 I had saved for myself. Many people bought more than one so maybe there are trades available out there.





    :laughing: Thanks any way. It is quite a cool coin!

  2. Well.....I'm told that if I did the 2d graphic in color it would not turn out that well because of the detail. I guess I'll wait and see how things go before I decide on 2d or 3d without the color. Photo inlay would work out nice like my panther paw coin but it's kind of expensive. I'm working on getting quotes as we speek and I'll see what others come up with <_<


    I have no idea how much it cost, but check out Lakersfan559's California 2006 coin for 2d color graphics. Very, nicely detailed color paintings :huh:


    I also really like GeocacheAlaska's 2006 coin's 3d relief of a wolf. No colors but finely detailed paintings and drawings.


    Whatever you decide, please count me in for at least one set!



  3. Interesting is, that I ask the seller, if the coin is activated. He wrote me it is NOT activated. I think we speek from the same Lackey coin.

    Another important thing in this auction was, that the seller has no feedback!

    regards Marc


    I totally agree! Zero feedback is very suspicious... :laughing:

  4. Yes im pretty much sold out, Do have a wait list for those not quick enough (landsharkz has a few there going to sell latter, i'll give them my wait list)

    Because of some doubling in my list and accommodating metal changes for early requesters, There still are a few of the silver coins. (but your crazy if you want bronze :D)


    Email sent. :)

  5. This is one beautiful coin. I wish I had ordered more. :-(


    More coins are available. I will be sending reminders soon for those who have requested coins but have not made payments. Nearly all orders have shipped and new orders will ship immediately.

    Thanks again for the positive comments and orders.


    Hope I'm not too late. I'd like 2 please. <_<

  6. Hmmm...website says postage included, yet I was still charged an extra $1.50 for shipping.


    Yeah, I loaded the fixed fee into the "Shipping" field for PayPal for lack of a better place to put it. We stated on the webpage that it's "$1.50 added for packaging and handling." This project is being run on the thinnest of margins, so it was the only way we could figure how to recover one-time cost for the bubble wrap and inner envelopes, the first ounce postage for the envelope, and the recovery of the $0.30 fixed part of the PayPal fee, etc. Those costs are fixed whether someone buys one geopin or a whole stack of coins, so we didn't want to add those costs into the price of each coin. Hope this helps.


    Sorry to be redundant here. Ladybug Kids got their answer in before I could finish my note!

  7. Hmmm...website says postage included, yet I was still charged an extra $1.50 for shipping.


    I got my order in.




    As a matter of fact, Point #3 on the website does state " All on-line orders will automatically have $1.50 added for packaging and handling."


    Hey, I'm a newbie here... I don't have to tell you that shipping and handling is always extra. Now, I will expect my coins to come securely wrapped and shipped in a padded envelope or such.

  8. As a newbie lurking these discussions for some time now, I admit, even I was shocked by this first post of another tadpole. I literally cringed in front my computer...


    I first saw these on CoinTracking.com, so I got a couple in gold. Reasonably priced, purchased online, and shipped in less than a week, I was very pleased. It is a different style coin, but they are big, heavy, trackable, and really kinda beautiful.


    Politics aside, I have room in my collection for this as well as The Dillon Gang's coin.


    So said by a native Californian. :laughing:

  9. You can find old item number # 8353798048


    not sure how long they stay, if mods remove number i have a pdf of the auction i can share, i thought it was pretty amazing so i saved it.


    Way to go Nero! Thanks for sharing this. I've been lurking for a while now and am much impressed by the devotion of this forum's members.


    Sticking to the topic, why stop at a Top 35? Why not compile a top 50 or top 100? Then of course, there will have to be the All Time Top 35. I think I would also be interested in seeing a Bottom 35 list as well...


    Thanks again folks :D

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