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  1. I like it! B) I would certainly be in for a couple of these.


    U might consider two-tone metal for an LE version, something like the Calif 2006 or the Alaska 2006.


    You also might consider donating a portion of your proceeds to some worthy cause related to this place to offset the criticism you will get from those who will say you are not a native antartican. :rolleyes:

  2. Nice looking coin! Order placed. I hope you have a way to notify coin buyers when the next one becomes available because I want 'em all. I suspect that once people see how nice these coins are turning out, you may not be able to get a full set by waiting until the last one is done.


    I'd also liike to nominate the Granville Bros. "Gee Bee R-1" for the next vintage set!


    Good luck with your production schedule. :unsure:

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