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  1. email sent for one of each metal. Very nice coin.
  2. Oh my gosh! These coins are beautiful. I just had to order a set!
  3. Thank you QC! It was worth the wait!
  4. I like it! I would certainly be in for a couple of these. U might consider two-tone metal for an LE version, something like the Calif 2006 or the Alaska 2006. You also might consider donating a portion of your proceeds to some worthy cause related to this place to offset the criticism you will get from those who will say you are not a native antartican.
  5. I was just at the Hogwild Store and it now lists this coin as already sold out!
  6. V-22 Osprey! This next gen, tilt-rotor airplane is in production and will see service in Iraq next year.
  7. No more gold. Bought 2 nickel, only 6 more left! Should have ordered when I got the email notice. doooh!
  8. Got mine the other day. Very nice coin! Nice job!
  9. Gosh, these black nickel coins are sweet! Thanks much..
  10. You've just been paypal'd! Sorry for the delay, misplaced your email and just happenned to see your last post. Come on folks, these are gorgeous coins! Can't wait to see em.
  11. email sent. Hope I'm not too late.
  12. Nice looking coin! Order placed. I hope you have a way to notify coin buyers when the next one becomes available because I want 'em all. I suspect that once people see how nice these coins are turning out, you may not be able to get a full set by waiting until the last one is done. I'd also liike to nominate the Granville Bros. "Gee Bee R-1" for the next vintage set! Good luck with your production schedule.
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