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  1. Do you have a photo of the black nickel?


    Hello. I got my coins last week and am wondering if someone could post photos of the black nickel coin. I just got a black nickel Camp Explorer coin and it definately has a different finish than the black nickel EMTJMW coins I was sent. I will try posting pics of my coins tommorrow.


    Thanks. :)

  2. Do I understand this right... if I have a Silver & Gold coin from the first edition (the only colors then available), the only way to get a Black Nickel LE coin now is to order a set of 3 coins that includes another Silver & Gold coin?


    I did not think of that, I have changed the site so black nickel can be ordered by itself!


    Thanks much. Having already bought a couple of gold & silver sets, I was almost gonna pass on the black nickel coin until I saw this post.


  3. I have a copper with PG. Great coin though :)


    It would be interesting to see how many had the error. This could make some unique. :anicute:


    My set are all PC. A seriously awesome coin Nutlady :rolleyes:


    Cachegame is right. Scarcity may make the error coins more collectible for some...


    IMHO, I may find it difficult to part with any of my nuts :rolleyes:

  4. Very nice, I like them all, the black is my favorite.


    The only thing I would change is ask that the tracking number and the trackable at gc.com at the bottom be white filled like the rest of the text.


    I totally agree with the above! Matte black or shiny black, it looks the best! :(

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