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  1. As a whole, this group of geocoins is really interesting to watch. I am not surprised that bidding for about half of 'em are still under or around $10. There's still a day and half to go! While the popular ones pull away from the pack, most are still far from prices routinely paid for these items.


    I wish I'd been collecting coins when some of these first became available. Now I have to pay thru the teeth or resign myself to the fact that I will never ever possess some of these. lol


    Hello, my name is Alan and I am a geocoin addict. <_<


    Good luck with your auctions Jamie!

  2. Well I was lucky enough to get one who else got one? :laughing: I also bought the extra holiday gift did you?


    I placed an order for two last night (Wed) at 10pm. I did get a confirmation email that the order was successful, but that could be just a standard automatic reply. I haven't heard anything else.


    This is what was stated in the email msg:




    High profile sale like this one, stands to reason that this will be enforced. :D


    You might want to check your online account...

  3. Yeah, that would be difficult. You could do some sorta parody style easily enough I'd guess.


    Or tell Lucas there's money to be made selling geocoins, heh :huh:


    <_< Be careful of what you ask for! I know I am relatively new to this "hobby" but what I like most about geocaching is that NOBODY knows about it! B)


    Consider what would happen if Lucas got the Star Wars machine behind geocaching! Mass marketing and commercialization. Their legal dept alone could spend in a day the total amount of money invested in this "sport" since it's inception just to protect the "starwars" image. Hundreds of thousands of people hitting caches every day and we'd get geocoins with our happy meals. The waiting line to purchase a gps modeled as a light saber will go around the block. The thing is, I would still want to be first in line!


    Apologies for the rant.

  4. Nothing for days and then Jackpot today!


    Whitebear's bite me - kewl glow in the darks!

    TICK coins! - Black nickel (very nice, now wish I got a two-tone as well!)

    Atwell Family United We Stand - all metals

    Xmas Mystery coins N & G - with a P

    Monterey Bay

    Airpower Series - F/A-22 Raptor

    2006 Alaska Coinament - contest win! thanks again! :ph34r:


    Idaho 2006

    Travelling Viking


    So that's 9 off a list of 43... :ph34r:

  5. Ohh! So we aren't the only ones!!!

    Weird thing is, they are active on geocaching.com so I know they are around, not clue why they are ignoring us.



    x3 Centris Coins - one of each metal from Centris

    TRADE DATE: Oct. 23, 2006 -- they won't reply to our emails asking when we can expect the coins :laughing:


    IF ANYONE OUT THERE IS IN CURRENT CONTACT WITH CENTRIS, PLEASE ASK THEM TO CONTACT US. I've emailed them at least 6-7 times thru email and thru geocaching.com and have NOT heard a word from them. :laughing:


    Also waiting for a coin/response from Centris. Here's hoping this will be resolved soon.


    Here is the current info I have. Sold coins to her in the past month.


    Centris centrisbug@gmail.com centris@gmail.com


    I unfortunately recently had an ebay transaction go haywire with these folks. They are not much for replying to email msgs. I finally had to get PayPal involved. Though I really wanted the geocoin I won in the auction, they settled for a full refund. I believe them to be honest sellers, it was just one of those things. Keep trying to contact them.

  6. Kudo's to Tommy for advancing one of the cleverest coin marketing strategies I've had the pleasure to see unfold here. Yes, there are other high priced coins on the market, but Tommy's implied verbal contract has kept this thread near the top of the list since it began. There's no doubt in my mind that this has had an impact on sales of the coin.


    I bought my coin soon after it became available and am very pleased. Considering what geocoins are going for on the E*place these days, this coin is almost a bargain.




  7. I'm hearing a lot of buzz about various people bringing their coins to sell at the event (other than the known vendors), just curious as to how many people will have their coins with them for sale? Sounds like it may get to be a shopping spree for coin collectors!


    I'm looking to trade not buy.


    This was my hope as well. Though not having my own personal coin probably means buying more than trading.

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