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  1. You da man UOTrackers! :laughing: Very fine design.


    Any thoughts on finishes? I've really become a fan of black nickel and TSD's matte black is awesome.


    ACK!!!!! I'm so NOT a man!!! :ph34r::huh: Yep ALL woman! :););)


    My apologies. :laughing: It was really just a crude expression of praise and not meant to be taken literally.


  2. Ok going to 75, then I'll see how many more will fit.

    1. pirate matt

    2. MustangJoni

    3. The Klever Boys ? Please confirm

    4. GlennK721

    5. BrunoNF

    6. Team Honeybunnies

    7. Nooks

    8. GeoGeorgesPlease confirm

    9. OshnDoc

    10. Mudsneaker

    11. rivercity

    12. Scouthbound

    13. ByrnedFish

    14. SouthBayDay

    15. Creacher

    16. FluteFace

    17. ParentsofSAM

    18. Cornerstone4

    19. WindRose

    20. Atwell Family

    21. TeamACE

    22. TMOCM

    23. Crop Circle

    24. stepshep

    25. DresselDragons

    26. The Moops

    27. baelrati

    28. slowdownracer

    29. sillygril & jrr

    30. 4BOWS

    31. oldnavy59

    32. jayman11

    33. PennyPacker

    34. *TnT*

    35. res2100

    36. Team Chelmo

    37. geocachingdragon

    38. Team Macha

    39. fairyhoney

    40. julieinga

    41. eltod

    42. 9key

    43. dorkfish

    44. crowesfeat30

    45. Damenace

    46. Fluttershy

    47. Jan and the Percy Boys

    48. Carion Crow

    49. crazycavelover

    50. Anthus

    51. Renegade Knight or do you prefer RK?

    52. GPX Navigators

    53. FlagFinder

    54. slippery_1

    55. 6 Feet More

    56. wigoweb

    57. 57chevy well you haven't said so, but I saw a 57 and your name popped, please confirm

    58. QuiglyJones

    59. 0R0B0RUS are those "Oh's" or "Zero's"?

    60. sfwife

    61. LadyBee4T

    62. Parrolet

    63. nielsenc

    64. chancerider

    65. summerandnana

    66. GoJayBee

    67. Team Macha

    68. VT-GeoDevils

    69. Toojin & Bart

    70. IBcrashen

    71. Mauison


    Those "0's" be "zeros" - Thank you very much :unsure:

  3. Santa actually came on Tuesday. He/she left me a 2005 San Diego, a Temecula Valley balloon and a Bikedog memorial. All very beautiful coins and very welcome to my heart. Honestly, I've tried many times to post this note but could never finish because this text can not express how touched I was. Thank you Santa! :(

  4. Wow! Congrats to the Nutlady. Her prego nuts are now legit. Hold on to them nuts everyone. I must pose this question. Is variation in the tracking number going to affect the collectability and ultimate value of a geocoin?

    I didn't get any 'pg' nuts but now I'm thinking maybe I wish I had. :(

  5. I am waiting for:


    Team Laubfrosch

    Venture Crew 4485

    Freisland Chunky NL

    Alabama AGA 2006

    A-10 Warthog

    Arrowheads - silver set

    Dreamcatchers set

    Anthus Decoder V2

    Anthus Secret GeoAgent

    2007 Dorkfish

    Lucky Scratch-n-Win LE

    Ontario Beaver LE

    2005 Calgary REG

    Tiki Bikki Bikki

    Tiki Mojo Hoard

  6. I talked up your coin at a recent troop meeting hoping to spark some interest in geocaching. Last nite, interested parties asked to see the coin and I had to tell them it's a no show. It's been two weeks since you posted all packages have been sent out, so I'm guessing mine may have fallen between the cracks. Can someone look into this?



  7. Besides getting one in the club mailing, I was surprised to find one in another coin order. In the spirit of giving, I slipped it into the secret santa package I sent out. You guys are the best!


    Happy Holidays :)

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