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  1. 3x TSD Sand Dollars in Matte Black (Thanks Loran, these are the best!) 4x Sydney Australia Set (wow) 2x Undercover Cacher in silver & gold
  2. Sure, no prob. I'll send yours out at the end of the auction as well, if you don't mind. In case you win. Thank you very much!
  3. Got my replacements yesterday and whoops! one was already broken... I like the heavier coin but the movable satellite was still plastic and thus easy to break. Disappointment all around...
  4. I didn't know you had put these up on ebay again, so I just bought 2 geocoins on cointracking.com. Then I came upon this posting in the forum. Any chance I can be eligible for the drawing? If not, no big deal. This coin is really one of my favorites!
  5. Whoa! Bunch of stuff came yesterday: Satellite 2006 V.4 replacements - doh! one was broken - I do like the heavier coin Golden State 2007 Copper LE - Thanks Castle Man! WAHINE Eye Spy - kewl! Kokopelli - Totally awesome! Really nice coin Buffalo Wings 2006 - white on black nickel - wow! Calgary Cachers Reg & Lemon Fresh Dog 2006 Today: Fryslan/Chunky NL - worth the wait! Finally, an original 1951 Hawaiian bus token (the inspiration for CRAKE's new Hawaii geocoin)
  6. Coins arrived yesterday. Very nice! I am very pleased with the quality. Thanks.
  7. HoraaH! Mine came today and they are outstanding!
  8. Email sent for purchase. It is a very kewl coin!
  9. Very kewl! I just got a couple of gold California Highway Patrols. Got lucky and snagged 'em from Hogwild when some extras turned up in inventory.
  10. Aside from these coins linked to above, I know I have seen others in the local Scout Store. Some of these are of high quality but I do not think any of what I've seen to date are as good as the geocoins we see produced on a regular basis. Short of being sanctioned by the BSA, copyright limitations prevail. IMHO, your design is simple and relevant. If manufactured to the same quality as say your personal coin, It's a sure hit! I want to see this project succeed.
  11. Here are links from the online scout catalog: Scouts Oath Eagle Recognition Good Turn Wood Badge Recognition Cub Scout 75th Anniversary You Make the Difference there are probably others.
  12. Here are two links that are Philmont specific: Philmont Training Center Philmont Arrowhead These are from the Philmont Trading Post site.
  13. There are several other geocoins that already feature eagles and are not scout related. While I like the eagle in your design, I guess the question is what really would differenciate this as a "Scouting" geocoin?
  14. Very nice design and a good cause. I would be in for a couple.
  15. Hello Blazerfan. Is it true that this Art Clay Silver stuff actually costs more than it's weight in silver bullion?
  16. email sent. Love this design!
  17. Though I am NOT an eagle scout, my son got his last year. We remain active in our troop with the creation of a new venture crew this year. Whiile I maintain the troop 832 website, my wife is deeply involved with NYLT and woodbadge training. I would be very interested in this project!
  18. Today's mail brought multiples: 2007 Golden State Set Silver Arrowhead Set Mt. Cachemore Set I am quite impressed with the quality and workmanship of geocoins. My gosh, how can I not buy every coin that comes out?
  19. Dreamcatcher set 2007 South Carolina - satin silver, hard enamel (Really like this coin!) Hawaii Volcano Park Red chili
  20. The lens I could live with, but IMHO the paint issue is a showstopper. What ever it takes to get 'em right. Thanks for keeping us updated.
  21. Missed this yesterday. Email sent. Hope I can still get a copper...
  22. This weekend I got: Tempting the Fates - wow! An Alberta Rose - I really like this one! GCC Monopoly - joined after this one came out TSD sand dollars in misty gold - Thanks Loran!
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