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    Who is practicing their poker skills?


    Me, I'm strictly a novice. Are you kidding? Everytime I sit at my computer my little Texas Hold'em widget is running. I downloaded Texas Hold'em to my cellphone and now play that when commuting. My family is sick of watching the World Poker Tour and World Series of Poker reruns on TV. But seriously, just wondering, any pro's playing? :unsure:

  2. Oh no, please - I can take a critical comment :laughing: What I was worried about was making sure I got this right. So your comment was a great sanity check, and after emailing out the detailed photos I got confirmation that this is indeed what is wanted.


    So its all good!


    Excellent! Everyone confirms that we know you will do the right thing. So what is that exactly? Your design has certainly captured in spirit, the original intention of the coin. When you are satisfied that the physical detail meets your spec, then roll with it!

  3. My secret cupid arrived this weekend!


    I got:


    a Prime Meridian - (How did I miss this coin?) - Thank you :D


    a Tommy Trojan - (Now I can set one of these pretty coins free) - thank you :D


    an Original Las Vegas - (I really like this coin!) - thank you ;)


    and what's this? a couple of sig buttons! A-HA! Cupid revealed...


    Thanks Moose Mob! :D

  4. Please take no offense, but after seeing the Cachebug's comment on his blog, I have to agree. Crake, what happenned to the hula girl? B) I understand the loss of detail in transforming the 2D artwork to 3D relief, but... well perhaps it's just the photo. Because IMHO, it's the hula girl as depicted in your artwork that makes this design work as it did for the original token.

  5. My vote is for option #2. B) The thought for combining the locomotive and tender is a great idea, but the proportions of the cars look off.


    Personally.... B) If you go with option #2, the three car set. You might as well go all the way with a 4 car set that includes a vintage caboose. But that is only my opinion!


    B) You are making me a train lover!




    well I DOooo have a picture of a vintage caboose... now that you mention it...


    hmmm.. my attic is FULL of trains... now my geocoin collection... I see a pattern


    Yes! Yes! I like this idea! :D

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