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  1. I wouldn't complain if it was in Vegas, but I wouldn't want to be there during the summer... --Marky I also agree! I love Las Vegas, but it is just miserably oppressively HOT in the summer.
  2. Okay, so the San Francisco Bay Area has it's share of urban congestion, but we do have: • two major airports (SF and Oakland) both connected to BART (one of the best public transportation systems bar none) which provides incredible access to most any spot in the bay area sans traffic. • and a temperate climate which means a great location just about anytime of the year.
  3. Very beautiful coin. Don't have a personal to trade yet, but would like to purchase a few when available.
  4. Somethings to think about. It was about 85 degrees F Saturday for the event. Temecula has all of the amenities of southern California, weather, charm, great caches, nice scenery, but not the crowding, traffic and other problems of LA, SD, OC, or even Las Vegas. I would vote for another friendly town, at a time of year with good weather, and no bugs.... There are many suitable venues in the San Francisco Bay Area... anyone in THEGBA reading this thread?
  5. Great looking coin! Don't have a personal to trade yet, but would definitely like to purchase one..
  6. Thanks much Raine, for one of the neatest scores of the day. It was great meeting you. Also, my wife Camilla wanted me to say it was fun playing poker with you. Let's do it again next year!
  7. My bee was waiting here for me when I got home. Thanks Allie!
  8. I would definitely be in for a set! The antique metal finishes sound kewl!
  9. I can't believe it's over! There just was not enough time to meet and talk and trade and cache with everyone. It was just plain fun. Congrats to the event committee for organizing such a wonderful experience. This was my first event ever and it was really a thrill to finally match up real people to the infamous geonicks of forum members. Nicolo, Nero, Whitebear, Nscaler (showed me his geofairy), The Moop Along, Jake, Raine (thanks for the personal), POS, MustangJoni, and The MooseMob (my secret cupid!) just to name a few. Thanks for the chilis georeynozos. And thanks to all the vendors that sponsored all of the nifty swag. Then, the icing on the cake, geopoker! Great fun was had by all. We started out way to serious at table #1. (thanks to TMOCM for posting a picture of the table seating chart - elsewise I'd never of known with whom I had played against) We all played very conservative and table talk was kept to a minimum. With winning hands few and far between, I was pretty much blinded off the table soon after the first break. Yes, that was me sitting next to you Atlantagal; I never got to say a word to Dorkfish, though you kept your eyes hidden under that baseball cap most of the time, you got the nod as the real player at the table; and if I'd known that I was sitting next to Crazycavelover, I would have asked you to give my regards to Fluttershy and please thank her for my bee. BUT, the real kicker is that my wife Camilla made the final table and ultimately landed sixth place! (thanks to TMOCM again for the event pics of her sitting next to AG at the final table) Congrats and thanks to SouthBayDay for winning and for his generosity. Camilla adds an extra thanks!
  10. You my friend, are going to be one popular guy at the fest!
  11. Yippee! Took a leisurely two day drive to get here. Had an outstanding chiliburger at Mad Madeleine's and bought a cigar at the smoke shop. Really anxious about playing poker. Still haven't been able to decide what coins to put up for ante so I brought all my coins to choose from. Can't wait to meet everyone!
  12. I just ordered 2 singles.
  13. 0R0B0RUS


    Is there any chance you can put this off until after Geocoinfest? I don't know about anyone else but I personally will be offline for almost a week and will likely miss the reservation period. Hate to miss a crack at this new crake...
  14. Probably should have just waited for the new system...
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  16. I guess everyone's hitting your site Res2100 because the server won't let me in! Says you've exceeded your data transfer limit. I hope this isn't a burden on you because I'd really like to see the list. Please don't take it down.
  17. Allie, I sent my request last week too. Did you get it? Same question here. Have also resent email msg. Thanks!
  18. Looks like they will arrive Friday If they do come in - will you be peddling them at Geocoinfest?
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