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  1. I'm reasonably sure this will indeed be a Fall event


    Well March is a little cold! :P


    The proximity to other summer Mega Events in the United States seems to be a primary consideration and I am not sure why? The attendees at the GeocoinFest were there for geocoins. Many geocachers came from all over California for the TV Mega Event but they didn't show up at the GeocoinFest, I saw many comments from those who said that geocoins weren't their thing.

    The GeocoinFest seems to me like it is more than just another mega event, it attracts geocoin enthusiasts specifically rather than geocachers generally.

    Placing the GeocoinFest right beside the Temecula Valley Event seemed like a good plan, in fact attendees to the GeocoinFest that showed up at the TV Event probably helped the event reach Mega status.

    I still like the spring but I do realize it is Mark's event and that event sponsors make it possible. If a vote was held I would still be voting for a late winter/early spring event like the first GeocoinFest. Placing a geocoin event at the tail end of the winter seems more advantageous than adding it on to the end of the already busy summer months. I really liked the fact that 2007 started with a big geocoin celebration.


    I am in total agreement! :laughing: With this in mind, we can narrow down optimal locations to the West:


    • Seattle, WA or Victoria, BC

    • Portland, OR

    • San Francisco Bay Area, North CA :laughing:

    • Sacramento Area, CA

    • Monterey - Santa Barbara, CA

    • Los Angeles - San Diego Area, South CA

    • Reno, NV

    • Las Vegas, NV

    • Phoenix - Tuscon, AZ


    Not to be totally Western biased, there is also Florida to consider!

  2. I realize that I'm in the minority here, but I'd like to cast my vote for GeocoinFest to *not* be on a holiday weekend. Such weekends are big family get-togethers for my wife's and my families. It's the major reason I've never been able to attend a Geowoodstock (typically held over Memorial Day Weekend).


    Actually, I agree with you on that one. Airports are crowded, parks are packed. Everything is more expensive. I'd rather have it on a regular weekend.


    You're not in the minority. I prefer cheaper rates as well, which you don't usually get on a holiday weekend. Just save one work vacation day in 2008 if it falls on a non-holiday weekend <_<


    I am in total agreement here - holidays are already set aside for family get togethers. Even with early reservations, you will still have to wade through all of the additional people that a holiday draws.

  3. To get some idea of interest in keeping the coinfest on the West Coast, I started a thread in the GBA forum. Some interesting questions came up. Issues regarding insurance and finances. Questions for the committee: How was insurance for the event handled? Has the GeoCoinFest registered as a non-profit organization?


    I'm not trying to cause trouble here! :) I just thought that the San Francisco Bay Area would be an ideal location for coinfest 2008 and that it logically should involve the local organization. Sure, anybody can submit a proposal, but frankly, I'm a nobody and hoped to find support from some of the heavyweights haunting this forum. :)

  4. I came down primarily for the CoinFest. If it were up to me, I would have also attended the Mega event. And, we might have been able to swing it if it had started earlier, but it's an 8 hour drive and I wasn't driving and "she who must be obeyed" needed to be back home on Sunday. :rolleyes:

  5. Meanwhile, I'm pondering how anyone could get 20 000 finds.


    I don't think I've found 20 000 of anything, ever.


    When I first met TeamAlamo (Christmas Day, 2002) he had 40 finds and we had 400. And some people thought we were obsessed... I still laugh at that.




    With a little rough calculating... that works out to about a dozen finds a day, everyday for the past 4 years! :rolleyes:

  6. We sell and buy alot on E-Bay. We don't sell any activated coins, and so far, (knock on wood!) we haven't had a problem with any of the coins we have purchased. There are a few shady people out there who will try to get top dollar for an activated coin. You just have to do a little research. Look the coin up n the search feature, read the listings of ALL the coins of that type that are up for auction, and finally, ALWAYS check the seller's feedback.


    Very sound advice! Feedback is one of the best consumer tools on eBay. I have purchased a few activated coins no problemo. In each case, the seller's clearly stated the coin was activated and facillitated the adoption process.

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