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  1. Yea, me too. Oh, by the way, What does the center lettering mean? Thanks for the input! I guess I'll go with B Oh BTW, in answer to your question fairyhoney, 12212012 represents the date, December 21, 2012, which is the end of the ancient Mayan Long Count calendar. More here
  2. Yesterday: Crake's Three Roses Set - beautiful coins and clever use of the second coin Stringalights 2007 personal - kewl CITO 2007 -very nice Hopalong Cousins 2007 set - love the microcoin
  3. I agree - no doubt demand for your 2007 geocoin will be just as great. I would continue with the trade only finishes and also consider the limited edition set, maybe include a pin or something.
  4. Very kewl stuff today CinemaBoxer's personal Defcon 2007 Mount10girl's personal
  5. Comments? I'm not sure which design I like better. A or B?
  6. Wonderful! You can count me in for a full set. I hope this new mint can do (my favorite ) the black matte finish!
  7. I like the three antique finishes - when your ready, put me down for a set
  8. They offered paypal when I made my order ... that's how I paid. My PayPal payment was sent to: dhammond@harbornet.com Sorry! Correction - your transaction has not completed! Look at the details - this is what I saw: Seller Status This recipient is not yet registered. PayPal will send an email to the recipient explaining how to complete your transaction. You may want to go thru their secure server as there is no telling when they might activate a paypal account. In the mean time, they may sell out...
  9. Glad to see your post - had to order a couple more. I think the antique finish looks the best, so it will be cool to get it in silver.
  10. No formal timeframe I would refrain from having vendor organizers it might put you in a conflict of interest situation For September 2007, I was kicking around an idea of doing 25 simultaneous locally based Micro Coinfests (get it!) around North America and the world. These would just be coin events all tied in together much like the Kiss Me I'm Irish events were. What do people think about that? Low-key and local? Then big and international for 2008. Of course the events would share a micro event coin! I love the idea This sounds kinda cool! Let's do it
  11. Just wanted to mention how very much I like these coins!
  12. Your coins came in today! The nickel finish looks really nice!
  13. Surprised today - so many padded envelopes April Fools 2007 SE glitter LE & Mojave Desert 2007 Copper LE - both very nice variants - Thanks Castle Man! Fluttershy Top40 - my first of this project - I like 'em! Geocoinclub March 2007 Noobs! - These are very cool! BrokenW's personal Dream geocoins in nickel - wow!
  14. Quite a haul this weekend: Mojave Desert 2007 cacti - silver & gold April Fools 2007 jester caps in gold Lucky Cache coin from geocoinclub Steel City Babes in silver & gold Wildlife Muggles Bucky Beaver Gold set Easter Eggs in silver & gold
  15. Very interesting and creative design! kewl Email sent.
  16. Reservation made. But no way to see if I made it in time. Are you going to confirm our reservations or is it just a wait and see if an invoice appears sometime in the near future? I'm hoping that the fact that a reservation could be made at all means I'm in. EDIT: Urp! Just saw your self-explanatory reply email msg Thanks! Cannot wait to see these nifty coins!
  17. Maybe for an LE version, instead of using black enamel as a fill in color, reverse it so the black area is now all raised metal! Then use a polished black nickel finish. Echoing an earlier post, maybe you really have two coins here, one for each album. I know all the Pink Floyd fans would go for that!
  18. Okay, so this would be individual, uniquely trackable geocoins ala GeoTags currently in development and not like a PathTag?
  19. Today: Cachehunters42 2007 Zion National Park 2007 - round Zion National Park 8-cent stamp Yosemite National Park 1-cent stamp Love these coins!
  20. Five pretty little Hawaii micro's! Love'em
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