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  1. We will make sure everyone who wants some of these after the event knows where to get them.


    Thank you :laughing: - wow, I really feel left out not being able to go to GW5 - Now I'm hoping we can get

    the same assurances from the Coins & Pins guys ...

  2. Thanks to Mike for posting this picture! They really look kewl :)



    Like most, I will be happy to trade with others. Mine will not be for sale. But with all the cool designs, methinks I will have to mint another batch... :P

  3. I know everyone is excited about the GeoTags <_< !!!


    Here is something to get you going some more. The details fromt he designs are great, I am so excited that I get one of each.



    Excellent! I am honored that you chose my design to show off the concept in action!


    WOOHOO! :D That goes for me too! Thank you so much Mike for making this thing happen! I wish I were getting one of each!!

  4. This has been a good week so far.


    Dorkfish seahorse and V1 BN - Thanks for the trade Karma! :o


    Darkside of the Cache - Nickel


    Bee-Ware AB & AC


    Cinqo de Mayo Reg


    Crikey Fundraiser - nickel & antique copper


    Sharpee - gold


    Skull Duggery - bronze & silver


    Breath of Life - glitter & purple

  5. New Jersey --- Avroair

    Illinois --- CinemaBoxers

    Hawaii --- Sillygirl & JRR

    Nor California --- Marky

    Alabama --- Tasia

    Pennslyvania --- Anthus

    Mississippi --- Prntr1

    Montana --- Brian A.I.

    Georgia --- AltantaGal (Parents of SAM)

    Arizona --- Jake A.I. (Nero)

    Idaho --- BRoKen W

    Texas --- MustangJoni (mamacache)

    Minnesota --- TheCollector

    Washington --- Snowwolf75

    Netherlands --- karel kraak

    Indiana --- 4damam


    Updated the list. I sent out a really tentative shedule


    No more So Cal?? :o


    I guess you'll have to visit us in North Cal once Marky decides were. Don't any of those cruises stop At San Francisco?

  6. Hi Fluttershy and all. I just glanced at my paypal history :grin::laughing: nuff said.

    Then I look over at my geocoin collection :grin::huh::huh:


    It's not easy to cut back, but I guess I have. No longer maintaining a watchlist on ebay has helped. And I like to think I am being more selective on my purchases but... there are just so many kewl coins! I tell myself, "hey, if I buy em when they're offered or preordered, I'm really saving money because I'm not buying them on eBay!" And you can't limit yourself to one coin a month because they come in spurts and if your not in the moment they're offered, they're gone.


    Aside from the spending, then there's the waiting. How can days go by between padded envelopes in the mail?


    This forum helps me manage. :P

  7. Well as a collector, I'd like to see gold not remade, but I think making some in silver or even copper is a great idea :P


    I agree! But they went ahead and minted a matte gold finish coin along with the silver.

  8. Bummer! :P I really liked this coin design!


    Copyright issues? Does this mean that they used an existing artwork without the permission of the artist? This is the only valid case I can see. If they are using someone's design without permission is one thing. but the ideas from which the design was derived has got to be in the public domain.


    I mean, we are talking about the Wiccan Wheel of the Year! This "calendar" and the names of the pagan holidays shown on it predate Christianity. I thought it was interesting that the description for the coin as posted in the geocoinclub store did not once reference the word "wicca".




    Is this about Princeshoko's pentacle (a 5-pointed pentagram inscribed within a circle) design? This too is an ancient religious symbol and the fact is, he's already used it on a previous coin.


    I followed the link given for more information, but there really is nothing more stated than already given.


    I got my full refund, but I am disappointed ... :D

  9. :P Unfortunately, eBay doesn't make it easy to retract bids and these sellers that misrepresemt coins are preying on hopelessly addicted ebay junkies :D who don't care how much they pay but just gotta have it!


    But many thanks to everyone who participates in this online forum! :) As I am now a well-informed addict. Best advice to my junkie peers is; to do the research; bid wisely; and use the eBay feedback system.

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