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  1. I really hope the team doesn't stop their caches as I think they are a benefit to all people. Even though I did try the Watcher's point of view, it did start to get too expensive for me to finish it, but I enjoyed finding 7 of the clues related to the cache and at least 2 that I didn't find but that's all part of the game. icon_wink.gif


    I really wish that people who don't like an aspect of any cache would just shut the hell up and do what they want to do and let others do what they want to do, after all these caches were not hurting anyone as far as I am concerned.


    Whether a cache has great loot such as money or a new GPS or just a few trinkets, does it really matter? Just go and do them and enjoy yourself.


    As far as I am concerned no one should say what caches should contain or how complicated they should be except for the person placing the cache.


    In closing, I hope that Team KFWB GPS continue with what they are doing and just ignore all the negative emails and or posts that people are sending.

  2. Although I am new to Geocaching (found my first one today), I like the regular caches for their simplicity, but I am sure once I get more into it, I will enjoy all types. icon_smile.gif

  3. I would really go with GPSCentral http://www.gpscentral.ca/index.htm


    They have this disclaimer posted on their site ::


    Our Best Total Price Assurance:

    Please let us know if any other authorized Canadian GARMIN or Magellan online dealer is advertising lower bottom line prices so that we can offer you the best total deal on identical items after shipping and taxes are taken into account. We make this offer primarily so you can base your decision concerning where to shop on considerations other than price. We may not always be able to match clearance prices or those of goods being dumped on the local market, but we will attempt to match any genuine prices for identical items currently advertised on the internet for in stock items. Just send us the URL of the Canadian Authorized Dealer site where you found the lower priced item and we will match any genuine price providing authenticity and availability can be verified.



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