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  1. What other stupid idea is on the table ? Change the search area to 150 miles instead of 30 miles, that's worthless, remember geocachers like to travel. Why should we pay for a service that is NOT making your clients happy? We don't need "Not found by" change it to "Found By". Geocachers talk about the caches they found. Just imagine if 5000 clients decide not to renew their memberships? That is 149,950.00 dollars that you won't see.
  2. Amen to that, I live here in Muskogee and my search of 30 mies is not good at all. If I want to do a trip to OKC is worthless spending all the time doing this search. I hope they fixed it soon or when May Rolls around I won't be renewing my Membership. joytoy1963
  3. I don't mind paying for a membership for something that I like to enjoy and I use to forget about those military deployments, It used work fine, Now it is much more work and a small amount of information in return. I like the way it was with the full state list. how do I know if theres new caches 100 miles from me if my search only allows me to search for a maximum of 30 milesat a time. To just search for 30 miles is a waste of time. if they don't bring the old way back I won't be renewing my membership in this coming May.
  4. I am very disappointed with the new features, while it has some good ones it also have more bad ones. one thing I do miss is new ones in the State I do base my time on events around the state With the New featured 30 miles max is not going to make it. if something don't give up soon I might not renew my membership. Please fix it or go back to the way it was before.
  5. I have a garmin etrex legend but i cant not hook the interface cable to my laptop because the interface cable is not compatible with the computer . Do i need to get an adapter to hook up to computer?
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