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  1. I do have a couple of the only international entry in the Geo Top 40 project:




    I would like to trade to:

    Wales 2006

    Poland coin

    Scottish Cache Bash 2006

    Austria 2007 (shaped)

    Austrian Geocow

    Rhode Island 2006

    Crake's Symbology (any)


    Please email me through my profile.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :)

  2. geo40WijDrie_front.jpg


    OK, I still have to tell you the story behind the only foreign Geo Top 40 coin in the list.


    The logo: the pointy bonnets of the three gnomes from our atavar. Indeed, we are all 3 not that big.

    The colour: Royal Orange, with is the colour of our Dutch Royal Family AND our Dutch soccer team.


    'Drie kleine cachertjes zochten bij het hek'. Ok, how many of you put that thru Babelfish? Babelfish will give you rubbish of this line.

    'Three little caching-people are searching near the fence'

    It's based on an actualy, centuries old children song learned in kindergarden. The original line is:

    'Drie kleine kleuterjes die zaten op een hek...' (Three little children (4-5 years old) were sitting on a fence). I've got my inspiration because it was our 4 years old son favorite song at the time to designed our Geo40. The complete song can be found on wikipedia (in Dutch).


    the trade is on

    Since we have the coin in hands now, we can start trading. Our wishlist can be found here. There will be about 20 available for trading in the USA. The others are for traveling and trading in the rest of the world. The first one is already featuring in a Dutch Geocoin Race.


    We are not really into collection personal coins. We won't be collecting all 'Geo Top 40' coin because it would be impossible to get the all 40. We also gave up on collecting all US-states. Please take a look on our wishlist and email us (please no PM).


    Thanks for you time and

    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :(

  3. This on is now in my hands in the Netherlands. I must order now a not activated coin. When I received a new coin it will travel further.

    I still have to tell you all how this coin came to Europe.


    Well, that's actualy very simpel. OUTrackers sended the coin to us along with an beautifull unactivated geocoin and a logbook with an cute picture of Bella on it. I admired the 'Pay it forward' coin for a few seconds. Then our youngest team took over and arrested the coin. He liked it so much. We wants to hold the coin forever. We weren't allowed to get the coin back. But he did showed the geocoin to his friend who DO were allowed to hold the coin (as you can see on the picture).




    It took us an couple of days to retrieve the coin and send it along to team Professor X. Team Professor X gave the coin to de Roode Loper.


    this was our story. Thanks to OUtrackers and everyone who made this possible.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :(

  4. So now the real question is, as a coin collector what would you pay for a full set of 2007 Compass Rose coins? What would you pay for a Harry Potter Event Coin?

    I would pay Euro's for both. I hope that answers your question. :laughing:


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :P

  5. OK, Let's try this one:


    Hallo Paashaas,

    Even een kort berichtje om jou te laten weten dat je absoluut welkom bent in Nederland. Het is lente hier dus je zal je goed thuisvoelen.


    And ofcourse the GSA is also welcome.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :P

  6. April 1st starts earlier in Europe. To bad i'm not on any list. So i can't tell you early what's in the package...


    Getting some sleep is not a good idea when it come to contest on this forum.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :P

  7. Okay. almost have them all...either in hand or trade in progress...


    #30 - wij Drie


    is the last one needed



    Ya...me too. Please let me know if you have any success contacting them.

    You both were succesfull in contacting us. And we replied to you both that we didn't had the coins yet.


    We have heared from oakcoins that our geo40 coins went into the mail a few days ago.


    First i want to have and see the coins before i start trading. Please, give me sone time.


    Alles sal reg kom!


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie B)

  8. All 240 easter egg geocoins have been spread out across the globe and dropped into caches.
    Across the globe. So maybe some will show up in Europe. Let's hope so.


    There are 3 types of eggs: (1) pink\green (2) blue\red (3) light blue\lavender.
    They come in three colours.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :D

  9. I have news for those of you who are interested in the one and only international Geo40 coin.


    We also don't have our coins received yet but we will soon (i hope). I will let you know as soon as possible. I'll make a post in this tread on this forum.


    I'll start the trading after i recieved the coins. And i will also tell you more about the Dutch idea behind this Geo40-coin. Stay tuned for more...


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :blink:

  10. Will All colors be available in the European shop? Or will some be sold-out before that time?


    I sure hope there will be an English (or German) translation of that site before this sale starts. It's a lot harder to understand that the Norwegian geocoin site.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :laughing:

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