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  1. I think my hearts desire is that Dutch Chariot coin. That is one cool coin!


    Oh, yeah. Isn't that the one with a chariot and a horse pulling it. It looks as if it might be a big coin!


    That is the one. It is so pretty!

    I agree MJ...I'd love to add that one to my collection too :blink:

    I'm sorry, but the Chariot coin isn't Dutch. It's Danish. Two different countries with Germany in between them.


    But being Dutch. It might be i have a Danish Chariot coin somewhere...


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :D

  2. He's leaving his mark in Europe right now :anicute:

    Found this one (coin 107) today in a cache in England.


    Many thanks for your generosity Geo_Leprechaun!




    That's good news to read. It's just a small step from the UK to the Netherlands. I'll keep my fingers crossed.


    Congrats to you, Klever Boys!


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :unsure:

  3. No money left so no new coins coming in at the moment. €50 will get me all Christmas geocoins that are out there.


    And i really would like a lot of coins that can't be bought for €50:

    Lackey 2007, GeocoinSecretAgent, CreepyCrawlerCoin, Geo-pumpking, Diver Mickey, G.Ocoin Bug, Geo leprechaun or any other mistery coin.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :laughing:

  4. No the Lackey coins aren't mystery coins. The Groundspeak Lackeys have them. Rod had almost his entire coin collection stolen and I bet one of those great lackeys read that here and sent them to him. :laughing: They are a great group of people. If you attend a mega event or actual any of the bigger events and some of the lackeys are there you might ask for a trade....

    Hmm, I sure hope one of those Lackeys will come to Europe in the near future to trade me one of those new lackey-coins. We have big events too. And some very neat coins to trade.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :huh:

  5. Good to see the Geo_Leprechaun is still going around. I'm still hoping he will visit good old Europe. He's always welcome in the Netherlands.


    congrats to all finders.


    tot cache,

    team Wij Drie :laughing:

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