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  1. A happy AND merry Christmas to all our fellow Geocoiners out there. And we have been nice, the three of us. tot cache, team Wij Drie (still hoping we're on someones list sometime)
  2. Congratulations Anthus. The G.O.Coin Bug has got into the Christams spirit. MR of MRS Bug is still welcome here. We don't have any other bugs around here at the moment. So there is no competition. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  3. If this great mystery coin guy or girl likes to visit Europe i would be more than happy to voluntier I don't have fences around our house. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  4. Oh, yeah. Isn't that the one with a chariot and a horse pulling it. It looks as if it might be a big coin! That is the one. It is so pretty! I agree MJ...I'd love to add that one to my collection too I'm sorry, but the Chariot coin isn't Dutch. It's Danish. Two different countries with Germany in between them. But being Dutch. It might be i have a Danish Chariot coin somewhere... tot cache, team Wij Drie
  5. The Netherlands had Europeans First Mega event last year. They will redo it again in 2008 (first weekend of april). You are welcome. Germany also had a mega event in 2007. There will probably be a coin-event in the Netherland in january 2008. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  6. Oh, i really would love to see a real CCC-mystery. Or a Great Pumpkin. Or a Yime would do to. Hmm, to many nice coins. Fijne Sinterklaas avond. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  7. I do have a coin travelling South Africa at this moment. It's doing well. It's in a cache in Kwazulu Natal. So no problems with coins in Africa. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  8. Wij Drie

    new cointest!

    Tom & Jerry. OK, not really Italian. But they do love pasta. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  9. Waaayyy to late, but may i? DUCK tot cache, team Wij Drie
  10. Four down, one to go. entrada quatro. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  11. And one more for Rockin Roddy. número três tot cache, team Wij Drie
  12. I just nominated PSU Fan. Post número dois tot cache, team Wij Drie
  13. Does this cointest still run? If yes, then this is post numero uno. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  14. Eet geen gele sneeuw. (also Dutch and the TRUTH) tot cache, team Wij Drie
  15. I still love to this coin. I really would like to see the Geocoin Secret Agent tovisit our little country. We have some intreserting thing to investigate to. You are always welcome here. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  16. That's good news to read. It's just a small step from the UK to the Netherlands. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Congrats to you, Klever Boys! tot cache, team Wij Drie
  17. I'm way to late, but that doesn't matter. Just reading this thread gives me a good feeling. Thanks for giving and kuddo's to you, Bluemotmot! tot cache, team Wij Drie
  18. How does a dhenninger 2007 Christmas coin look like? tot cache, team Wij Drie
  19. Sorry, No Christmas tree's are allowed in the Netherland till after december 6th. The days before 6 december are Sinterklaas-time. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  20. Don't use dollars. They aren't strong currency the last months. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  21. <----- As you can see we have something with Kabouters. So this little fellow would feel like home in our little casa in the Netherlands. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  22. No money left so no new coins coming in at the moment. €50 will get me all Christmas geocoins that are out there. And i really would like a lot of coins that can't be bought for €50: Lackey 2007, GeocoinSecretAgent, CreepyCrawlerCoin, Geo-pumpking, Diver Mickey, G.Ocoin Bug, Geo leprechaun or any other mistery coin. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  23. Hmm, I sure hope one of those Lackeys will come to Europe in the near future to trade me one of those new lackey-coins. We have big events too. And some very neat coins to trade. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  24. Good to see the Geo_Leprechaun is still going around. I'm still hoping he will visit good old Europe. He's always welcome in the Netherlands. congrats to all finders. tot cache, team Wij Drie
  25. A very nice coin. I stay tuned. tot cache, team Wij Drie
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