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  1. If it helps Wal-Mart used to sell a lic plate screw that needs a key to take off... well actualy I think it's a allen head key with a hole in the center. Won't stop the dedicated theif but will slow the morons that post there picture with stolen property. Sister-in-law had the same problem with her custom ReMax something plate stolen from her van ( it's probably on a ReMax office wall some where not). I sent her to Wal mart and no more plates missing.
  2. Few weeks ago while heading back to the car I took a different path to be different. seems the path ended at the river and except for some dense bush-waking this was not getting me to my car. I back tracked part way and then went up a steep incline to get back to the trail I came in on. Stepped around a tree to discover a Tupperware type box. Opened it up and found a soggy log book with the last entry being 1 1/2 years ago. Recorded the cord and cache name. Check on the web and found it had been archived. Thought the location was good and after some checking found it met the rules for a new location. I incorporated the original name and moved it slightly (to give some of the original finders a challenge). New container and new swag and it was just published today. When I place the new container I removed the old one and CITO it as the swag was crap, the log book wet and moldy and the contailer cracked (guess we know why it was wet). My first hide too.
  3. Do women go to a special school to learn this... my wife does the same and in her absence my daughters will do it for her.
  4. I bought a auto kit for 60CX and it came with Metroguide Canada V4, I already have this from my first GPS so this is a extra to me. So still factory sealed version of GARMIN Metroguide Canada V4. comes with user manual and GARMIN registration card. Will put on Ebay later in the week but first dibs go here. $20 USD plus actual shipping (figuring around $3, will check with Canada Post later today). I live and work in the GTA so pick up is ok.
  5. It was released yesterday actually so you didn't miss it. so I just finished reading (seperate thread) but thank you.
  6. go to http://www.garmin.com/support/collection.j...ct=010-00560-00 install the web updater, run it and have you Venture pluged in to the computer and it's done for you. LAst update was Sept 2006, web updater will tell you if your update is current or not. EDIT: Good thing you made me look, seems my 60CX had a update in December that I never installed.... not sure how I have survived with out it but will install it this weekend.
  7. Am I missing something. you say starting bid is $.99 but I see it as .99 GBP which is actually over $2.20 Canadain. still a good deal but misleading.
  8. Rebate finally arrive yesterday. Seems once then get around to entering the information correctly it works much better. Seems email was entered wrong as well so I never got the email notification either. About 14 weeks total.
  9. If your not getting the nag from GASK then that reg is fine. The fact that you only got 10 accepted indicates that maybe the reg code was not accepted. open Cachemate, go to the Cachemat "options" page and reenter the reg number. If no error messages then I would recommend using the FAQ or contacting the Cachemate group at http://www.smittyware.com the problem page had this... Registration Problems? (Palm OS) Much more often than not, if your registration code is rejected by the software you've purchased it for, it's because there was an error in the HotSync® user name that you gave as part of registration. Check the user name in the registration email with the one on your device. The registration codes are generated and validated using the exact user name that is on the device, down to letter case and any punctuation. If there is a mismatch, use the code request form in the support area to get a replacement code. If you've compared the two names and still can't find anything, there may be spaces or other invisible characters on either end of the user name (yes, there have been actual cases of that). If you can't see any difference, download RegAid™ (a free program from mindgear) and try the unambiguous code it produces in the support area's code request form Hope this helps...
  10. May stilll show up. I was unable to place a TB while out of town so I put it in a local cache to get it moving again, this was back last October. Due to bad weather, time of year or whatever the cache was not logged as being found for over 2 weeks. Someone reported it missing from the cache, I check and confirmed it was gone. yet another month passes and it's now logged in Sweden, some 6300 Km away.
  11. You need to go to GARMIN website and register the CN and your GPS unit. They will issue you with a unlock code. This can be done through the CN product itself, something called "unlock wizzard" or something to that effect. The unlock code is good for only 2 GARMIN GPSr only. If all else fails call GARMIN
  12. They must not like us here in Canada, My info shows; Purchase Date: 09-21-2006 Postmark Date: 09-23-2006 Data Entry Date: 10-31-2006 Check Issue Date: 11-14-2006 My math shows over 5 weeks just in the mail and enter it. Another 2 weeks just to process the check 4 more weeks before they would even look to see where it is now probably another 4 weeks before I get my rebate. 15 - 16 weeks for mine if ti works this time. Seems the 4 week turn around people are all from the US... Any from Canada? Bought a new printer from Staples in late November, rebate arived yeaterday.
  13. Just a reminder for those who bought a Garmin GPS that qualified for the $50 rebate (X models). Did you ever get it? I inquired about the status (no why I haven't got it yet, just to see if I was in the system) at 8 weeks but was told to wait the 12 weeks. Well 12 weeks is tomorrow so I jumped the gun and asked as I have yet to receive the postcard check. First reply comes back stating the check was issued on Nov 14 and I should wait 30 days. Well 30 days is today. I also notice that the zip code says CANADA. Well Canada Post won't like that so I inquire about that. Last reply points out (what I didn't see further down in the cut and past info sheet) that my street address is correct but that have me in Victoria BC.... I live in Ontario. They are requesting a new check so I guess I have another 30 day wait. So, just a reminder to keep track of these things as $50 is $50. If you have not received yours and it is over 12 weeks, contact email is rebate@garmin.com and you will need the usually information... name, full address and phone number.
  14. I us a Palm Vx with 8mb, way more than is needed as I loat 500-600 waypoints plus some palm freeware that I found and still only use just over half the storage. Have heard many say they have 500+ on the 2MB versions and have room left over.
  15. If you buy V8 then you get V8. V9 whenever it comes out will cost the price of a update not the initial purchase price. If I remember the update price is $75.
  16. How long has the rebate taken to get? I mailed mine late September (about 9 weeks ago) and still waiting. Garmin says they will look when it's past 12 weeks.
  17. Well it's working with your help thank you. For future searchers, multiply problems all mentioned here applied. Although I had run the supplied setup.exe it appear not to have installed the drivers. After a trip to the device manager I intalled them. While there I also found I was om COM 6, changed that to COM 2 and did the test. Mapsource found my SP right off. Thanks again for the help.
  18. I did the "setup.exe" succusfully... wouldn't that install the drivers?
  19. As the titile states "any got a Serial to USB adapter to work on Garmin"? My computer only has 1 serial port. My Garmin StreetPilot 3 lost it's port to my Palm Vx that I use for paperless cacheing. I usually update my palm at least once a week so it keeps the port. The SP3 will only be connected ocasionaly for uploading waypoints and routs, maps are done throught the USB card reader. It was suggested to me that I get a serial to USB connector, which I did. The adapter installed fien (or so it seems) but both the SP3 and my 60cx are not reconized by Mapsource. Am I missing doing something? Appreciate any help. TIA
  20. You should actually read what your reseting when you "reset all" on your new garmin 60cx. If you don't read what's reseting as your in a hurry and doing it while walking then you could reset your newly entered waypoints. Luckily I was going on a hike not geocaching. No computer in the campground so I had to manually enter them from the paperlogs... before paperless.
  21. Remember me saying it was something simple... Logs are there on CM but are held individually by date (drop down menu)... I was looking for them like on the website... first 4-5 one after another on the page. they were there rigth from the begining. Waypoint are sorted on the palm and in the GPS.... off the the hunt. As for Paperless overall.... Was away for the weekend, with palm and Paper. Paper only left the file once when we were having a problem finding a cache and needed to look at past logs and did not know how to read them paperless. That's solved so I plan to go out again this weekend without any paper logs. Thanks all.
  22. This is what I don't understand, I have "no limit as my default".... does "no limit= only 1"? I have changed it to 5 and will see what happens. Told you it would be something simple that I was looking past, Thank you. I will now move forward yet again with the new knowledge.
  23. Well I have been reading about paperless since I got into GEOCACHING and picked up a Palm Vx a few weeks ago. As I stated I did a lot of reading and figured the basics out and am working on the tricks to make it easier to use. The 2 thinks I have not figured out and are probably fairly simple are; 1. How do I get more than one past log into the Palm? 4-5 would be better like the printed logs used to give me. 2. How do I load the waypoints from the caches I get from my PQ into my Garmin 60cx? I am using GSAK and Cachemate. As I also stated it is probably fairly simple and have most likely read it but I am on information overload and can't seem to get these done. TIA
  24. Just went through your thought process. I Started looking for a very cheap unit like a used yellow ETREX. When caching with a friend his unit pointed in the direction we need to go.... 20 miles away in the country so which raod to take. Now I wanted auto routing. I started looking for a used Legend but didn't find any used in my area. Found a new legend C (which is discontinued) at a good price and went ot buy it. Store also had a 60cx demo for $50 off plus another $50 rebate. So for very little more (after rebate and discount) I got a new model that had the SIRF, the quad ant and will be supported for a long time. The Legend C is patch ant and is discontinued so support will be declining fast. As for the reception, have not yet lost signals even in a wet forest. I chose to buy once and not have to upgrade soon.
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