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  1. Non NT so standard version. I would have updated it this year but not paying double as I have 2 machines and havn't noticed much for my needs.
  2. Having problems that are either getting worse but more likely I'm just getting more irritated by them. Device will just stop dead for a short time (like 5-15 seconds) and then catch up to where it should be. Examples: In street routing I will go around a corner and I can be 400 meters before it goes back to the regular screen (away from the turn screen) If I'm trying to scroll though the a list of waypoints the highlight bar with just stop and then 5-15 seconds later it will just jump 10 (or how many times I pushed the button) lines down. The other day top half of the screen scrolled down blank (while driving) and then re drew itself after a bit of time. If it was a PC I would say it had a big job running in the background using resources. Machine is a 60CX with latest firmware. 512 card with city nav V7 and topo installed for my area (usually on CN) Any suggestions? I keep meaning to call garmin but I forget during the da while I'm at work. TIA
  3. Sorry for not updaring sooner but..... SOLD thanks for looking
  4. Several enquires but no sales.... Please try a reasonable offer but I'm not giving it away!
  5. Bump, some enquirers but no offers, $45 plus actual shipping, last offer before Ebay.
  6. I have the HTC Touch which at this point is not GPS enabled... the phone is suppose to have the equipment but is not software enabled yet... hoping it will be latter this year. I do have a Bluetooth GPS puck that I use with it but find the accuracy is not geocaching friendly... good for those FTF hunts in a pinch but for regular use I still use my Garmin. As for Cachemate on the phone, I use it mostly like a PDA and load the database using GSAK so no airtime is used on the cellphone. I do use the gps puck to tell me what's near for the descriptions but being Bluetooth no airtime either. as for the rates... can't help you there but I would suggest starting your own thread with your question to get those who use it to answer.
  7. guess a email address would be handy.... sorry. derek.pugh at rogers.com
  8. Late last November I bought from Ebay a used Palm Z22 for my paperless caching to replace my Palm Vx that was un-fixable. Little did I know in mid December I upgraded my Cell to a Pocket PC which I have loaded Cachemate on. The little Z22 has sat loaded and kept charged for the last few months but never used. Now I paid $40 plus shipping for it and then bought a aluminum case for another $15 plus shipping so I would like to recover the $55 I originally paid and I'll loose my shipping. As for shipping to it's new home, I only charge what the post office charges me, nothing extra but I do round up to the nearest 50 cent mark. I have a great Ebay (jderek) rating and this is where the unit will be going if another cacher does not want it. Unit comes with the Aluminum case like this one http://cgi.ebay.com/New-SILVER-Aluminum-ME...1QQcmdZViewItem Comes with a USB cable to connect to your computer and a 110 volt charging cable. Software I have download from the palm web site and will also includes (original disk didn't come with it when I bought it). Already has Cachemate on it but I will have to remove my registration code due to the lic agreement. I have also loaded several freeware useful application programs like "Medical First Aid" First payment of $55 plus actual shipping takes it. I am open to pick-up if you’re in the Toronto/Durham Ontario area. Please give it good home and make it useful again. Any questions please feel fee to ask and I can send pictures later today.
  9. sorry for the delay... it came with 2 cradles but only 1 power supply.
  10. I'll see what's in the box when I get home... s*** is not ending like it suppose to though.
  11. Do you need the cradle or just the pliug in power cord? I just bought another Palm Vx to replace my dead one and it came with 2 cradles and maybe 2 power supplies. It's on the table waiting for me when I get home tonight.
  12. Do you need the cradle or just the pliug in power cord? I just bought another Palm Vx to replace my dead one and it came with 2 cradles and maybe 2 power supplies. It's on the table waiting for me when I get home tonight.
  13. Washout describes it perfectly. Might have to look for a older B&W unit or a color with TFT screen, thanks.
  14. Thanks but did that and found that the Vx is not held togeather with screws but glue. Quite a procedure but new battery didn't fix the problem so it must be the unit itself.
  15. Tried that but still very hard to read, That why I'm thinking there must be a darkness or brightness setting somewhere... all I have found is the contrast. Thanks.
  16. I started paperlass caching over a year ago with a Palm Vx (black & Whte) and loved it. Started having battery problems which turned out to be unit problems last winter. Upgraded to a Palm Z22 (colour) but before I really started using I upgraded my phone to HTC Touch which is a Windows device. Cachemate is loaded on both the new devices. On both colour devices I can not read the screen in anything other than overcast sky in the shade. Turned on the old palm for a trail and I can read it in sunlight. Did a in-cradle reset on it and I thought I cleared my Problem as I used it for a few weeks, happy again. Today old Vx will not saty on for more than 5 seconds out of the cradle... guess it's really toast this time. Question, am I missing a setting on the Z22 to make the screen more readable? I have tried adjusting the contrast but no better. Is it the nature of the machine or have I done something wrong? TIA
  17. I would try an "In Cradle-Soft Reset" While the Unit is Hooked to A/C Power. After the Reset let the Palm Shut itself off and let it Charge for Several Hours!. This will Reset the Charging Curcuit and should work fine. I think that's done it. I did the In Cradle-Soft Reset this morning and let it charge for a few hours before work. I have been trying to work it and no warnings and battery level still up there. Tomorrow will be the true test though. thank you, Derek
  18. I have the HTC Touch with BELL Mobility here in Canada using cachemate. Only problem I have is reading it in sunlight... That and getting used to the difference in Cachemate between my Palm and this Window systems.
  19. See all the wonderful advice for the other broken Palm I though I would ask for words of wisdom on mine. I have a Palm Vx that worked fine for almost a year then the battery wouldn't hold a charge. Bought a new battery and installed it (not a easy job on the Vx as it's glued togeather). With little use I get a low battery warning even though the battery indicator on the main scree says almost full. this keeps hapening all day but battery indicator is dropping. If I leave it off the charger, battery will be dead within 2 -3 days, with it turned off. I have hard reset it (all add on programs removed) without any change. Any words of wisdom out there for this problem? TIA
  20. We need one more member to complete our team for the Peter Pan International series and need your help! The Peter Pan caches are an international grouping of seven multi-caches. Find foreign friends and solve seven caches in five countries across three continents. Each Peter Pan cache is a multi-cache. The given location is your local Peter Pan statue designed by Sir George Frampton (1860-1928) following a commission by J M Barrie. Seven castings were made and the statues reside in: London (UK GC188J7) ClareLouise Liverpool (UK GC18GZC) Dre Eames St John's (Canada GC1988Q) Toronto (Canada GC18DGA) GPS Derek Brussels (Belgium GC1958W) GeocacherQ Perth (Australia GC183Z0) iluvtrekking Camden (USA GC1899C) ekitt10 The original statue was commissioned in 1912. First, there's a micro/nano cache hidden in the park near the Peter Pan statue. Inside the micro/nano cache are latitude and a longitude, but they are NOT for the location of your local cache. The latitude is for one of the six other caches in the series, the longitude is for a different one of the six other caches. To find the final of this cache, you will have to contact someone who has found one of the other six caches, and trade coordinates until you have the set you need. The coordinate information does not include which city the coordinates are for. Figuring that out is left as an exercise for the cachers. Once you have found the final cache, you may log a find on the local cache, as usual. If your coordinates help another geocacher team find one of the other caches, you may claim a find for that cache too. In order to claim a find on one of the other caches, your log must include the names of the other cachers who you helped, and you must e-mail Tinkerbell the secret code word from that other cache. So here's your chance to have cache logs in five countries across three continents. To join our team please contact me through PM or post to this forum and I will get back to you. Thanks, GPS Derek
  21. Yes we are, team name is "The Team from the Never, Never" I'll send you a email.
  22. Great, I'll add you to our team! I'll send you a email shortly. Derek
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