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  1. Not so relaxing today but I did manage to smile for the webcam shot. Also logged an earthcache, two puzzle caches and two traditional caches. That and drove over 700km and saw the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. Christmas Day was nice and relaxing as I was able to spend some quality time with my father as he accompanied me to find an earthcache, virtual, letterbox and benchmark. After next Saturday it will be nice to take a break until Family Day. You do know that all these different types of caches are supposed to be spread out on the various holidays, not each holiday LOL! Hope you had a great time.
  2. Don't give up your day job for a song writing career just yet there Geek!
  3. "the restrictions in the requirements that these caches are not really fair to everyone" This statement confuses me! What requirements make it unfair for everyone? The requirements are the same for all are they not? If you meet the requirements then you can log the find on the cache after you actually find the cache. If you don't... move to the next nearest cache. We all have our limitations. If it is the fact that you have find a certain group of caches then I think you need to archive you puzzle caches too. Say I don't do word searches, that makes your word search puzzle cache unfair to me. If it's published dates, the restriction on the bingo challenge is only 14 months old... a bit more of a challenge but I'm sure still possible. There is another challenge cache (not wanting to discuss that one, it's been done) that has an earlier restriction date that is still challenging those who wish. Is it something else? These challenge caches make us grow as cachers! I have completed both and am very proud of that. Before these were published I had no plans for a canoe cache but that has changed, maybe not for the better but… I still have no plans to go for scuba caches or one's that I have to use ropes to climb to the top of train towers but you never know. Because of challenge caches I have formed many a friendships, not only with the 2 that I cache mostly but with so many others too. You are fully entitled to your decision but personally I wish you would reconsider and keep the challenge going. If you wish not to maintain them then offer them up for adoption, in the east end I would happily look after them. Again, it is your choice.
  4. Till recently I could say nothing more serious other than sore joints (arthritis) or scrapes and bruises. I say recently as Aug 28 I was looking for a cache around a mountain bike trail without luck. Step out from behind a bush right into the path of a bike. No I didn't get hit by the bike, I stepped back and tripped on a fence wire and landed on my shoulder. Shoulder is of course sore as we give up on the cache, sore the next day, sore the next week. It's not getting better so I see my doctor a few weeks later who figures I pulled something. Ultrasound shows a torn rotator cuff tendon. Tech asks me why I didn't come in sooner. I see the surgeon this Thursday!
  5. We would appreciate it if you would take the time to clean up everyday, and not just on the holidays. LOL I do and have but there is no where to record it on the non-holidays.
  6. What is everyone sleeping? Is noone else going to issure a reminder! There is a holiday in 3 days, got your plans ready? I think I will be cleaning up for the holiday!
  7. I don't usually go through the craft section so I thought I had a true find!
  8. Was in Dollorama in Pickering (others shoud have it to) and in the craft section was a 80 pack of the zip 2" X 3" plastic bags for $1. This size is suitable for micro container logs. The bigger bags were in a 40 pack for $1. It is packaged under the Dollarama store name so I guess it's excusive to them.
  9. Don't forget the bonus of this cache; you get to meet a Geocaching legend in his own mind!
  10. The TASTE of closeness is gone! Were there!
  11. I'm confused... we agree? This is a trick, right?
  12. Mr. Geek, I need a ruling from the international federation of geek-like cachers. You have ruled that Benchmarks qualify as there are just a different type of virtual but.... Do Waymarks qualify? Personally, I say "NO" as they are not recorded on the geocaching.com stats but on they are recorded on Waymarking.com site. I have heard others say they should count. So this is why your paid the big bucks in your position of authority... what's the ruling!
  13. Well the taste is spreading! Skyecat and I Canoed 17km to Massasauga Paperback Library and The Big E to put us both within 1 cache of T81... just like the Geek! I see a party on or about July 14 in our future, better get your part hat ready Mr. Tequila!
  14. Skyecat and I are down to 3, the same 2 the Geek needs and a 1/5.
  15. A challenge cache requires you to do some sore of challenge before you can actually find this cache and get a smiley. Some idea's of a challenge; Fizzies either 81 or mini's, 81 are getting a cache in every diff/terr rating. mini's are getting a cache find in every terr rating for a specific diff level. Alphabet - logging finds on a cache that names start with each letter or alphabet. Get the idea? Do a cache search with the word "challenge" and be prepared for a big list.
  16. Actually it does at least it does on my 60Cx but is not the ideal solution in a weather enviroment. one of my pins just broke off from the back of my 60cx preventing the round 4 pin garmin plug from providing power. Used the mini USB cable this I have to charge my cell to save the batteries on my GPS while traveling (and keep the back light on). On my mortorcycle, I don't bother with the charge cable, battery life is pretty good, my butt dies long before the batteries will.
  17. Thank you for all the suggestions and idea's and my apologies for not replying sooner.. Called out of town suddenly. Yes my birthday is in September but I could bend the date a little if it's a good deal. But I will be expecting a card form you though.
  18. Not getting any response in the Canadian sales page so I'll start a new thread. I would like to upgrade to a Oregon in September for my birthday but when is the best time to buy... Cell phone alwas seem to have great deals leding up to Christmas... when do GPS have the best deals? TIA Derek
  19. Ok, I see that GPS City Canada has the oregon 300 on sale for $439. Radio world has it for $495 with the TOPO Ontario for $99 with purchase. I would like to upgrade to this model in September for my birthday but when is the best time to buy... Cell phone alwas seem to have great deals leding up to Christmas... when do GPS have the best deals?
  20. CACHEMATE on my HTC Touch works pretty good, not as acurate as my Garmin but it getts to the range when a FTF is on the line.
  21. Bought my wife a NUVI 265T for her birthday (I'm such a romantic). She is not into geocaching but has been stealing mine for her work travels and liked the present.... but... the 265T comes with NAVTEQ ad based traffic reports. the other model I looked at was the NUVI 760 which uses the clear channel or RTT system. Anyone have any experience with either system, especially around Toronto area where she does most of her traveling? TIA
  22. CACHEMATE also works on the TOUCH as well with CACHENAV (I think thats the correct name). I already had the lic for my palm so I put it on. I have used a few times, out in the open it work ok, downtwon Toronto it was all over the place but then again my Garmin does the same... just not as bad. Not a replacement but a good subsitute when out and a FTF is on the line.
  23. While I agree with the ban on destracting devices I feel after the trendiness of this new law passes it will be just another charge after a accident. Prime example, signaling, not new but almost completely ignored by a large section of the drivers including police (guess there exempt on this as well). When was the last time you heard of someone being pulled over because they didn't signal?
  24. It would be handy if while displaying a listing that a line could be added somewhere that you have already found this cache. I just hit 600 finds and I remember some but not all by name. If i get a notify about a cache it would be handy at a quick glance if i've found it already or not. Just a suggestion, thanks.
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