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  1. Ok I'm at a loss here. Bought a NUVI 2495LMT with traffic to help with my longer commute on the highway and to help me with the new town I'm moving to till I learn the area.

    Have read that I should be able to load my waipoints from Mapsource (same one's that I load to my OREGON 400) but Mapsource does not "see" the NUVI. My PC see's it, I can look at the internal files through explorer but not Mapsource.


    Have I got something set wrong?


    Now I'm not talking geocaches yet, just a base set of waypoint like work, friends houses, etc.


    Thanks in advance



  2. Last summer (2011) I talked to a ranger while they were overseeing some campers pack up that thought the 2 pm check out was meant for other people. Due to the time he had on hand as he watched them quickly pack up we had a good discussion on it. He knows of GC and didn't see why if done with some trail rules (like the Rouge Park and others) that it couldn’t be allowed. I explain that from what I had read Ontario Parks new policy have left it up to the individual Park superintendents to make the call.


    He suggested I talk to the superintendent tomorrow when he was in. He said he would discuss it next time he saw him as well.


    The next day I went to the main office and asked to talk to the superintendent. Just then, walking in behind me comes the same ranger who said he get him. Few minutes later he comes out and said "sorry, the answer is NO". Never actually talked to the super, case closed.


    I did ask about lands outside the park and found out where the official park property ends. This summer I put one just outside the park and although not in the park it has been getting park guests visiting whith nice comments. Park is now closed for the winter so visits will be far and few between till next year I suspect.


    Park is Killbear, just north of Parry Sound.

  3. Any manufacture date from Service Ontario yet? I just got my plate renewal form this week and don't really want to add another sticker to the old plates.... would love to just have fresh plates! I got till mid September!


    And yes I know it's out of your hands, it those darn Ont Govt workers! (I'm allowed to say that as I AM ONE)

  4. If we didn't already have Ontario personalized plates, I'd get in on this.


    Actually you will be able to shortly! Now that the original GC.com graphic batch has sold out the GC.com graphic will be available to add onto your new personalized plate and I beleive added to existing personalized plates! Probably by the fall I would guess.

  5. It appears it may not be this cache.... if the news reports are listing the closers correctly.


    "Both lanes of Prince Edward Dr. S. are closed to motor vehicle and pedestrian traffic from Kingslea Gdns. to Bloor St. W."




    "Prince Edward is closed between Bloor and Kingslea Gardens" Kingslea is a few blocks south of Bloor.


    The cache mentioned is north of Bloor and the GC map doesn't any directly south.


    Time will tell though

  6. Quoted from cachedrone posted here


    As far as I know and how the Ontario reviewers understand it is that we will be applying the updated language for any new reviews of unpublished listings only. Already existing challenge caches are grandfathered, as is the standard procedure with other updates. While some may point to the removal of Additional Logging Requirement (ALR) based caches, and their conversion back in 2009, that was an exceptional case. Groundspeak, with the exception of the ALR based caches, uses the grandfathered approach.


    If my understanding is correct then this cache, which many of us have worked hard to achieve is still valid as it stands and the ALR's are still required.


    Bottom line;


    If you have nothing good to say about this cache please log your find and your ALR which is still required and try not to down play the fun and enjoyment that other have had.

  7. Ummm is it possible for someone to say 'Hey folks, we are at 190. All we need is 10 more to make it." That may make some people on the fence climb off.


    Man where is Jerry Lewis when you really need him. :unsure: Come on folks lets do it for RCA777's kids. :grin:


    Better yet, I'll say what's right "Were at 141! There were well over 200 commitments, come on people lets stand by your commitment and finish this off"


    We have made it to the collection step because over 200 orders were placed... where did the 60+ missing go? I can see maybe 5% but 30%!


    Please, if you said you would order plates please step up and pay the man! RCA777 is doing this work for US for free, there is no profit being made here.


    Don’t make me track down Jerry Lewis when is at Rama in April to do a Geocaching Plate telethon!

  8. Now that I know I don't have to have a car at the time the plate is ordered, I'd be interested.


    Question: will the plate numbers be entered by Groundspeak as a trackables?


    Just to add to this, if you buy these plates you do not have to be registered owner in the end... order the plates and then wrap them up for a gift. It is whoever first registers the plates to MTO is the official owner.


    Sadly no matter how fast we go they will not being under the tree for this year.... maybe mothers/fathers day.


    Or as you wish, frame them and hang them on the wall. MTO doesn't care what you do with them until they are put on a vehicle, then they must be registered.


    The GC trackaqble would be a great idea if ti could be done but I'm sure that will be another headache all togeather.


    What the current count?

  9. The BIG toy


    It wasn't around long but a cacher in Toronto had a cache as big as a small car... well actually it was a small car, a Toyota Tercel in fact that was not longer road worthy, parked in his driveway. Gas tank started to leak so it was archived and towed several months later.


    I was on afternoons and coming home from work when I made my find so after midnight... felt like a criminal sneaking around the driveways in this town house complex. Hint was a lot less then (like only "Toyota") and my GPS led me to the next driveway where they also had a Toyota but a much newer one. Didn't like poking around that one. Contacted the CO who added the model and color to the hint. I found it easily then.

  10. I got an iPhone a few weeks ago, the impetus of which was geocaching. I got the app, it ran really well for the first 10-12 days, but now the map loading time is significantly slower and jerkier. Has anyone else experienced this, and is there as solution? Do I need to do some sort of restart (how?) or reload the app? It's like it's having a lag or something - I used to just be able to trace my finger around the screen to move to a different area of the map, and now it jerks its way to the new section, often overshooting and taking much longer. It's pretty frustrating and just came about suddenly. Thanks for any advice!

    Yes, you do have to re-start the phone every now and then.


    Mines is slow with virtually no other apps running. Sometimes it hangs for what seems like forever but likely a minute...


    It wasn't always like this, only really since the last release.

  11. The link gives me


    Disabled for the moment


    Is it going to be fixed, sounds interesting.



    I love the ability to have multiple calendar on the iPhone. That's why I wanted to have geocache events for my province in the phone. After some research, I realized that nobody seemed to have published a calendar in iCal format, neither my province nor to any other. So I developed a system that compiles the events, make the iCalendars (Thanks to GSAK!) and place it to the internet. I liked the result so much that I finally made the system for all provinces. Up to you to tell me if the system is useful or not!


    To subscribe to the calendar:

    • Go with your iPhone to the link http://www.plante.ca/ical
    • Pick a province or provinces that interests you.
    • Subscribe to the calendar.


    Some points on the system.

    • First, I'm not very good in English. Even if Google help me very much, if you see any errors don't hesitate to tell me.
    • When you subscribe to a calendar, it can take 30 sec. before seeing the events.
    • Mega-Events have a asterisk before the code.
    • For each province, I indicate the distance from 1 to 4 cities. I selected the cities to make it possible to do a little trigonometry, and know roughly where is the event in the province. Feel free to suggest other cities. But, I can not add all suggestions! Geocachers in the province may be needed to talk to themselves!
    • Caches are updated regularly, about twice a week.
    • Includes only active caches! Not disabled or Archived!
    • County in "Location" provided by GSAK.
    • The iCal are compatible with iPhone and Outlook. That does not mean they are not compatible with other software. Share your experiences!
    • In Beta test. No SLA (Service Level Agrement) is provided. :D




    Marvin A"

  12. TMI Geek, TMI!


    As a matter of point Mr. Geek, next time you have a holiday challenge, start it the summer! It's a blizzard out there!


    I vote we all stay home and meet at the cache at... Say noon tomorrow, a more enjoyable time and I'm sure the roads will be better



    I think I just p'd myself reading Paul n Susan's post. :blink:


    Yep, I checked, and I did. :o


    Saved a Trad for Family Day. No pressure. We hope.


    And I think you are going to be the CO's of one of the most popular mystery caches on Family Day of this year. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink. :rolleyes:


    And I think you’re going to be the CO's of one of the most popular traditional caches on Family Day of this year.... as long as it doesn't get Muggled the night before! LOL


    No wait that doesn't work, I need a traditional!

  14. I posted this before but my posting has gone missing... probably at the last release?


    Anyways... Since the latest update I have lost the arrow line from my location to the cache location. I had it before but not now.


    The arrow line I am talking about is when you "navigate to cache" the map shows yur location and the cache. there used to be a blue (I think) arrow line between the two but not any more.


    I have a 3gs that has the latest software for the phone and GC app.


    I have several friends with I4 and 2 have the line, 2 are like me and don't.


    Have I got something turned off or is this a bug.



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