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    Search Filters

    Yes I have, this works well, but you have to load a very large area if you're traveling a long ways. See I'll be going into a large city and traveling a bit over 100 miles to get there. If I were to build a PQ I would end up with thousands to sort through that are off my route. I won't have time to stray too far off my route, so although my PQ may only show the caches I want, there would still be quite a bit of sorting to do. It would be MUCH easier just to follow my route using the map and only see the caches I wish. In fact, I would do more caching if I could quickly know what type of caches I'd be passing, because most times I just don't have the time to sort before I go. Thanks for responding!
  2. I would like some coins and maybe to go. My Grandfather and uncle both worked and retired from this Roundhouse. There used to be an old photo with some of the workers on the wall of the old Outpost. If you asked they would bring you a list of the names of the workers in the photo. My uncle's name is there. Anyway, I'm hoping someone saved this historic photo and list of names and placed it in the Roundhouse... it belongs there. My family has a history all over this area, I would like to go if I can.
  3. Hobo2

    Search Filters

    While searching for caches today for a possible caching trip this weekend, I always end up getting a bit frustrated with the time it takes me to find the type of caches I like. I like large caches... caches with TB's. But in order for me to find these (especially in the city) I have to wade through a sea of micros before I can find one that I like. Now I know many here like the micros too, and I do at times as well. But when I'm in an area away from home with little time to cache, or little time to search for caches, it would be nice to find some TB's or large caches that could hold some TB's, quickly. I think a filter on the maps would be a VERY nice addition. If not a filter, at least having the size of the cache show up when hovering over caches on the map would be of great help. Thanks! PS. I would be glad to pay a bit more to have Google Maps back! Maybe a Premium Plus membership or something would help cover the cost.
  4. I'm glad I finally got a response, it took Cloudchaser to get one, but at least I got one. I already upgraded another way... a way I am not comfortable in doing. I only wish my reply would have come sooner, thanks. I did shoot off an email saying PayPal is not working.
  5. I just noticed my premium membership has expired, so I went in to pay for another year, but its not working... I can't connect to PayPal through the PayPal tab. Does anyone know if this is just temporary?
  6. I love the new look and the ease of use, great job! The only thing I have an issue with is the "Feedback" tab sticking way out there... kinda annoying!
  7. Hobo2

    Bug on emails

    OH, I got that right after the shutdown... thought we had a problem, thanks for clearing it up.
  8. Hobo2

    Bug on emails

    This is what I see: Location: Utah, United States Name__________ found DillyPickles "Old Stompin Grounds" (Traditional Cache) at 6/25/2010
  9. BIG THANKS Gitchee-Gummee, I sent a note the the mediator of that thread, hopefully it will be resolved by this weekend.
  10. I've been a premium member for a few years now, I had my account set up on auto payment. This year I thought I'd try something new and just pay for a full year. I did this back on May 1st using PayPal, but my membership has not been upgraded yet. I sent a note to Groundspeak a few days ago, but still have not heard anything. I went into where it said upgrade your account by entering a code that starts with the letter "S", but I see no code in any of my receipts. In my PayPal account it says I paid, I just emailed Groundspeak again, but I'm worried because I plan on doing some caching this weekend. My question is, is there a link which offers a more immediate resolution to something like this, after all it has been 12 days?
  11. I’ve been wanting to post this story for a month now, but better late than never. A race like this may have been done before, but I don’t recall hearing about one, so here is my story/race, hope you enjoy. I’m from Utah and got acquainted with a fellow Cacher who lives in Maryland. One day we devised a plan to race some TB’s to each other. I started my two TB’s (TB27GQW & TB27GPH) in two of my caches (GC10DMK & GC173W5) in Utah on 4/4/09. He started his two (TB2AQWA & TB2AQX5) in his caches (GC1B172 & GC1PMGV) on 4/4/09 also, which are located in Maryland. The plan was to send our TB’s on a cross country race right to each others caches, to see who’s TB would make it to the finish first. Well I won! My winning TB traveled 2,270 miles in a little over 5 ½ months… quite amazing feat when you consider this TB only traveled from cache to cache, all the way across the country. We made a pact that who ever won the race, the other would have to send a cool geocaching coin as a trophy. I hear mine is on the way! This has been a fun race to watch. Some TB’s are stuck… we figured this would happen, so this is why we sent out more than one. You are invited to watch their race (3 have not finished yet), or if you’re close to where one is stuck, play along and help it get moving again. The TB that won will be sent right back home soon. I wonder how long it will take it this time?
  12. I'm with you Cache Bandits, the numbers just don't hold water, this is a bogus claim!
  13. My response was, I then asked if they minded me taking the issue to the Groundspeak forum -- not to see if the decision should be overruled but to see if there is a consensus one way or the other. So, how do folks see the photo? Objectionable or not? I am not looking for a discussion of the decision itself, but rather whether the photo violates 4.(a) of Groundspeak's Terms of Use. Thanks in advance for your thoughts! OMG, look at want this county has become, unbelievable! It is quite shocking to hear what people are offended by these days. This photo may be in poor taste, but getting so upset and wanting to attack the person who posted the photo is the most offensive part, who do you think you are! I find the thought of someone who envisions themselves as being capable of judgment of others in such a manor, both ignorant and a bullish! I am offended myself by your outrageous and frivolous actions and postings sir! Sorry fellow cachers, this type of behavior is unexceptionable for me.
  14. By the time I loaded the above note, it stuck on me again. I waited another 4 minuets for it to load, then I got this message: PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\ips_kernel\class_db_mysql.php on line 457 PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 45 seconds exceeded in E:\Inetpub\forums\GC\sources\ipsclass.php on line 1111 I was waiting much longer than 45 sec.
  15. More trouble! I loaded some TB's Friday afternoon and everything went fine unless I stopped for a moment, then it would take up to a full 4 minuets to reload the page. This seems to be the main trouble. If I keep flipping pages quickly, for the most part it works fine, but if I stop, then GC stops too. I don't know about others, but when I'm loading info to a page, I usually find mistakes or think of more info or colors I'd like to add, this is where most of my frustration starts. I can't just sit a read carefully, I have to keep the pages flipping or everything grinds to a slow crawl.
  16. Very slow yesterday trying to email a friend, but today it seems to be very fast!!! Thanks for your effort!!!
  17. I was a bit harsh I guess, but I am tired of hearing what I perceive as excuses... sorry, harsh again. I think you are right on in your analysis, total revamp is required... if the system was built without "sound long term planning". But this is clearly not an option on GC's plate right now. In my opinion they do have the money... I can do the math quite easily. Moreover the free people do pay, this I feel is misleading and why they have not shuffled these people off to another sister site. In fact free users may be more profitable than we know, considering revenue gained from adds which paying customers do not see. Plus there is the marketing of the name, which as anyone can see in the game, brings in extra revenue which most everyone who plays has to pay one time or another. I think the tipping point has passed, and GC is just not willing to see it. Most all the well explained fixes come from, and are obvious too, players who do see the trouble from their knowledgeable and technical backgrounds, not from GC's. Embargo, no, this would be indeed harsh. But as long as CG isn't going to upgrade, and thinks tweaking is the only thing left to do, we as members may want to think about going free as well. I mean think about it, it just might be the answer. GC could say they are short of finds because it's free, saving face as it were. We, with all the other technical gizmos, new mapping software, etc, coming along, can hunt now without much of what is on GC's website anyway, so why pay? This may be a win, win, option for all. Thanks for your comments! PS. Do you have to pay to post a new cache, I don't know because I've always paid to play.
  18. Probably time to re-quote this from page 1. I will say that some tweaking works, some doesn't. We saw a really slow weekend a couple of weeks ago. Some things did not work well and were rolled back obviously. A lot of what Toz said plays into what Nate said two weeks ago. So in a nut shell, what I hear is that's it! We (meaning GC) have invested all we are going to, because just throwing hardware at it won't solve anything. All we can do now is tweek... we are working hard on this daily. GC is so big, and there are so many free people using it, there is nothing left to do for the paying customers. If it is running slow, (we know it is, but it's not that bad) it must be the customers browser or cookie settings. Like it or lump it, there is nothing left for GC to improve upon. Sorry, I'm not buying it. I do believe there are things GC can and should do.
  19. Thank you for explaining tozainamboku. You sound very knowledgeable and also sound as if you are trying to focus in on a solution, hope to hear more. By the way, for years now I have been using GP, sorry for the confusion.
  20. 1:42 MST, trying to send an email to a fellow cacher through GC's website, still trying to load and send as we speak, it is now 1:45 nothing yet, tab still shows working.
  21. Let me first say, I am not computer savvy, but I am pretty good at it if I do say so myself. That being said, I’m sure I will be shrugged off as inept anyway, as this seems to be the direction you want to take topic in. Again, this slowdown has been going on for a long time, everyone knows this. Plus, it is getting worse, and it isn’t just happening to me, period. So say what you will about me, but the elephant is still standing in the room! I won’t let twisting of this subject to divert attention this time to GP’s obligations ether, this upgrade is over due right now. Moreover, if you don’t feel I have the right to express displeasure in something I’m paying for, if you think I am silly for doing so, this too is also part of the problem, and is directly related to attitude at GP… let me explain. I have not responded to you mostly due to work, and because I do not care to get into your type of discussion. You seem to want to only discuss, “this seems to be a life or death issue for me”, which it is not, and which I took offence to. Plus, you seem to want to go down the road of diversion by saying “isn’t there some remote possibility” remarks, which changes the subject somewhat and implies I am incapable of seeing the obvious, which I see GP as doing with the upgrade, so touché. But I must point out, I may not be as computer savvy as you, but I’m no fool ether, which statements like that imply, hence the fear in others. Which brings me to my misunderstood comment earlier about being scared, I wasn’t meaning staff… I was referring to other members. Members are scared, I feel, to post any complaints about GP because of being judged as inept, or what ever, just as you have done here with me. Saying the things you do, the way you do, is a clever tactic to divert responsibility and scare people off, and it works! We all know this, so most don’t want to stick there necks out as I have done. But you have asked some legitimate questions, so in the name of fair compromise to your argument, that GP isn’t stalling its responsibility for an upgrade to its paying customers (notice the implied judgment), I’ll send you your answers. I run Windows XP with Firefox 3.0.7 as a browser and a DSL connection to do it all with. My cookies are wide open all the time, risky yes, what is causing the trouble, no! No, this subject is not attracting a “flock of people”, I agree. It is not attracting attention because (I feel) of where this subject is located… as I also pointed out earlier. I do understand the technicians need to have it posted here, so they don’t have to go looking for troubles elsewhere. But the fact is this is not where most people look for subject material. I know; you ask for solutions, so here is one if you don’t think my complaint carries any merit. Post a sticky on the regular geocaching topics and have GP ask this one question: “Is anyone unhappy with the speed of GP’s website?” That way the techs can keep up on this discussion thread, plus we just may find out how wide spread, this problem, if any, truly is. Provided you don’t make the posters feel inept while doing so right off the bat. This slowdown only happens here at this website, period. I have no trouble elsewhere. I also belong to other groups, most of which are free and handle much more data with many more members than GP has. They all run just fine, and some do slow down a bit during peak hours, but everyone understands this, as do I, so let’s move on. What I would like to hear is something like, “we are getting a new server 8/1/09!” Let’s get going on an upgrade yesterday, what needs to be done, this is what I’d like to hear! If it takes an increase in dues, or a raffle, or donation type of finding, fine, let’s do it. But be open about it at the same time, let us see totals. If we need to do something about the free users taking up CPU’s (trying to show off, don’t know if this is the right term, but I know I’m close), lets stop talking about it and do something. How about posting a sticky vote as to what to do with what ever is causing the trouble. Everyone would enjoy a change like this I’m sure! Let me also say how wonderful a job the volunteers are doing, this subject is not directed to any of them what so ever. Some people complain about how long it take to get a cache published, without understanding this is done by volunteers who also have lives to live. I do not have one complaint in this area, and have all the patients in the word to wait for publishing. This is strictly aimed at the owner, or owners, no one else. It is time for them to invest in this game and us. I will keep posting my slowdowns here as often as they occur, plus I hope others do too! I will keep doing this until the problem is fixed, or until my subscription is canceled because of my complaint, even though it is hard for me to do so. PS. I have received an email reminding me of the forums edict. I don’t know how to react to this exactly, because I don’t believe I have done anything but insist this trouble be fixed. Am I blunt, yes, have I been insulted, yes, have I been insulting, no, I don’t think so, but if I have I apologize! This email caused some fear, so I am copying and pasting and saving just in case, lol.
  22. I haven't had much time to reply to this thread, but I did find time to post a new cache a few days ago. While the reviewer was exceptionally fast... very impressive by the way, and the cache was found withing 30 minuets of being published, which was exciting. Entering the info to send to the reviewer and switching back and forth between editing and viewing the cache page was extremely slow. Saying it is my computer is just an excuse, it is time to own up and stop diverting responsibility. This is clearly a big problem that is not going to go away by insulting my knowledge about computers, or saying we're working on it... we've all heard this before. PS. This was all done during off peak hours... in the afternoon on a weekday!
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