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  1. - yes, I dot it. But when I copy/paste the second track into the first one, the second track does not keep its own color, it takes the color of the first one.
  2. - Hello all, I have some tracks to put together on the same gps file, so I can see all of them on the same screen. - How do I assign a different color on each track to distinguish them on my 60csx screen? Thanks for your help.
  3. - thanks, I'll apply your suggestions for my next biking rides.
  4. - how can I rename the track to Active Log? thanks.
  5. - Up. Somebody have any idea why the track is truncated when downloading to 60scx? thx.
  6. - why do you need to approach closely to your nearby airport while you're 3 blocks away? Stay at home and take the barometer pressure value as per the weather report of this airport in the internet: the result is not the same? - I live about 8 miles straight line from airport. I always take the pressure value from the weather report of this airport in the internet to calibrate my 60csx.
  7. I just loaded the track (converted from route v2) in my 60csx. Then I get a message in the gps mentioned the track is "TRUNCATED": I just only see a HALF of my entire route. Why does it happen? How can I fix it? thanks. - note: on Mapsource, it showns entirely my track (route), just only on gps, the track is cutted a half portion.
  8. - Bingo! By default, my Mapsource saves my routes under v3 version. I just do exactly what Hiker2008 suggests to do and the conversion is done perfectly. Thanks again!
  9. How do I know what gdb format version I have? And do we know a tool to convert between them, i.e from v1 to v2 or vice versa?
  10. Hello, could you kindly tell me how to convert routes to tracks with WinGDB program, please. I put the path of my .gdb route file in the input window. When I click on "convert" button, I obtain an error message telling me it's not a right .gdb file. But it should be a good .gdb file because I can use it in my 60csx - what file I should fill in the Input and Output window? thanks for your help.
  11. shivia

    Tracks in MapSource

    - how do you assign a color to each track? thanks.
  12. I have some tracks converted from my route's files. How can I navigate using these tracks on 60CSX? thanks.
  13. - good idea. How can I do it, turning my route into track? Thanks.
  14. I forgot to mention that is Garmin 60csx. Thanks all of you. I'll try these settings. Because I've many topo's maps in background, so they slow-slow down my autorouting turn-by-turn-function. I`ll use only zoom-in function enough to see my next turns in lieu of turn pop-up menu screen.
  15. Hello, can I navigate on my pre-programmed route without using the autorouting function? I just want to see the "colored route" only. Another words, I do not need the turn-by-turn pop-up screen. If yes, how can I set for it? thanks for your help.
  16. shivia

    Sticked to turn page

    Thanks for your trick, Prime Suspect. I do not know how to put a default map, in lieu of detailed map . But I'll try. and feeback the result later here.
  17. Hello, did you have a same issue that following: my 60CSX take toooo long time to go back to the map page when it shows the turn page. If I have a next turn right after the precedent turn, I'll miss it because I do not see it on the map page. the gps stays too long on the turn page. That happens on my new 2nd gps. In the past, on my old one, the turn page disappears right after the turn done and return back to the main map page showing my route. - Do I miss some settings on my unit? Or someting wrong on my unit? thanks for your help.
  18. - C stands for Color (more color than black&white ) - S for Sensor (electronic compass+altimeter) - X for expandable memory (with memory card)
  19. shivia

    sd card for 60csx

    1 - Go to Track Log page - click Set up - click Data card set up - click Delete All. 2- Or put the card on the pc and delete data as usual removable device.
  20. For my education...what means these acronyms: "PA=14 NPA=0 NM=16 DNU=0" ? thanks.
  21. - Do you know if Garmin Canada's Topo is older than US Topo?
  22. Moto Q smartphone is there gps-ready for this service?
  23. As Miragee said, I simply press "Print Screen" button and paste it to my photo/image editor. Save it as jpeg, bitmap, tiff etc...as you want.
  24. Thanks for your answers. How do I know a maximum of tiles that I can load to my SD card? It depends the weight (KB) of each tile?
  25. Hello all. Do you know if the 2GB card can contain Canada Topo AND CNv.8 (at least East Coast from New England's states to Key West, FL) ? If yes, can I switch between them depending when I need auto-routing or topo's terrain. Can I load them in, saying, 2 different layers. And I'll use show/hide maps function for switching. thanks.
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