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  1. shivia

    powewr off problem

    Hello, do you remember somebody here had a link showing up how to solder the battery contacts of 60csx for fixing the power off problem?I cannot find this post after many search temptations. I have a big trouble with my pc last week, I loose all my favorites links folder. Very appreciate any help from you to find that post here.
  2. Download nRoute from garmin (free) it will use your laptop as your GPS display. Connect your GPS to your laptop with the USB cable. nRoute - so easy like that? thanks
  3. Hello, I have to travel for business in florida next month. I have 60csx and laptop. I have mapsource and CN 2008 already installed. What do I need to display live on laptop in lieu of tiny 60csx's screen? Software? cable bundle? etc...thanks for your help.
  4. Somedoby already owned this model, 605 or 705? Your first comments about it? thanks
  5. shivia

    Delete CN NA v8?

    - yes, this the good way. I have now only CN NA 2008 on my mapsource's maps list. thanks GeoidPS.
  6. shivia

    Delete CN NA v8?

    I successfully install CN NA 2008 (non NT version)) with the upgrade dvd. I have now two versions of CN on my pc. Can I delete safely the old one, i.e CN NA v8, for saving disc space? - If yes, how to do this? Just only delete the folder named CNNA8 under Garmin program? thanks for your help.
  7. The H series has an improved chipset for gps reception. It has nothing to do with the radio portion. The H series does only show up in the 5x0 models, however, and all the 5x0 models do have higher wattage on the radio than the 1x0 models. FRS/GMRS is the radio service that the rino's use. FRS is unlicensed and limited to 1/2 a watt. Use on GRMS frequencies requires that you get a license (~$75 from the FCC for 10 years I think) Both are also limited by the antenna that is built in and cannot be legally modified (FRS restriction). The new chipset is for the GPS and does not change the FRS/GRMS range in any way. Range quotes of "miles" are WAY optimistic for normal use. Miles might be obtained line of site – from mountain top to mountain top, for example. Fractions of a mile are more likely on the ground, and less in terrain that blocks the signal. Car to car is even worse as the car shields the signal. Car to car in the city is worse still – maybe a block or two. If you are looking to get further, you'll need a GRMS license and radios with more power and external antennas. Better yet, get a Ham license – cheaper, and you have access to much more frequencies (GRMS is limited to a handful of channels) across the entire RF spectrum! There's a forum here about GPS and Ham radio as well. I am a ham, and have enjoyed using APRS (Automatic Position Reporting System) which is the ham "equivalent" of position reporting on Rino's, but much more. There are gateways to the internet that allow anyone to look up my position online, 2 way messaging, etc. Lots of fun! SteveL - wow, thanks for detailed explanations about FRS/GRMS.
  8. And about communication side? do you have some concerns?
  9. - a garmin gps external low profile antenna (designed for gps purpose) is enough to greatly enhance the communication?
  10. With the new H series chipset, do you think the distance between units will be longer than older models?
  11. - only few hundreds of feet?
  12. If Rino HCx (or other Rino models) installed on each car, in the highway, how many miles can separate them without losing tracking signal? And samething in the city, like New York with the thousand buildings around, how many miles I can go before I loss my buddy's signal? thanks.
  13. What the purpose of the Nuvi series if we can't load our own routes to the unit? What the adavantages of these units compared with 76/60csx series?
  14. For canadian residents, could you able directly order your upgrade dvd on the Garmin site? Or you should order it through your local dealer?
  15. Thanks jotne. So, I want CN that covers US and Canada, I'll buy All Regions dvd.
  16. What difference between "Single Region" and "All Region". thanks.
  17. Someone here suggest to use WINGDB prog to convert route to track. An amazing small program for conversion to track. All my routes now converted to track with this soft. More simple to use tracks than routes.
  18. shivia

    Two 60CSx on same CN

    I have CN rev.7 (not NT), can I use it for 2 units?
  19. I have now one 60csx and CN. Can I have a second 60csx with the same CN loaded. Garmin allows me to do this? thanks.
  20. shivia

    Rino 530HCx vs 60CSx

    - I plan to buy it for my road biking rides. Do a city buildings, woods be a big obstacle for seeing my buddy ?
  21. shivia

    Rino 530HCx vs 60CSx

    - Do you know The "location of your Buddy" uses the satellite signal or the "walkie-talkie" signal? Can I see my friend's location in the screen far over than the walkie-talkie coverage?
  22. Hello, do you know if the gps portion of the Rino 530HCx is exactly same as 60CSx or better? Do you think this model is better than other Rino's series? thanks.
  23. On the Garmin site, I see a list of some discontinued gps included 60C/Cs and 76C/CS. "Discontinued", in this case, means "back order", will be available later or no more available at all?
  24. - that's simply what I want to do. I can't keep a color on each track when I join it to another track.
  25. I saw somewhere in this forum (but I can't remember) somebody can "bond" many tracks with different colors on the same track file.
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