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  1. I'll have to agree with blindleader - I think people should be free to wright whatever thay want in the book without being limited to the form. Some people put stickers in the log - others write lengthy discriptions about the challenge or the weather. That is just my 2 cents - you may put whatever type of log you wish in your caches Jeff
  2. I waould say log it and notify the owner so he can either archive it or replace it (in a new spot)
  3. Picture this ... You walk past the mugger carrying a 50 caliber ammo can - holding some electronic gizmo in your hand - looking up into outer space muttering "I've got a lock on you now" I think they'll leave you alone ...
  4. I see no reason why you shouldn't - this is a family activity.
  5. I usually use the compass screen when I get near the cache. As I get to within say 30 feet of it, I check the SAT screen to see what the accuracy is. Is this what others do ? Is there any way to program the GPSr to show the accuracy on the Compass screen?
  6. I envision some cacher seeing the MRE and opening it to see exactly what is inside - deciding not to take it and putting it back into the cache.
  7. I am 6'3" and 280 pounds and here in Wisconsin we frequently have 85 degrees and 99 percent himidity. You get pretty cut up wearing shorts and then there are the mosquitoes !!! I have found army BDU's to be tough and light as well as quick to dry - ideal for bushwacking on a hot day. The problem with them is you are already creeping around with a GPS and carrying an ammo can - do you really want to bedressed in camo clothing ? Campmor is a good source of synthetic clothing www.campmor.com
  8. I bought my first one about 8 years ago for use on my boat. There is bay on Lake Michigan that has some very shallow spots that are unmarked - about five miles out to sea. I learned how to find the passage with chart and compass - but the gear junkie in me just wanted the GPS. I paid over $500 for an Eagle handheld back then
  9. The guy was on the morning news today - he said he twisted his arm around untill the bone broke
  10. Is it considered acceptable to take signature items (trade for them like you would any other item)? Or should they be left in the cache ?
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