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  1. Like already said become a premium member then get the files through Pocket Queries. Personally I like to use EasyGPS instead of GSAK, GSAK can get very confusing to use and if all you want to do is load the caches then EasyGPS is the way to go! It does it very simplistically and quickly.
  2. I will second that. I have the motorcycle mount and it is rock solid. I need to get the car mount. I also am a new only had my GPSr for about a month. I really like geocaching. Its a lot of fun. My son and I go out quite a bit although the weather hasnt been cooperating lately. I will triple that! I have one for my truck and it acts like it's bolted to windshield! Great suction mount!
  3. I am currently working on making my own custom icon for Geocaches in my Nuvi 200W. I have made the icon the way I want it but there is some "left over" space on it that I would like to appear the same color as the location on the map. As of right now it is white and what you see on the map is a white square with a Geocache on it, I would to make it so you only see the Geocache. Does anyone know the color that will make it transparent no matter the background color of the map? Thanks in advance!
  4. To et to the satellite page go to the main menu then click and hold the signal strength indicator for a few seconds then release and it will get you to that screen.
  5. I now have a Garmin Nuvi 200W which is working great thanks for all the help in fixing my problems! I now know to load the waypoints through POI loader instead of manually through the root directory. I have a question about this setup though... From the main screen I click Where to>Extras>Custom POI's. They are all there. The thing is, these don't show up on the map screen, does anyone know if you can make them appear like your favorites do? Thanks in advance!
  6. Ok. Now I have purchased a Nuvi200W and was working great. Now I am having the same problem as before. I think I know what is causing this, problem is I don't know how to fix it. What I did was I plugged the GPS into the computer and opened the Garmin drive. Went into the first of two folders and then into a folder titles "GPX". Inside of this folder there is a GPX file titled "current". That's great. I got a PQ today with 500 geocaches and copied and pasted this file into the "GPX" folder in the Garmin. Now it won't get past the "loading maps..." screen, just like last time. If it is plugged into a power source it will stay on this screen forever, if it is not plugged in it will turn off after about 10-15 seconds. I did a hard reset (hold the bottom right corner until asked to clear data) and it still does the same thing. Can anyone help me with this? I really don't want to return this and get yet another unit... P.S. I didn't have a dead battery. I am so upset, I wish I could just get this to work... I don't want to give up on this but it sure makes you want to.
  7. This is a very inventive cache! I like it a lot, too bad there aren't any like that around here. I would like to let you know something though. If you have a Garmin Nuvi (at least if you have a 200 or 650 and maybe others) there is a secret "hack" where it will take you to a bunch of test pages. One of the tests in these pages is a frequency tester where you can ANY frequency at any volume. You can start at zero and then move up through them fairly quickly. If someone who has a Nuvi and knows about the hack looks for the cache, they can unlock it very quickly without doing any research on the correct frequency. You find the page on getting to the page HERE (<--link). Isn't half the fun supposed to be doing the research and learning a little something? My post was simply informational. I personally would probably try it without know the frequency first just to see if it would work. I was only sharing info for others to use, not trample someones idea...
  8. This is a very inventive cache! I like it a lot, too bad there aren't any like that around here. I would like to let you know something though. If you have a Garmin Nuvi (at least if you have a 200 or 650 and maybe others) there is a secret "hack" where it will take you to a bunch of test pages. One of the tests in these pages is a frequency tester where you can ANY frequency at any volume. You can start at zero and then move up through them fairly quickly. If someone who has a Nuvi and knows about the hack looks for the cache, they can unlock it very quickly without doing any research on the correct frequency. You find the page on getting to the page HERE (<--link).
  9. I don't use EasyGPS to load the caches to the PDA, I use it for GPS. CacheMate comes with a little program called CMConvert which will make the .GPX file into a .PDB file which can be sent to the PDA. When you add new info it is simply merged with previous data. What I do is I delete all the caches in my PDA before I add a new PQ.
  10. 5280/10=....528ft. 5280 is a statute mile. 6076.103 feet or 1852 Metres is a nautical mile. So it depends on the type of mile... OK OK just having a bit of fun.....
  11. I have a pretty long post here for you. It is a file on the computer so I will just paste it into here. It sounds like you have worked out some of the bugs I will go through in my post, so I am sorry about that. Try to read the things you don't know about and if there are any questions you have that are not answered then just ask! Paperless caching info Intro: Have you heard of CacheMate? It is an $8 program for palm PDA's and handheld PC's. It comes with a little program that converts a pocket query into a palm .PDB file. All that means is that it will be compatible with your Palm PDA. I personally think this is the best way to go. It sounds a little complicated, but in reality, once you get started it only takes 7 mins to load 500 caches to my PDA and GPS. Here I will go into detail on how to get started will CacheMate using a Palm PDA. First thing you do when you get your PDA is to setup the software that came with it. This is fairly self explanatory. After you have done this, go to www.smittyware.com then go the CacheMate link. Go through the process of purchasing it. then you should be able to download a .zip file (I can't remember if it comes in the email, or if you get it from the website). "unzip" this file then load the necessary files to your PDA. It will tell you which files to load inside the .zip file, so don't worry about knowing which ones to load. Okay, now that you have the program on your PDA, you can download a PQ to put into it. Go to the GC.com site and go through the PQ process, then make sure at the bottom of the PQ page that you have selected it to send you the .GPX version NOT the .LOC file. wait a few minutes and you should get an email with the results. The PQ comes in a .zip file as well, so you need to unzip it. inside you will find to .GPX files, one with a string of numbers and one that has a string of numbers with a "wpts". For your first time, don't bother with the one that has the "wpts". Just delete it (you may find that you want to use it in the future, but that's just another thing to add to this, so don't mess with it). Now that you have that figured out, open your GPS managing program (either EasyGPS or GSAK) and load the .GPX file. Then send it to your GPS. Now don't delete that .GPX file yet. Open the program that came with CacheMate, it should be titled "CMConvert" and click (in the upperleft) "file", "load" then select the .GPX file. then highlight all of the below loaded caches and click "file", "export PDB". Name it what ever you like. Now hotsync that PDB file your PDA. Next time you turn oe your PDA and go into the program CacheMate, it will ask you to put that file into a category. And now you're done! Tools: I would suggest using EasyGPS to load Cache to your GPS and GSAK for specific filtering of caches. EasyGPS does not have a map at all, just caches, this may be a little wird but you don't really need one anyway, you only really need a map on GPS. Here is some Q and A: Q-How does the info open up on the palm, like a word doc? or pdf? Does it look just like the web page? are the hints unscrambled? What about the map? A-The way that you view the cache sin CacheMate is simply a list of the caches. You can sort them by cache name or by the GCXXXX code. Once you have decided which to sort by you can find the cache you want to view in the list then jut click on it. A new screen will pop up with the name, GCXXXX, difficulty, terrain, type. Then a line break and the owner, size. Then another line break and the description. Another line break and the hint. Another line break and the first log and how ever many you choose when exporting the .PDB file earlier(I think that you can only go up to 5). You can choose for the hint to be scrambled or unscrambled, which ever you choose. Sadly, there are no maps that come with CacheMate, but you can get another Palm program called EarthComber (that one will need its own little thread) it is completely free and has very good detail. Q-What is the max size of SD card supported? I searched on it and got 1 gig. Does that sound about right? I dont figure that the PQ will fit the on board memory. A-You actually don't need to get one to do CacheMate. The exported .PDB file takes VERY little space. The max SD memory will very depending on which unit you get. My Tungsten T3 will take a gig, but the Tungsten TX will take 4. The older ones might not have any SD slot in the first place. Any Palm PDA can hold (on its internal memory) at least 5 PQ's. Chances are that they will hold more, that's 5000 cache records! More than anyone would ever need! Q-Is there a way to change all my waypoint names to the actual names on my GPS instead of the code? It would be nice to see the cache name on the GPS instead of the code name. A-For EasyGPS, simply open it then click "edit" and at the bottom select "preferences". A new little box will open up with a few different tabs one of which says "my GPS receivers", click on that one. Now you should see more buttons in this order "remove", "geocaching...", "settings", "add GPS". Click on "Geocaching..." and a new window will open. At the top you should see "waypoint:" with a drop down window next to it. Change the drop down from "geocache ID" to "geocache name". And now you are done. For GSAK, I have no clue . You will have to ask someone else Q-Can I store (separate) pocket query's on my palm and just load them (within in the palm) one at a time? Right now when ever I load different pocket query's they just keep getting added in together. I did install a one gig SD card just to have it in there thinking that I could just load separate queries from there, but I can’t get it to work from there either. A-Yes. You have to make a new waypoint database in the Palm before you import the data into the palm, open that database and it will create a separate file for those waypoints. (Depending on how you have your palm set up, it may also merge the waypoints into the default database, too).
  12. That's what I meant by hard reset. I already did one of those and it still won't go past the "loading maps" screen. I am shipping it back today, then tomarrow I will go buy one from Circuit City for a a little more. Oh-well.
  13. No one knows huh? Oh-well, off to the return!
  14. I just got my Garmin nuvi250W in the mail yesterday. It is a refurbished unit. It worked fine right out of the box but it did not have very much battery. No problem. My cell phone uses USB to charge so when we got in the car I used my cell phone cable to charge it. I turned it on and it went through the normal screens and then acted like it was hooked up to the PC. When I unplugged it it worked fine again. When I got home I hooked to the PC with a reg-to-mini USB cable and that all seemed to go fine. I put some GPX files on it from my other GPS and the unhooked it from the PC. Now when I turn it on it gets to the "loading maps..." page and turns off after about 10 seconds. I need help!!! I did a hard reset and it still doesn't work. Any ideas before I return it? Thanks in advance!
  15. The zoom button (the magnifying glass with the "+" sign, upper left, under the "save" icon. Click on one of the waypoints to make the button active. Also, if you have a scroll wheel on your mouse you can use it to "zoom" in and out and the cache area. I have EasyGPS and absolutely love it!!!
  16. Wow, can't believe I asked for model number... It's in your post. Never mind.
  17. What is the model number for that box that you use? This would be nice for travel, so I will look into it. The case I was talking about is just like THIS (<--link) one. The problem like I said is that it does not come in a size that fits the "W" version of the Garmin Nuvi...
  18. I have looked and looked for it can't find it.... I am looking for a rubber case for a Garmin Nuvi250W, I found this really cool one made by Speck.. but it only works for the 200 and 300 not the 200W or 300W. If I could find one for the "W" version of the Nuvi I'd be set. Anyone know where to find these? P.S. I know, Google is my friend, I am still looking so please don't tell me to google it. Thanks!
  19. How GPS savvy are they? I would almost bet you are mistaken... Its got to be there somewhere. I have noticed with automotive GPS, finding the menu for inputing coordinates can be hard to find. Even if there really isn't a menu option to load coordinates, you could still load it through the computer. I use EasyGPS and love it. Free, user friendly and quick!
  20. I might as well be the one to just markwell you. If you want to see cool camo jobs check out the CCC's thread HERE.
  21. I like option #2! This would very enjoyable to me, I wish that something like this could be done around here.
  22. Just out of curiosity, can you run PQ's from Waymarking.com? That would really be cool!
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