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  1. Not really sure, I never knew of a "lite" version... but then again, I had quite a slump in Geocaching. To be compketely heonest with you, I like c:geo way better than the official Groundspeak app. Another app to look into would be Neongeo. Neongeo is built using Geocacing.com's API, I've heard, although I do not know for a fact that c:geo breaks the TOS of the website.
  2. It's my understanding that the "sticky" issue has more to do with the algorithm used to make the Garmin units appear more "stable" when they're at rest. For example, with the inherent 3 meter inaccuracy in all modern receivers your coordinates, and any recorded track, may move around in a 6 meter circle any time you sit still or even when you move very slowly. In real life conditions with overhead cover and such, that circle normally grows to much more than 6 meters. So, Garmin and other manufacturers make algorithms which attempt to determine whether you're really moving. If they think you're not really moving, they don't report the wandering on your track, which is a good thing. Imagine an ordinary hiker taking a lunch break and logging a quarter mile of movement from wandering coordinates when he sits still for half an hour. Making the receiver a little bit sticky is great for making his tracks and distance covered more accurate. However, on some of their new units Garmin got it a little too tight. They look incredibly stable when you're sitting still, because they require you to move several meters before accepting it as real movement. (That's an oversimplification - apparently the algorithm takes into account speed, distance moved, the current accuracy of the GPSr, etc.) This is too sticky for geocachers who would prefer enhanced sensitivity to movement rather than enhanced stability when at rest. I understand that Garmin is working on the issue. In their Explorist models Magellan had implemented profiles for driving, hiking, geocaching, etc. that the user can choose on the fly. Some parameters which could cause perceived "stickyness" are modified by those profiles. I haven't read anything about how other manufacturers address the issue. Excellent explanation. Thank you. Still looks like an issue with firmware in the end, and hopefully those major quirks will get worked out fairly quickly.
  3. Here's another note for you... on Neongeo's Android market page, there is a short review from someone who uses your phone: Review
  4. I have found that c:geo is personally the best app. I have purchased and used the Groundspeak app and I do not like it. It seems to me, to be lacking in quite a few features that are very useful. Another app worth mentioning/trying would be Neongeo. This app does not break Groundspeak TOS, and is actually built using the API from Geocaching.com. I do like this, but I have not spent a lot of time with it. In the small amount I spent I still like it better than Groundspeak's. The nice thing about all three of the apps is that they will all do the job, are easy to use/setup, and will be functional within minutes of installing. Get one, try it. If you don't like it then get one of the other ones, a one time fee of $10 isn't unreasonable.
  5. The logbook IS in a container. The coordinates take you to the container. The container is the building. It's waterproof, durable, and cleverly camouflaged as a library. The only issue is that the size is listed wrong So other than the logbook, this sounds like a great idea! I can still have the custom cover and what not, it will just have to be hollow with a real logbook inside. Excellent information guys! Thanks
  6. Yeah, my dad pointed that out to me... Nothing in that confirms it's Geocaching, but it certainly does look like it!
  7. GLONASS is russian. GLONASS is basically the same thing as GPS except it is Russian built/maintained. There is not a logical reason that using both should do anything but increase your accuracy. Think of it as just double the amount of GPS satellites out there... only difference is the "brand" if you will. The only issues that have been reported on *some* units is that you get a "sticky" effect every now and then... The sticky effect occurs when you are moving but very slowly (like when approaching GZ). When it happens, it will appear to your GPS that you are not moving at all. This in turn is frustrating and has given GLONASS somewhat of a poor name for this latest eTrex series. Now, do keep in mind as of now it all seems to be a firmware issue with Garmin units, which means it is likely to improve greatly as they release new firmware. For more information on GLONASS and the eTrex series, check out this forum here
  8. Did one in Oregon like this...the CO's caching handle was listed as the author of the book! Much fun! Sweet! That is exactly what I was thinking. I was even going to get a custom book cover with the name of the cache as the title and my username as the author. Do cool to hear that this has worked in the past. One thought... Does the final have to be a container, or would a book acting as the logbook/container count? Really hope this works out.
  9. ...Oops, I misspelled it. Looks like it is the "Rino" series. Here is a link to the Garmin page with there different models that are available: Rino series I have read some really good things about the 530HCx, don't know too much about the other models, but these units really look like what you guys need out there!
  10. Could I suggest the Garmin rhino series? These units are comparable to the 60/62 series but also have radios built in, some with 14 mile range. Some also can send you GPS location to similar units for theirnavigation to your spot. This sounds perfect for what you are doing. I will compile more details with links later as I am on my phone right now. But I think you should look into and consider this series of GPS.
  11. This is good advice. Get the membership and stick with c:geo. I have been using this app for some time now, I actually bought the official app and dislike it greatly. C:geo can store geocaches for offline use which is great if you do not have unlimited data. Either way, you would support the website, which is key to playing the game at all. Note: there is also an app called neongeo which I like as well. Worth looking into.
  12. I have actually been planing one of these myself. I still need to ask my local reviewer, but I'll ask here first. The idea I had is as follows... I was thinking a puzzle that you needed to solve on the cache page to get the location of the first stage, then that stage would contain a a hint & Dewey decimal number. From here they would go to the library, locate the number on the shelf and that would be it. The plan is to actually place my own hard back book which will act as a logbook, the number would be custom and hopefully even in the computer system for looking up if needed. This would, of course, be all with permission from my reviewer and the library. I would not pursue any part of this without full permission from both. What do you guys think of this idea? Any suggestions or feedback? I'm open anything
  13. Got the app. Fast reply!! App looks slick, will have to play around with it, thanks.
  14. Drop me an email at the address in the first post. And that's correct - it's not on the market yet, sorry. There were a few AT&T folks that didn't have rooted phones to enable side-loading. --Mike. Didn't see an email addy on first post, sent one to addy on your public profile. My specs: Carrier: Verizon Device: Droid Incredible 2 Android: Any version, rooted and can load whatever I want
  15. This is an excellent idea. Really hope that this gets Groundspeak's attention as it would be great to see this implemented. Bravo for coming up with/sharing your idea!
  16. Thanks for the replies so far guys! :-) very informative, anyone else want to add +1 for the setup, or share a different setup? Any and all info is great!
  17. Fast! :-) I would assume GSAK contains all information about a given Geocache... does it include picture embedded on the cache page? how about the gallery? all logged visits, or only 10? Does it have a map view, or no? Does MS street and trips allow loading of waypoints, like a GPX pocket query?
  18. Recently I started Geocaching back up again and have already found myself wanting(needing?) to setup a paperless caching rig. Let me tell you what I have already got and what I am looking for... then I would love to hear all of your suggestions! :-) The hardware: - pickup truck (obviously, to get me around) - Dell mini 9 laptop (not primary system, it's just laying around...) - Garmin GPSMAP 76 The fantasy: - Mount laptop in truck - Have software for real-time mapping - Have software to manage Geocache data (description, hints, logs etc...) My question is: what operating system+software combo would you suggest? I'm looking for mapping software that has detailed roads that supports navigation with real-time GPS. And also software to manage Geocache info (either from GPX or otherwise), or a software that will do both. I would like to be able to view caches locations on the map as well... but not required. So, what do you recommend (free, paid, any suggestions are fine :-) )? I plan on renewing my premium membership to use pocket queries BTW. P.S. it would be great if the mapping software has the capabilities to download maps (like OSM) and cache them for offline use, as this will be offline while on the road. If not OSM that's okay (like I said, all suggestions are welcome), but OSM would be preferable. Thanks so much for all the help you guys have given me in the past! I look forward to you responses :-)
  19. I am in no way disagreeing with the frustration or wrong doing of stealing Caches, but how do you propose Groundspeak should enforce this? How can you track someone who's identity is unknown without a "streak out" on the Cache? I too would love to see this problem disappear, but asking for Groundspeak to step in would be unrealistic. The only thing we can do is be a positive influence on the community with our Cache hides, and make it clear how/why we have permission to hide our Caches on any given ground. If no proof or reason can be provided then then Caches should not be hidden there.
  20. For a slightly reduced price, of course, because they're saving on shipping and handling. And the cost of making the actual tags. Maybe they could be free, but only a premium member feature. Sound good?
  21. Sure they do. Millions of users use Linux. Eventually some GPS manufacturer will port for Linux. Then Linux users will buy predominantly that manufacturer's product. If Magellan ported for Linux I'd dump my Garmin in a heartbeat. Porting for Linux would protect Garmin's market share. I wouldn't hold my breath for Magellan to port. Delorme hardly/doesn't support Mac so I doubt they will go in the Linux direction. I don't see any GPS manufacturer having any incentive to port to Linux. Even Intuit does not support Linux, and given the widespread use of their products and the "millions" of Linux users you would think they would. I can't think of one widely used program that has ported to Linux, other than browsers. Linux is nice and I would be using it if there was major software available for it. But given that 90% of the desktops run microsoft and most of the rest run mac, I really don't think there is much chance for Linux ever getting past the hobby phase for home users. It is used in business and scientific worlds running specialized applications or chugging through mail queues. Wine is your best bet. Jim I think his point with Magellan was that he would switch to whomever decided to port and support Linux. I don't think he is expecting that. But all of this is still besides the point of this thread. I'm sorry I even brought it here. I figured of all the places to get support, this place would be it. Guess I was wrong. What happened to these forums? You'd think we would all support common interest, but instead every topic has to be turned into some way to argue with each other. All I was looking for were other Linux/Garmin users that would do the same as I. Instead everyone decides they need to make a perfectly well known fact a little more clear: it's never going to happen, Linux sucks etc. Geez people, can we just get along? If you are not one of the Linux/Garmin users or supporters, and all you have to add is Linux slams or software port discouragements, then just don't post! It's not about which OS is better, or better supported, or even about whether Garmin will ever make Linux software. NOTE TO MODS: if this thread continues to be a breading ground for anything but it's original intentions, please do not hesitate to close it!!! I know you don't need it, but you have my full permission and support to do so!!
  22. The point of this thread is to get Garmin to make native Linux software for their GPS units. Eh, it doesn't sound harsh. But could you explain what you mean? I'm not sure I understand. Unlike the Toyota echo going 150MPH, I can manage my GPS under Linux. I would just appreciate Garmin, the Company I bought my GPS from, to make their own software for it. All of that is very cool. Especially the maps. But unlike you, not all of us have a Colorado, or even a GPs that is recognised as a "mass storage device". Linux support for those units is "fine". For the rest of us who cannot just drag and up things on/off of our units, native GPS company software would be very handy. The ability to port software to Linux is add-on junk? Linux is far from perfect, as is every OS and individual software. Not sure what the second part of your post means... I would like a piece of software that works natively under Linux, that will manage my GPS in the same way Mac and Win can. Where do hackers come into play here?
  23. Okay, I think we're all missing the point here. I do know that there is not incentive, I do know that cost is a problem, and I do know that is probably a hopeless cause. Thank you all for pointing that out. Anyone and everyone who uses Linux and wants Garmin software knows all of the above things. This is simply a petition. After all, if there is going to be any chance at all, it is not going to just happen. We have to do something. Right now, for me at least, the only thing to do is sign a petition. And that is all I am asking the rest of you to do. Like I said, I really don't want to argue, I know, the other side already wins. But I, as a Geocacher, Garmin GPS user, and Linux user I feel the need for better support. This is not going to happen on its own. Let's stop debating about whether it will ever work, we know its not going to any time soon. But we can't just stop trying. So please, if you do not have something of value to add, then don't post. On the other hand, if you did sign the petition or have positive input, please feel free to share.
  24. They wouldn't necessarily need to support "dozens" of Linux distro's. If they simply provided the source for compiling, then they eliminate that problem... but then that makes it impossible to make it commercial, it would have to be open source. If they wanted to make it closed source then they would have to support many different distro's. But all of that is besides the point. The point here is get a petition passed for Garmin to make software for Linux. Whether that be an open source software that you must compile yourself, or closed source/limited support software. Either way, we are just looking for a Linux solution. Please, do not turn this thread into an argument about why this will/won't work or any sort of argument. It may or may not be realistic for a company such as Garmin to do this, but it doesn't mean we can't try. I simply wanted to share my findings so that others in the same boat as me could participate if they wanted.
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