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  1. When I log a bunch of caches sometimes I like to see what I have already logged so I don't miss any. Besides, what does it matter why I want to do it, the question is "why was the feature eliminated?" Actually I know the answer, the maps were changed because the old system cost Groundspeak too much money. The new system is cheaper for them but we loose features we once had. Progress? If you zoom in/out it will accomplish the same thing. No need to refresh or have the button either. So it doesn't matter why I want any given feature, I should just get it? Seriously? Wow. This company, gives us so much already without asking for a penny. You know, we used to have paper maps and use compasses some time ago. All these great features and services to make it easier, and all people do is complain about it.
  2. Why is too late? (I suspect some CO don't read their logs) But perhaps a short note directly to the CO explaining your concern and you might find they will fall over themselves with apologies and promises to fix the attributions. I think if I was in the OP's situation I would not be wasting my time trying to negotiate with the person that lifted my picture. I would want the pictures taken down ... now. The best way to accomplish that is talk to the frog. The pictures will come down without discussion. The other side of that might be that the CO didn't know about the copyright. I sure wouldn't know if a picture I downloaded was copyrighted. If I used one by accident and the photographer contacted me, I'd be happy to give credit where it was due. I'd be sad to take the picture down, but I'd do it. Talking to people isn't always a waste of time... In order to use Panoramino services you must sign up for an account. You agree to abide by the terms of service and there is this paragraph Clicking through is not an excuse. And your right, talking to people is not a waste of time. According to the OP if he was asked he would have granted the right to use the picture. Now he just wants it removed. Your assuming that the CO got the picture from Panoramino. What if someone else 'stole' it first without any information and posted on Facebook? The CO would not know, nor have reason to suspect that it was copyrighted. There are a number of ways that this can happen, this is just an example. Please do not rush to judgment on anyone, the CO probably made a very honest mistake in doing this and simply needs to be asked nicely to correct his error. I see that OP is doing this the right way, for that, we all commend you as fellow messer-uppers. I know that this kind of stuff has happened to me in other areas and it works best if someone is nice and informative rather than harsh and just says 'deal with it'. Just my 2 cents.
  3. That wouldn't work very well as a cache container, due to a total lack of water resistance. But, I can see how it could be used as a stage for a multi. You could solve it, write the coordinates on the sections, in a precise order, from one side to another, then the other half on them opposite sides. Then scramble it, and the numbers no longer fit until it's solved again. The only problem I see is that you can easily solve it without taking it apart or it solving the cube itself. You would just need to right down what is one each square, and seeing the colors, you would know which order the numbers go in...
  4. I see. But why would you need to do this? C:geo allows you to load/save a cache for offline use. Why not just use this function instead? Dunno, just saying it is a limitation. The one that comes to mind is when you are laying out a new cache and want to mark possible locations, mark parking, bathrooms, multi-stage points for you to enter when you get home. Another scenario is wanting to lay out points for some triangulation puzzle. I used the points feature in Locus to lay out a handfull of marks around whee I work for possible cache locations for a cache I have yet to place or enter here. Can't do that with c:geo. So, while it does not come up often, its does come up. Knowing what tool will do free points is good info to have, just as was your info about adding waypoints in c:geo. I had not needed that feature but I know its there for future reference thanks to your post. Others now know its easy to do in Locus as well. Information is good to have. Most excellent! Very good and helpful to know. Hadn't thought about using locus to solve triangulation problems, thanks . Knowledge is priceless, keep it coming!
  5. I see. But why would you need to do this? C:geo allows you to load/save a cache for offline use. Why not just use this function instead?
  6. C:geo has horizontal 'tabs' for each geocache listing. To the left of the 'details' tab is one titled 'waypoints'. If you slide over to this tab, it will allow you to add waypoint manually. It even supports waypoint projection and custom names, too.
  7. Very interesting. Ill have to give locus a whirl and see if I get any difference in battery. With c:geo I can go almost and entire 8 hours non-stop hammering it.... I have rooted my phone, though, so I may be getting better results than the norm...
  8. Also c:geo allows you to login with tour Geocaching account so you log caches in the field, and it will also easily identify found caches in case you don't remove them from your device. Helps avoid duplicate finds and wasted time.
  9. I agree that it is less functional that it was, but not less functional than any other options. And plus, now it doesn't break the TOS. Ill have to ckeck out locus, I already own it but haven't played around with it much.
  10. I prefer c:Geo. You load the 'nearby' caches and save them into the phone, or you canimport a PQ which is realty nice. Once you have them, you can use the live map to find anything.
  11. Good point, some browsers require cookies to log in. Seems strange that this wouldn't be a known issue if that is the case, bit you never know.
  12. Hmmm sure sounds like you are expecting a thanks to me. Sounds to me like you don't know briansnat. I don't personally know him, but I have read enough in these forums over the last few years to know better than that. Maybe you should be careful about who you call out.
  13. Galaxy S2. It's Android, and there are a ton pf apps to choose from for paperless. I would suggest c:geo for your needs.
  14. I have found that with some of my passwords with special characters, I can type them on the phone, but they will not work. Try a less complex password with letters and numbers only. If that still makes no difference, let us know!
  15. I don't get it... why would anyone do this? What's the point of 'recycling' the event page like this?
  16. You sure bout that? I have 7 benchmark finds, but my caches, and distinct caches numbers are the same... I am very careful about only logging a found it once per cache...
  17. Hmmm, further research shows that PVC pages may be best? Reading from here: This sound like just what I am looking for... maybe. I don't really know though. Will these cause problems over time? Will any of the chemicals harm the coins? What are the downsides of PVC other than the smell? If none, then this looks like a winner material. Before I go that route though, can anyone add some personal and or technical experience?
  18. That's strange, the ones I got have Lead Dog stamped on them. Maybe they make them in differnt materials. I'll have to do some looking around. What about Mylar? is that stuff better or worse?
  19. I have recently gotten addicted to geocoins, and have started my own collection. It is small, but growing quickly and I wanted to get a binder with those vinyl coin pages that you always see people bring to events and the like. I just purchased a few pages online and they were a good cost... but they are crap. They feel almost brittle and do not hold onto the coins well. The first time I closed the book (with only one page, 3/4 of the way full), a coin flew out on the table. Luckily it was not one that easily scratches and all is fine. I guess my question is: which ones are best? Where did you buy yours and what are the specifications? I really need to get some good ones so I can do this the right way. I am thinking something that is made from the same material that individual coins come in (like the pouches from Direct Mint). These are very flexible and a little grabby which keeps the coins securely in place, and will stretch a little to fit those 'fatter' coins. Not really too concerned with cost, but obviously cheaper is better. I have done a little bit of searching but didn't see anything that I was looking for in the forums here, and everything online has very generic descriptions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks P.S. The pages that I got are found here
  20. Technically,, this doesn't make any sense. If was muggled, missing or removed for winter, then it wasn't there and you did not 'find' it. This would most appropriately be logged as 'did not find' with a note about what you just posted. Then maybe even a 'needs maintenance ' log after that.
  21. I think a new icon for 'solved' caches would be great! Maybe somthing like an exclamation point, and this icon would be on top of the corrected coordinates.
  22. See the pinned thread at the top of this forum: Here. Also see this for a nice little graphic: Here.
  23. Personally, our family uses one account (this one). It makes it easier if you ever get a PM and wish to find PMO caches. It is cheaper to get a PM for one account than 3, obviously. I would stick with 1 family account, but that is just my opinion. Edit: I see you have a PM already. I would keep the one account and log everyone's finds as one "found" log to each cache under it. Edited again: Welcome to the hobby, the adventure, the addiction: Geocaching! I really should start being more friendly to new members. This shouldn't make a difference... non PM's can still log PMO caches online, they just can't view the description and read the logs like normal. The one PM account could get access to the caches you find as a family, and everyone can still log it as a 'find'. Edit for clarity. It's just an annoying process though... Not really...
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