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  1. the way i see it its not possible for them to be that old becuase they both have 6 digit cache ID's
  2. if it annoys you you can buy an external antenna, something that is very useful
  3. if you have more ammo cans on your floor then money
  4. not a cache in some dark hole that you cant see into!
  5. worst: tnardyh erif eht fo htron hgih eenk the cache was about foot high and 80 feet north of the fire hydrant
  6. agreed! that is a very good pen, ihave on that i use for caching. it works great because you wright on lose wet soggy log books and its not all that expensive, mine was only $16
  7. ive made a cache out of a log that i plit in half then drilled a hole for a micri container to fit inside of it, so far it has good reviews by the people that have found it. i soon hope to place a cache that looks like an electrical box on an old combine chasis near my house, its out in the middle of the woods close to cemetary that no one ever goes to. i htink that people will like that one to. i hope.
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