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  1. I'll pile on here and say yes you're being unreasonable. That TB does not belong to you so you have no right to expect it to be limited to your expectations. Put some nice swag in as StarBrand says and then get royally ticked if a previous finder snatches it if you're so inclined. ah, well said!
  2. what about five dollars?!?! (be sure to place in my area
  3. holy crap cybret! ive tried this cache before, and quickly realized i needed a boat aswell. i tried in the summer though, but thats wierd to see pics from somewhere ive been.
  4. congrats! 11 out of twelve is excelent (at least for me )! you shouldnt feel giulty for that. like previously said, if someone else wanted it, they should have gone for it first. and for the FTF prize, you can just take that, it's a prize not a trade. but as for other item's you must trade even or trade up.
  5. what i do is if i see a few muggles in the area when aproching i just keep going by like nothing ever happened. and then i find a good steakout spot to watch until they are gone.
  6. wow! thats a long time. the longest mine has been out is about 4 months.
  7. Actually the thermometer is for keeping the internal time correct, since the crystals of the internal clock need to be temperature corrected to be accurate enough. GermanSailor cool! you learn something knew everyday!
  8. I have finally joined the "person of interest" club after receiving a call from the local police. Seems a business thought I was suspicious while looking for Leeping Lizzards and reported it along with my license plate. The officer said he had it and was going to throw it away. I've flagged it for archiving. The officer had no concept of geocaching though I did mention - according to what I've read here - that bulletins have circulated in the law enforcement community but probably hit the trash pretty quick. Any prizes for last to find? dang that sucks
  9. oh and by the way here is where i learned this stuff http://www.gpsinformation.org/dale/secret.htm
  10. Okay.... I've gotta ask: what is this "frequency" that is shown on your Garmin screen when you do this Easter Egg-type trick? not sure what purpose it serves, but its still cool
  11. the reason is becuase the thermometer is for adjusting the contrast automatically.
  12. since all codes start with GC, you can just take it off when you type in the code on your GPS. thats what i do edit: spelling
  13. the other day i was reading something about mr GPSr, and came across this. (for garmin 76) if you hold down the enter button then turn on the unit, you will get a test page. here you can see the different software currently used, the frequency, and even tell the temperature (in celcius) using the built in thermometer. i thought this was awsome and just had to tell everyone. there are number of other tricks as well, and not only for the 76.
  14. man i love this comic it cracks me up every time i see it.
  15. around here, there arent many pointless caches considering that there are only 20 within 15 miles of my house. but there are some that i regret getting, oh well.
  16. haha! that same thing happend to me today! after me and my dad had a few finds for the day we went to check out my cache and it was gone! so i looked around for awhile to see if i could find it and there it was about 50 feet from where i hid it. its inside of a log that made and it was wide open, you could see the film can, haha!
  17. short answer, yes. but sometimes these can be looked down upon, and you might not get as many ifinds on it. personally i would go for it, but lazy bob might not.
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