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  1. usually not, cuase i'll go back and find it the next time. most of the time its right under my nose and i just dont see it.
  2. Arndtwe

    small request

    i agree. ???. what the heck did you just ask?
  3. It would cause a HUGE problem. Besides that, what is wrong with using addresses like we have been doing for YEARS?
  4. the snow icon generally means that the cache can be found in the winter. meaning you will probably fint it. i.e. hidden in a tree above ground.
  5. there are no significant meanings . i guess . haha . infact i like to just randomize them sometimes . so dont worry about how you use them . oh and sometimes i use faces accordingly to what my acctual face is right now (mostly just confused)
  6. hey, i found one of these too! was it green aluminum? that would be wierd. i wonder if they are the same, cause i've never seen one like the one i found. nothing too crazy, just a cool bottle opener! t c no, mine was blue aluminum. whats the brand or copany on it?
  7. ive seen some pretty awsome micros out there.
  8. dude, we dont even get new published caches once a week around here.
  9. now i know that there are previous threads about night caching, and there are also ones about winter caching. but what about winter night caching? has anyone gone night caching in the winter? i thought about it last night but decided not to. please, tell your story.
  10. nope. i live in illinois... that about sums it all up.
  11. it's people like this that that make me so mad , especially through some family frendly game. eventually this game is going to banned becuase of people like this.
  12. if you look at the website i found this stuff, you will see there are tricks for the 60 as well.
  13. one thing i watch for when winter caching is footprints left by cachers past. sometimes, if there are footprints caching in the winter can be easier.
  14. your geodog has an account! thats a great idea!
  15. surplus stores. 30 cal. for three bucks, 50 cal. for five -eight bucks
  16. paypal should still go to the first email address.
  17. thanks i think i will within the next three days
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