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  1. well, it depends. it could be a multi or a mystery, but not a traditional. we need more info to tell between the two.
  2. i started with a plain 76, and works great. i can even hook it up to the computer with a sereil to USB cable. no, it's not color but you really dont need that. so far it works great, so the 76s for that price is really cheap. i say go for it!
  3. no, once you have made it, it stays like that forever. the only wau to get a new one is to make a new account.
  4. something you might want to check out OP, is the forum: the hunt the unusual. there is an intsesting topic called anyone else find something illegal. it has lots of stories simalar to yours.
  5. mine is three hours off. i always assumed it was the time zone thing, maybe not
  6. Arndtwe

    easy GPS

    does it cost anything?
  7. April 19 by FAKER (734 found) Cache may be gone. Thre tree was cut down today and they had a backhoe there.
  8. Arndtwe

    easy GPS

    hello, i just downloaded easy GPS and was woindering if there is a way to put some sort of map on the program instead of having just a blank picture. thaanks for any help in advance!
  9. here is a desription from geocaching.su. just read it, it tells you that GPS are NOT illegal, but you must be careful.
  10. go for the Q. thats what i'm getting in a month or so.
  11. i was at wal-mart today and saw an etrex vista for only $175! that is cheap!
  12. i'm about that age and would definatly go for the etrex yellow.
  13. i'm abou that age and would definatly go for the etrex yellow.
  14. well you see, this poster previously started this exact thread and didnt get much response. my guess is he is looking for more feedback.
  15. honestly, i have no clue. but, something i would try is: cancel your payment, then re-become a premium member, and choose to pay by year.
  16. That is a very stupid and irresponsible viewpoint. Maybe you will get into an accident someday where the driver of the other car is high from mary jane. Its just a little weed- come on? Its against the law- period. It damages not only the lives of those who use it, but the lives of others that they come in contact with. Are you kiddin' me? You call me stupid? Isn't that the pot calling the kettle black? ;> Nothing was said about not reporting high drivers. Your argument is not relevent to the issue and you call me stupid? Following your logic if you find a bottle of allergy medicine you should call the cops because people should not drive while taking anti-histamines. um, mary jane is a little more than a "anti-histamine"
  17. what i do is "file" "open" go to the file on my computer and click on it.
  18. i am having a problem loading pocket queries into google earth. can anyone help? what i did was make a PQ and downloaded it. then i tried to upload it to goole earth but nothing happened. what am i doing wrong?
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