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  1. personally, ide go with the GarminGPSMAP60Cx. its a little cheaper and it does bassically the same thing.
  2. does this answer your question? DOH!!! You got me. haha, hey dont sweat it, we have that every now and then
  3. like previously said, could be archived. do a search of the area and see if there any others that could be part of a series (geo-cache #7 #6 ect.). if you find any others, look at the profile of the hider, and look at his caches. click on show all caches for his hides. this show all of his hides, including ones that are archived. you can visit the page and iether write a note or a find, i would write a found it, because you did find it. anyway thats another topic. if you cant find any others in the series, you could always check some locals profiles and see if you can find it there. hope this helps
  4. i have FTF'ed nine caches. more than half were micros, if its a micro i dont expect there to ba a prize. if its a regular, i dont expect to rewarded for finding it first, but its nice to get a cool prize. i once FTF'ed a whole series of 7 caches, the first 6 micros with no prize, and the last (regular) had a $25 gift card to olive garden! good timing to, right at supper time, mmmmm!
  5. i thnk its a great idea! i might just have to use that one myself
  6. all i'm saying is that it has happend, and that i wouldnt take any chances. sorry for giving out advice, ijust dont think its a good idea.....
  7. Mine have never gotten wet there is another problem......they are commonly mistaken for bombs, that could result in your cache being blown up and you being arrested. is it really that hard to find a better, dryer, and safer container?
  8. well, the best thing ive found for an FTF is a $25 gift card for olive garden
  9. please, go into detail on how to make, i have wanted to do this myself, but could not think of a good and safe way.
  10. most of the time these and sometimes these
  11. personally, i think its fine, they dont have to dig to find it, and you said yourself that you used a dowle, NOT a pointy object. really your cache is fine, many people do this all over the place, i'm not saying its ok because everybody else does it, but its technically not wrong. so, congrats on a cool hide and keep it up!
  12. ok, the last time i checked, this was not true, so you can scrtch that one of the list. and besides that, virts can be just as good and better than physical caches. i'm not sure what you mean by the "wow" factor, wether you are dissing this or saying that this is good. if your dissing this than i think you are very wrong, virts can bring you to places that real caches cant, and sometimes the view is AMAZING, or the thing at the location is really cool and you would not have otherwise seen.
  13. sweet, congrats on finding a cache! since i know nothing avout this GPS i cant help you, but keep on caching, dont worry, lots of us have entered waypoints in by hand for LOTS of caches
  14. i'll report back when it is placed, its gonna ba a while though..... i have to plan a cache and all first, so you know how it goes, just cant find the time!
  15. well said! i myself am only 15 years old, have 127 finds and 2 hides. my hides are within 10 miles of my house and are an easy bike ride away. if you read and follow the guidelines, respect privite, public and govenment land, are careful of the enviornment, then whats the problem? NONE!!! i dont want to brag, but i'd say my two hides are more unique then the majority of the caches in my area. if you dont have to 18 to find, then you dont have to 18 to hide. this is a family friendly game for ALL ages.
  16. making an acorn is easy! first, buy a nano cache (ebay), then go to hobby lobby or whatever craft store you have near your house. i dont know what section there in, but your looking for the place where they have all of the pre-carved shapes (made of wood). get the ones that look like an easter egg, or acorn. buy. when you get home, find the top of a real acorn that is the same size as the fake. then, sand the top of the fake acorn so it has a flat top. get a drill bit a little bigger than the nano (a little less than a 1/2 inch), and drill it right down the middle. make the hole depp enough for the nano to sit even with the top of the acorn, when the lid is OFF. then super glue the boittom half of the nano in the acorn. once it has dried, put the cap on the nano. then put a very small amount of glue on the top the nano, and put the real acorn cap on, then remove it. this will give you a mark where to super glue the lid of the nano on to the real acorn top. lst step before painting, super glue the top of the nano into the real top of the acorn. very last step is to paint. and your done!!!!!! hope all works well for you! -arndtwe-
  17. didnt you read what he said last? "Venison dinner tonight!!!!"
  18. here is another spider one, this one is ready for action! and here is an acorn, this one needs to be painted still but here it is! ta-da! if you have any questions on how i did these, just ask, i dont mind
  19. why not just switch the settings in youg GPS to WGS84?
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