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  1. This is true, but can't you change the "mode" from automotive to bicycle or pedestrian? Surely one of the last two would not "lock to roads" would it?
  2. Ok, I have a few questions about this Nuvi paperless deal. Can you still do all of this with EasyGPS, or do HAVE to use GSAK? And also, I have not read this yet (maybe i missed it) but can any of this be done with the 2XX series? Particularly the 250W?
  3. Well, maybe your problem is that it is a GPS made for automotive use... It's not really designed for finding a cache. It will help you find the best roads to get there, but you need a hand held unit for actually finding the cache. P.S. Something to try if you want to get caches loaded in, use a program like EasyGPS or GSAK. I don't actually know if this would work, but it would be worth a try. It might give you all the info just like a PDA, but it might not do anything for you.... I guess you'll have to try.
  4. Thank you! Yes, the 200 and 250 function exactly the same way, the only difference is the 250 comes with maps of Canada and Alaska.
  5. Okay, recently I was riding in the car with my friend who has a Nuvi260W. His verbally talks to you about which road to turn on in X amount of miles. His also says the street name at the top of the screen in case you have it on mute. Now, I know that the Nuvi250W does not tell you to turn on X street in X miles. It only tells you to turn in X miles, my question is, does it still show the street name at the top of the screen? Or does it just tell you when to turn? I hope I explained this in an easy to understand way, if you are unsure as to what I am asking just let me know. Thanks!!
  6. hey psssssss. over here i have a secret littel site that has all the lingo thats used it has helped me out alot. * if you don't have it already *... lingo Pssst, hey over here, I visited your little site and it says nothing about "Trailmix", it didn't help me at all...
  7. This is a neat solution for the DS, but nothing, and I mean nothing beats a Palm PDA with CacheMate. Not only is it completely designed for paperless caching, but it is cheap. You spent $20 on a new flash card. You could have bought a Palm PDA for $10-20 and then CacheMate for $8. Your Total could have been $18 or $28. So, it is possible that you saved $8 bucks by doing this, but for the hassle it took to get this done on your DS, it would have been more efficient to just buy a darned Palm. It is way easier to upload caches to your palm then the process you have desribed, I'm sorry, but if you're going to go paperless, just buy a Palm and CacheMate and get it over with.
  8. Just out of curiosity.... does this fit the Nuvi200W?
  9. 11.1 miles is the closest unfound cache (at least by me).
  10. How long does it usually take for your forum title to update after changing it? I changed it a few minutes ago and have logged out and back in twice. Not really bothering me or worrying me, just curious....
  11. Well you could always get a container that fits snugly inside so that way no birds will be able to nest in it. I would also label the top of the container and place it low in the tree, that way the hunters could easily look down on it and know that it was the cache. I don't think that people will go around destroying bird's nests while looking for a cache. Personally I think that this is a great cache idea if it is done right....
  12. Well you could do what was already mentioned (asking the local reviewer) or, couldn't you just ask the owner of the cache that is in question? Surely he would tell if yours was to close as long as you explained why you were wondering. I would think this would be the fastest and maybe most efficient way. At least this is what I would do.
  13. What is the name of this team? I live very Decatur and frequent it often... I am not in college ( I am in high school) And I love Geocaching. I guess I am assuming that this more of a group for anyone, not just a team of specific people. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  14. I have no personal experience, but I think that you can send it to Garmin and they will replace the broken parts for a fee. You should ask someone who knows for sure...
  15. I tried to check out your new list group, but when I clicked on the link which you provided, it told me that I can only view that list group if I join something called "Facebook" and they want all kinds of personal information from me in order to be able to join. What is this about? Is this "Facebook" some kind of phishing site that you are promoting? Is it about indemnity theft? facebook is a networking site like the post below you said. It started as a site only for people in college, requiring a valid school email to join. Now its available to anyone, but I would assume is still mostly comprised of people in college or people who have graduated in the past couple years. It's a legit site. Wow, you haven't been reading in the forums very long have you? Yet another victim of Vinnie & Sue Team...
  16. What is the time line? Most caches found within the next ten days? Person with the most overall finds by April 10? I am a little confused...
  17. That's my recommendation too! I would agree that GSAK is the most resourceful tool, but it gets VERY confusing, and when you are just starting it can seem impossible. It may not be the best tool. If you don't need all the extra features for filtering and stuff like that, then go with EasyGPS. It is very easy (no pun intended) to use and learn and it will manage you PQ's pretty well. It's what I use and I love it! Plus with GSAK it is free to use but after 21 days or something, you have to pay to get rid of the nag screen. EasyGPS as you may know, is free and never has a nag screen.
  18. I have been caching for about a year and a half, and my best day of caching has been 12. I don't think this is something to fret about, some people in my area get 40 a day on average, as long as the speed you are moving at is comfortable, then that is the right speed. I personally only get 2-6 on a good day of caching. Maybe for you that is to slow, but I don't think there are many tips for "speeding" things up. As long as you having fun and at least finding something then I would be happy.
  19. And this is bad how? It seems to me that the less of these types of hides, the better. Just my personal opinion...
  20. FYI the difference between .LOC (the kind of file basic members get) and .GPX (the kind premium members get) is that .LOC just gives you coordinates, name and GC (maybe a hint?). .GPX on the other hand gives you coordinates, name, GC, size, difficulty, short and long description, hint, previous logs and what trackables are in the cache. This info of course is not useful unless you go paperless caching, or have a nicer unit that holds that kind of info. The point is, you get a whole lot more bang for your buck. And if you do decide to go paperless (which is a very good idea) then this will help immensely.
  21. Cheaper yet, $30 a year. You save $6 bucks that way
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