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  1. I'll add that you might have luck looking up the usernames/dates of previous finders in the logbook. Often times the logbook also has the GC code written somewhere near the top, but not always.
  2. I won this at an event this past weekend. I have turned it on once, for the car ride home to see how I like it. I don't, I've always liked Garmin better and recently have been getting used to using Android. Personally I like those much better so I am looking to get rid of this. Comes in original box with batteries and USB cable. If you would like pictures let me know. To purchase the unit out-right, I am asking $150 + shipping. However I will consider trading. similar units that I would be willing to trade with: eTrex 20/30. Or, if you are feeling really generous, I'd take your 62s or 60CSx (but I know that isn't going to happen ). I'll also trade for a Nexus 7/10. Let me know what you are interested in and we'll see if we can't work something out
  3. It's really not that bad. I kinda like it, actually. It almost makes it feel like a special edition, one that is hard to come by. Who knows, if they do reprint, it might become more valuable! And besides, it's not like the bulky compass right in middle doesn't "ruin" it anyway. That thing is huuuuge.
  4. Hey guys! Long time no see :-) Been a while since I've been around here. Anyway, the reason I'm posting: so I got the January coin from GCC. It looks great and I love it! I noticed something odd though... On the edge, the coin says he usual track at Geocaching.com but then it says "GEOCOIN CLUB JANUARY 2012" -- lol! I'm wondering if I am the only one...? Let's hear about it! P.S. The matching pathtag says Jan 2013
  5. I for one really like the new icons. I feel like it has made the site a little more modern looking, which is important for a website to do. This shows that the owners/maintainers are active at upkeep on more than just this. Just be glad they do updates instead of letting things go stagnant for ages. I do wonder about one thing though... Not sure if this is a bug, or if I may be confused about this. The difficulty and terrain ratings have changed color. Let me provide you with an few examples. Anyone have any ideas why there are these mixtures?
  6. I would want two things. First, I like the idea of of an annual Geocoin. Second, I want at least $5 (preferably $10-15) of my annual membership to go to my local reviewer. They deserve it!!
  7. I feel the same way. What was the point of this thread? What was OP trying to accomplish? Just as a side note, I live near this area, and share the same reviewer. He is excellent at what he does. He is extremely busy, as he is one of only two reviewers for the entire state of Illinois. Reviewer Jones does the publishing for most of the caches in this state, I don't know about you, but I get a couple emails daily in just the areas I have on watch for newly published caches. That's just my area! Imagine how many a day he does for the whole state! I am honestly disappointed with the lack of respect to your local reviewer, OP. It is sad to see this. Besides, you got the response you wanted: cache is now archived. Was that not good enough? Was it really necessary to come here and vent? Please, please be more respectful of your local reviewer, and the other on the forum who moderate as well (Keystone). These poeple put in countless hours of labor free of charge. what do they get back in return? Think about that next time.
  8. Yes and no. Yes, the thread is about a specific idea described by the OP. But in the process, a lot of people have posted general principles to support their views about the specific idea described by the OP. I agree that the specific idea described by the OP probably fits the existing multi-cache type (although there may still be undisclosed details that would IMHO push it into the mystery/puzzle type). But during the discussion, people have posted general principles that I don't necessarily agree with, at least in the absolute form they were posted in. For example: As a general rule of thumb, sure. As an absolute, no. I've found a number of mystery/puzzle caches that were located at the posted coordinates, or where I had to go to the posted coordinates to start working on the cache, but they still had a significant puzzle aspect and the mystery/puzzle type was more appropriate than the traditional or multi-cache types. Point taken. And taken well at that We may have our differnces, but all in all, I think we're on the same side. I appreciate the friendly discussion. It has been enlightening and educational for me. I hope you [all] have come away with the same thoughts. Regards
  9. The guidelines are open to interpretation. I don't believe the statement "the puzzle should be solvable from the information provided on the cache page." means there can not be multiple stages and also field puzzles. I would list the cache described by the CO as a multi-cache with a field puzzle, though I think puzzle/mystery is also valid, as there is a puzzle element required. I agree with this as well. But it is implied that in order to get to the first stage you should have to solve a puzzle from the cache page. Otherwise it should be listed as a multi-cache. As far as the guidlines being open to interpretation... I disagree. But that is not a debate for this thread.
  10. While mystery/puzzle listings are for puzzles that when solved, produce a location, mystery/puzzle listings are not exclusively for puzzles that when solved, produce a location. As the Geocache Types page says (emphasis added): "The 'catch-all' of cache types, this form of geocache may involve complicated puzzles that you will first need to solve to determine the coordinates." And even when the solved puzzle produces a location, it is not required that the location be in the form of coordinates. The requirement is only that "GPS usage is an integral and essential element", not that every stage of the cache process involve GPS usage. Yes, it is a catch-all... but only for things that cannot be defined by other cache types that are in existance. We are not discussing general geocache hides. We are discussing a specific idea brought forth by a cacher. Their idea fits a cache type that is not a catch-all... this type is: multi-cache. I completely agree with what you have stated for general purposes, but in this particluar instance multi-cache fits the bill perfectly. Guidelines suggest that you should be able to "solve" the puzzle from the cache page. This doesn't seem to qualify, not in my opinoin.
  11. I don't disagree, you will find many varying answeers and opinions on the subject. However, for this specific situation, which is the only one that my post concerns, it should be a multi-cache. Puzzle/mystery/unknown listings are for puzzles that when solved, produce a location (coordinates, specifically) not just a way into the container at a location you already found. If no puzzle is used in any form to hide the location of any stage, it is not a puzzle. Even if this specific cache was a single stage with the "puzzle" to open the cache, it would still not qualify for being listed as a puzzle/mystery/unknown. It would simply be a traditional with a twist. In this case since there is multiple containers, the first of which is a "traditional" style hide and last being this unique container of sorts, it should then be listed as a multi-cache. TL;DR; If no coordinates are masked by riddle/puzzle etc., then it is not a puzzle/mystery/unknown type cache. It is traditional if only one container, and multi if more than one container.
  12. According to the guidlines on this very website (found HERE), your idea would be a multi-cache. and Cheers
  13. Right, there are a lot of things that GSAK does the GC.com can and cannot do. Unfortunately, this isn't about GSAK and what it can do. This is a suggestion for GC.com to implement.
  14. Anymore of the XLE's coming anytime soon? Or are those only available through trade/puchase from individuals?
  15. When browsing the map, we see all sorts of caches that we can click on. Doing so will show pop-up with minor cache details. My suggestion: add a button on the pop-up "Show additional waypoints" -- This will temporarely display parking coordinates, adiitional stages POI's etc. right on the map. This would help some get a bearing of where things are, hopefully this wouldn't be too difficult and will be implimented soon!
  16. Could've been accidental. A lot of people prep there papges by typing them out in Word etc. maybe they thought they hit paste but didn't and just moved to the next part. Who knows. Or it could have been intentional. Or it could be hidden in the source of the webpage. Lots of reasons this would be like this. You could email the CO and ask. But that might be a little overboard, dunno.
  17. GPS does not require a data connection. Depending upon how you want to use the GPS receiver, you may need an app. You will be limited in what you can do unless you pre-cache map data/imagery and geocache data. If you're only taking one device with you into the woods, do not make it a tablet. Get a ruggedized GPSr with batteries you can swap out (or will last long enough for your excursion). Typically, I would agree. However there are a lot of nice cases/protectors that will make this rugged. The battery life is great, lasting close to 10 hours under decent load. It should last for just about any geocaching outing unless you plan on spending days camping or something.
  18. The GPS works independantly from any other data, Wifi/3G/4G etc... You will need to install an app. For offline mapping (no Wifi/3G etc available) a great app is Locus. It supports many differnt map sources for offline and online both, also supports Geocaching and many other incredibly useful things (like tools for projecting waypoints etc.). There are also many Geocaching specific apps available for Android. You will need to do some research to decide which you think is best. Best of luck!
  19. I'm looking to aquire the "Darkest Dreams" geocoin. Preferably the antique silver (RE2) and/or Silver Artists edition (AE1). Let me know if you have one for sale or trade, thanks! RE2: AE1:
  20. I like your idea a lot! That layout and look is great Did you just 'draw' that image up, or is that a script that rearranges it for you? Like a greasemonky script.
  21. According to the above post, It is sold...
  22. I'd like to see a mobile friendly website, not just touch friendly. Currently browsing on a mobile device only loads the regular website. It's not so bad on an iPad, but on a phone it's very difficult.
  23. Who is your phone provider? Verizon, ATT, sprint? This is critical as far as suggestions on phones goes... and honestly, most newer phones internal GPS is perfectly suitable for most Geocaching occasions.
  24. That looks beautiful. I would love to get one when they become available :-)
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